Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane

Tomorrow morning. So dont expect much of a update on here till Sunday. Ill be lucky if I get on to check email. Nervous? Kinda, Im sad that Audra isnt coming this year, but AAD is right around the corner and she will be here for that. That makes me excited, to hangout with sissy butt for an entire week.

So Ill be hitting up RT this week and I have a FULL schedule this time. First time ever, but I LOVE the fact that i have to be places. If your going, and looking for me, Heres a small list of places I will be:

Wed: E book Expo: Citrus Ballroom, Publisher section with Tease Publishing.

1015-1115: Workshop: Demons Unplugged: Tangerine B with Jacquelyn Frank, Larissa Ione, Jenna Black and moderated by Bianca D'Arc. Stop by for this, and get a sweet bag of goodies you wont get anywhere else at RT.

230-330: Meet and Greet: Club RT: Authors: Jacquelyn Frank, Larissa Ione, Jenna Black, Stella Price, Bianca D'Arc, Kayleigh Jamision, Robin Slick, and Eliza Gayle. Hangout and get some stuff you wont find anywhere else at RT

8-10am: Party: Sunrise with the ShadowDwellers: Ill be the one in the pretty cobalt blue and gold sari. Make sure you come, Jacki's parties are always amazing and Im giving away the BEST of all out promo at this event.

1-2: Phaze Table, Club RT
2-3: TEB table Club RT

10-2: Booksigning in the Main ballroom. I will be signing Frost and Flame, Gifts and Fire in His Eyes and giving away some sweet goodies.

So if your coming, please come and find me, get a I DO IT DEMONSTYLE pin for your trouble and have a drink with me!


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