Sunday, April 30, 2006

The anthology is finally finished.

So we finished the anthology, it came in at 26+k and has 9 stories. Audra and i are so happy with it. Its stories of the characters in the main books, and its going to be in print through us for a limited time only. As soon as we get it all finished and formatted... everyone will know! We are really excited for this one, and it will so get you hooked on the characters... some of the stories you have read before, but about 5 of them you havent.

it feels good to finish something else... Now all we need to do is finish the Samba submission tomorrow and take a much needed break so that Audra and i can acclamate to life and everything else.

Now all i have to do is write the blurby for each story, and find some good cover art...


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Suzette said...

I cant wait. A book in print I know I'm going to buy!