Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Airports, ugh.

Its 10 to 8 in the morning and I'm already sitting here at JFK waiting to board my 945 flight to RT. Yes. I hate being here alone, and cant deal with flying so this should be interesting. Joe and I got to JFK in about 1 hour and 45 mins, and we were only in traffic for about 10 mins, and it only took us 5 mins to cross the GWB. so it wasn't so bad.

A.D.Roland is picking my ass up at the airport today, and we found out that we are able to check into our hotel (not the RT hotel) at 1ish so Luci, bless her, will have done that already. That means I can thankfully change clothes and put some makeup on. Praise the gods. So its not too bad. Then we have to hoof it to the RT hotel, and then get out registration on. Then its work work work till the EC party when we can all finally relax. I shouldn't fly in the day i need to be there, but seriously, it just came down to what was cheaper. So I will deal.

Going to miss the Jojo? Oh you bet. and Audra, she really should be here for this, and its sad she isnt. But we did finish up the short story for our Royalty book, and now all we have to do is finish the novella and we can send that to the editor. Excited? Totally. It will be nice to have something new out again.

So im going to surf a bit, and then read over our new novel we are working on, maybe add a little. Have a good one.

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