Friday, April 21, 2006


So today is Forbidden Publications day at our eververse group and its done pretty well so far. We will be chatting once again at 4-6 tonite in the Eververse chat room at Http:// and will be giving away goodies through the day.

So we are further along on the dragons, or we got about 6k done in the past two days so that is a very good thing. And Edits... ugh edits... Waiting for Audra to pop round for edits is killin me. So well see when they get done. this weekend is going to be a wild one for me so lord knows.

Im just excited that the dragons are comming along so nicely. it will be good to finally finish the first one and send it out.Where though, thats the question.


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Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Things have really come together for you and Audra this year, Stella, and it seems that you’ve got plenty of terrific story ideas to keep you both writing for a long time to come! :-D

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently, and also for the link. I’ll have a reciprocal link to yours posted by the end of the day. Please stop back again anytime and be sure to say hello! :-D

BTW--if you reduce the width of the pendant photo in your 4-20 contest post, your right-hand column with all the links, etc., should pop back up to the top of the page. :-)