Saturday, April 08, 2006

Edits done for Wishes

Wishes is now done edit wise, i think... and it wasnt too bad. Im looking foward to seeing it in the Phaze store. *Sigh* So we havent heard back from forbidden yet, which i guess is cool... and Reece and Carmen are a bit over 17k right now and we are about half way with them i think. thats a great story and probably one we are the most proud of so far, other than the main work which we adore.

The trick is to get you guys to read snakes.

Char and Alcyone are up after we finish this story, and i think youll like our dragon elementals a bit too. We have two of the four stories started, so well see how it goes.I do love them...

so today is the mall for a bit, and hopefully transfering the website over to the new provider. wish me luck with that...


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