Thursday, April 13, 2006

a very productive day.

So we finished the first pass with Surrender in Moonlight, Reece and Carmen's story, at 27759 so far. it still needs bulking with discription and detail and we are figuring its going to end up around 30k, the longest of what we consider a short story, and second in the Snakes trilogy. We are really proud of this one, and i hope that if and when its published, youll like it as much as we do.

I started our Samba submission today, and boy are the characters in that story talking. in the last three hours I have written about 1,163 words and I know Audra is going to love picking up the slack on this one. Again, this one is really amusing, and i hope it will do well. the way this one is working out, well have this one done quickly, and waiting in the wings for submission.

And we have about 6k done on the dragon story that we picked up today again, and its slow going, but i think it will prove to be a good one as well. The question is where to send it when its done? I feel that its a good idea to send to different publishers, and since we have three under our belt already, we should send to another right? I would love to send it to EC, but the wait there is insane. So well see were it ends up.

Our Rune story for Cobblestone is on the back burner right now, the characters just arent talking. thank god we dont have a deadline for that one. and maybe we picked the wrong Rune, but time will tell.

back to work.


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