Thursday, April 02, 2009

busy busy busy

Yes, its been a busy week so far. We are writing, we are getting the book finished for deadline on Friday and I'm getting ready for the signing on the 11th (and the concert) and putting finishing touches on my RT prep. Its been crazy, but I think after RT is done, then things will get back to somewhat Normal.

The book on deadline is almost ready. I have been editing and adding as I wait for Audra to get her bum online, which is good as there were a few holes, but it seems to make sense now. I cant wait for this to be done, so we can focus on Masquerade and then Moongardens. Yay for progress.

And soon Beyond the Vision of Dreams will be out. SO excited. I'll be posting our contest for the book on release day, where you will have 2 chances a piece to win a gift pack including a very cool ball cap, and some other goodies. So stay tuned.

So I'm back to writing, I have some more to get through before Audra gets online, so much to still do to make this one shine, and I think its because the characters weren't as real to us as the others. So it will be up to you (and our Editor) to decide if we nailed it. I'm hoping we did, its been a tough couple of months with this one.

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