Thursday, April 09, 2009

Holiday weekend=work weekend!

Yes! Holiday weekend for me, and its busy. Good Friday tomorrow, dinner with the fam, Saturday book signing at Unique Books in Bayonne, then the night in NYC at Webster Hall for THE FAINT show (SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!) and then Sunday Easter dinner with Joe's fam. Yes LOTS to do. But its going to be awesome.

Saturday is going to be great. Not only do I get to see my favorite band EVA, but i get to hangout at my signing with a fan that is coming to chill with me. So Gina, I cant wait to meet you! LOL (And I'll bring Drake along as well, LOL)

So this is going to be a fun weekend, if not busy. RT is coming so quickly and I'm finally getting excited about it. Wild week with Kayleigh Jamison and A.D.Roland, Bianca D'Arc, Cat Johnson and Jacquelyn Frank. WOO.

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