Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today is an achey day. So what am I doing? I'm reading over the MS we are getting ready for submission. So far, its damn good, we did a little bit of revisions, and have added about 3k to the final count, and Im nowhere near the middle of the book. We have three scenes we need to add in, two bad guy scenes and one good guy scene and now after reading this, it is going to be a Paranormal ERotic Romance. Im not sure how the others in the series are going to fair, but it will probably stay in the same vein. Its different for us, because the other MS we are shopping only has two sex scenes in it, and is very heavy on the lore and story. Not that this one isnt, but the characters are demanding more skin time. Its interesting to me how each series we rock is SO difference. One is heavy on the sex, one isnt. I guess it really is just the characters.

So Saturday I'll be at the CT Fiction Fest in Meriden CT. Im doing a promotional workshop, and signing in the evening. Should be fun. I am crazy for doing this right after RT but I do love the activity. So if your near Meriden CT Saturday, come and see me at the Sheraton 4 Points hotel from 430-6.

So im back to reading the MS over. Wish me luck.


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Woo! Much luck! (More skin time is a goooood thing!)