Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday and Stupidity

So yesterday was a sucky day. I started my new job, which is beyond awful, and then got stuck in 7 hours of traffic cuz some idiot took a header off a building. Ok maybe its just me, but I feel like people that commit suicide are beyond Selfish. All cuz they had to end their life (And it was a Suicide, they even said it on the news) they had to make gridlock traffic on every major road, and stop people from getting home. Pure selfish. Im not a believer of pitying the person that takes their own life. my heart goes out to the persons family.

So we did get the edits done. *sigh* one more to go for that story. With Audras schedule i dont even know whats going on with anything dealing with it. I only hope we get it soon.

And today, tomorrow, and monday is working day. The goal is to finish the samba, the four short stories we are doing to an anthology, and crack the whip on the dragon. hes being difficult. And we have a pretty good turn out for our contests so far. I cant wait to see how the major one does.

OOh and Dont forget that Forbidden Publications is having their opening this week! We are going to have goodies for give aways!


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Diana Castilleja said...

Thanks for the horrahh on the writing. Man, I never thought I'd get passed it. Finally figured out I had the wrong guy pissed....

Anyway, next week is coming up fast and hard...

See you on the other side. :)