Sunday, April 12, 2009

Needed the night out.

Wow Easter is finally here. WOO.

The concert last night was awesome, I really needed the night out. The band was SO freaking awesome, and I was in a great spot to see as well. Such a great show. But I tell you, I have realized that since I have closed myself off from the things I used to enjoy doing, I have been getting a lot of great ideas when I do go out. Before it was all over stimulation. Now, things kinda just show up and I'm like "Damn! that's a damn fine idea!" So I talked to Audra about the ideas and shes liking them.. Maybe I should get out more often.

The signing? Awesome as well. Got to hangout with Gina, and met a new fan Karina. So rad both of them, and Gina taught me how to wrap the sari. WOO. I gotta do some sewing this week though.

Now, we need to get last minute work done and order the last minute shit for RT. WOO. its getting wild now.

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