Friday, April 07, 2006


So we have made progress on the second weresnake story. Im loving this... its been so much fun writing them, and i think the reason is there no frame of refrence with it. With wolves and cats (even though i detest wolves ill talk about it) You have to wrack your brain for stuff that hasnt been done yet thats not too far off them mark. With snakes, its all new and im really enjoying shaping their part of the Eververse. We are looking at three stoires for them, Three cousins by blood (though three different snakes)living in the upstate NY nest, the only three adult males left. Each has their own reasons for wanting or not wanting a mate, but rest assured, they all fall at Fates feet for the women they love.

I hope that people will put away their predjuices about snakes when they consider reading these stories, if not they are going to miss some very sweet and touching stories. Why is it that people accept Wolves and Cats so readily? Personally i find Snakes beyond facinating, and love writing about the nest in NY. Dont think scaly and icky. If you do your ignorant. Snakes are not icky, and they are smooth, actually warm and and not Scaly at all.

these snakes arent looking to get you.... then again most snakes arent. I just hope that we get a better look at this then what we have gotten so far in the future. Innovantion and keeping things fresh is what keeps the world revolving, and like your mother always said, how do you know you wont like it unless you try it?


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