Friday, March 20, 2009

Signing tomorrow!

Tomorrow Ill be with several other authors: Jackie Kessler, Toni Andrews, K.A.Mitchell, Ciar Cullen, Cat Johnson, Allie Boniface, Leigh Ellwood, Tilly Greene and Selena Illyria for a stunning and fantastic signing at the Princeton location of Chicklet Books! We will be doing a signing, reading and Q and A panel, as well as plying you with food and wine. Yep, its our first wine and sign signing and I cant wait. The signing is from 5-9 and we are going to be WILD!

So we will have i think three gift baskets, lots of snacks and wine and drinks. It should be a lot of fun I think. So if your close enough, come and hangout with us, and learn about some fun books and get to know some awesome authors.

I have been neglecting blogging this week because I'm on my last legs of promotional detail. Next weekend I have a workshop at NECRWA and The Spotty Dog) So its a busy weekend. The good news is that i have all my promo done for TEB and for PHAZE. Two less things to do.

Audra found her way back online, and we banged out 3k last night between talking about another book. It was a good thing, and we got some ideas for the third Satyr story, but the second is only partially written so that will have to wait. we do love getting ahead of the game.

So im back to writing. I need to hit another 2k today on my own for one of the other books we have in the works. Wish me luck, and dont forget to come tomorrow!

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Suzette said...

Good to hear your writing again