Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Finished the damn book.

Yes. Well As of 5pm today I CAN say that. We are so close, and this morning I added almost 700 words in bulk to the edits. I'm a happy girl. So now i have to go through after the last bit is done, do a final edit, change words to UK spellings, and then send it in to our amazing editor. I'm excited, to have this done. RT is less then two weeks away, and I'm just glad this will be off our shoulders.

And next monday Beyond the Vision of Dreams is rereleased! SOOOOO excited. I know Ill be getting our edits for Surrender in Moonight soon as well, and I cant wait to get that cover! So dont forget to check back here on Monday for the contest for the snake novella. Im giving away a Hat, keychain, notepad, and other goodies, including cover magnets to a lucky person (and several smaller gift packs to 5 other winners!) So dont forget to pop by!

It feels good to have this off my shoulders. Now i can get back to normal work. Yes. I know. Always work on this end. Ooh and I have the signing this weekend at Unique Books, in Bayonne NJ. Ill be there with Tilly Greene, Cat Johnson and Ciar Cullen this weekend from 1-4pm and we will have snacks, a gift basket and books galore. dont forget to come and hangout if your in the area!

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Isabelle Santiago said...

Congratulations on finishing, Stella! I know how hard it can be to finally hit the end. And just in time for RT too! YOU go girl.