Tuesday, April 11, 2006


the situation is growing tense, and i dont like feeling like this, especially about my work. with everything that was said recently, i had hoped that the situation was taken care of, but still, its tuesday and no edits. I dont know what to do.

truth? I wanna email and bitch people out, this is not cool, bordering on disrespectful, and is confirming my suspicions that we arent important there, and reinforcing the fact that we arent in any way priority, and at the best, an afterthought. Its not like the story is long, and it should have been taken care of before the other people that got contracted after us. this is neither fair not good for business. and i feel like maybe we shouldnt submit there anymore, especially if our work is going to be overlooked like it has been.

So i dont know what to do, and i dont know how to broach the subject either, aside from flying off the handle. this just really is rude now, and in all fairness we should ahve been taken care of first, and if we couldnt with our current assignment, then the assignment should have been changed. We all do have other things in our lives, work, college... the fact that we have been delayed so much is really disheartening.

What to do now?


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Sara Dennis said...

Have you asked, directly, to be reassigned?