Monday, April 24, 2006

Things piling up.

So today i have had to promo for the new book, crack the whip with Audra to get some of the dragons written and we still havent touched out second edits. Im at that point were im just not excited this week, which isnt good. I think things are starting to pile up for me to do. And there really isnt enough hours in the day. And i should be greatful i know, but i just dont enjoy getting everything at once.

And theres the chat at novelspot tonite for Phaze, for our release Wishes. And im not sure if Audra will be there with me but heres hoping. Tomorrow has got to be edits day or else i dont know when will be. this week is just hellish with everything...

this isnt procrastination. its just time management.

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Suzette said...

Busy, busy! Wish I could help ya, but I'm supporting ya from here!