Sunday, March 01, 2009


I don't know how many of you guys know, but we have a cool little newsletter group. If your interested in our work, you might wanna join up. Normal newsletter stuff, one or two emails a month. If your interested, Join up HERE.

Also, I'm starting up our snail mailing list again! Those who sign up for this can expect signed book flats, postcards, CD's of free books, and other cool stuff as I get it, as well as appearances lists and all. I had done this up a while ago, and there was a nice set of people that wanted stuff, but they didn't enter our contests involving our work on the whole. So I'm going to start the mailings up again, starting in May, so get your name in and everything! You can check it all out on THIS PAGE.

Moo had a complication with his head (as some of you know,) and its back to healing nicely, which is awesome for him and me. Im hoping to get back to normal for all the stuff i need to get going, and hopefully work will get back to normal. I have stuff piling up.

Ooh and Audra has started a new business venture. She is going to be breeding morphs, and by that I mean snakes. I'm excited for her, It is something shes always wanted to do so it should be good for her. And hopefully getting us to be writing more.

So I'm off to write a bit. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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