Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back from hell.

Ok RT rocked this year. The downside is that me, Robin Slick and Ash Arceneaux all got sick and were convinced we got swine flu. We were all hallucinating last night, and it wasn't much fun at all. So it was a little bittersweet. But, the signing, I SOLD OUT. Now that was bittersweet too. Why? Bcause I only had 15 books, and then after I sold out, 20 more people came up to me to get books.
Needless to say Im pissed off. BN gave us this BS story that Small Press Authors only got 5 each, which was bullshit because Authors like Ash and Bianca D'Arc got between 8-20 of copies and they are small press too. I dont know who decided it, but Im going to talk to Jo Carol about this because it was a CROCK OF SHIT. I see all these NY authors with TOWERS of books they dont hope to sell (Because they are readily available through distrobution channels) and yet those of us that are small press got shafted. We really do pay and arm and a leg to go, and to ONLY have up to 15 books to sell (hand sell really because your meeting these people at these events) isnt fair. We spend so much, and it doesnt offset the cost at all, let alone make it feel worth it that we were there and we sold books. Missing 20 sales fucks with my business and my career, becuase its events like this that help make you known, but how the hell is it really supposed to help when you got no product to push?

Ok so that was my rant. I'll be doing more ranting about this once I get my thoughts together, but I thank EVERYONE who bought me, and had intention to buy the books. This was an amazing event because of YOU taking the time to actually care about us and the books. I feel really hopeful for our books and our future books because you guys were so damn encouraging and awesome. I look forward to seeing some of you at AAD and keeping in touch through forever. You all rock and I love you, and Audra is going to love you too.

OK so who wants to see pictures? I thought so.

Thats me with Jessica Andersen at the EC party Wed. Night. I LOVE the Jacket.

Me, Larissa Ione, Jenna Black and Jacki Frank (Sans Bianca D'Arc) For the Demons Unplugged panel. We had a full house. So excited!

Jessica, Carol, Tanya, Jacki and I for Jacki's Sunrise with the Shadowdwellers party Friday Morning.

Nat, Marissa, Renee and Andrea. Some of the best readers ever, and the funnest chicks to hangout with. Nat and Marissa are from the Netherlands, and I gotta tell you they are freaking AWESOME.

Me and Ericka, Cici Cross's sister. Cici, Ericka and her hubby were always dressed up and I just loved it. They were so much fun.

Ash Arceneaux, Luci Calanor, Robin Slick, Me and Kayleigh Jamision. We had FAR too much fun at this event.

I'll have more piccys soon though.. so keep an eye out.


Selena Illyria said...

Welcome back! Big Hugs!

AH! I hope you're feeling better.

Man, I wish I could have gone, if only to hang out with you guys.

Suzette said...

Hope you are feeling better and I hope you had a good time. It sounds like you did although things werent all peachy

amy said...


I LOVE YOU said...