Monday, March 02, 2009

The world went white. AGAIN

So here in upstate NY we have about 5 inches, and its still falling. So LAME. Im over the snow now, and SO want spring to come. This is getting ridiculous. Still, I plan on spending the day writing and watching some old and fun musicals. Which ones?

Grease 2, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bye Bye Birdie... it should be an interesting day. Im hoping to get about 5k written on a Dagmar Avery story, and maybe another 2k on the snake book Audra and I are on deadline for. Lets hope we get it going right. I at least have an outline.

And ooh Im so excited because WATCHMEN comes out this weekend. I hear there's a lot of full frontal male nudity... so I cant wait. How do I know, Cara North, the bitch, saw it as a sneak preview this past weekend with her hunny on the Base. Yes. SO JEALOUS. But Im looking forward to seeing it friday.

Ooh and Joe got me Tix to see THE FAINT in april. So anyone going to our signing in Bayonne on April 11th, Ill be running into the city after to Webster Hall to see The Faint and get my dance on. SO excited!

Ooh and youll notice to your left that we put up a poll. Yep. we wanna know who your favorite characters are, so that we can decide on what the new shorts will be for this coming year... If you wanna read about them, we wanna write about them. So get your votes in ASAP!

Ok I'm getting my ass back to writing. Hypnos is a harsh taskmaster.



Diana Castilleja said...

there's a lot of full frontal male nudity.


I'm going to swoon!

Hahahahah!!! yeah, right, move over honey. *wink*

Tilly Greene said...

Hmmm, the cutie wants to see this flick - I'm not going to complain :-)