Friday, April 17, 2009

New contract and new work!

Hey everyone!

So last night we got word that TEB offered the contract for the third of the Snake series, A Gift of Daybreak. So excited. Now we are all set up for the series and the edits should be rolling in shortly. I just hope they wont come till after RT, but seeing as my editor will be at RT this year I think its a safe bet. So I don't really have to worry. WOo.

And we did receive the cover for Surrender in Moonlight. Its not what we would have normally chosen, but its ok. I'll post it soon enough. I have high hopes for the Daybreak cover.

And Im brimming with ideas Audra cant deny. We have been working on several shorts over email for the week so far, a few Eververse shorts we arent sure what we are going to do with, but with Masquerade almost finished, we need to get back into the mindset of our sexy demons. Im really looking forward to finishing the book and getting to Drake's book which i really think is going to be our opus. So I think the story we are focusing on today, Oona and Moni, will be the first to be released once its done, the rest are set for later on in the series. Poo I know, but We gotta try and keep time frames right.

So today is writing, and then I need to hit Staples to get a poster laminated and mounted to carry with me to RT, and I need to hit Michaels for last minute stuff (Throw Target in there for good measure). Its going to be a real relaxed weekend, which I need, because come Tuesday Im going to running around like a lunatic finishing up everything and getting my hair done. Wed. Is coming far too quickly. Thank god I'm pretty much completely packed. RT is coming.. its coming...

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Isabelle Santiago said...

Congrats on the new contract! That's thrilling! :) And good luck at RT. Take lots of pics for us stuck at home.