Thursday, June 22, 2006

first pass done


we got the first pass of marsh and janesy book two finished. Now comes the bulking. Its ar 37k and im hoping for 42-45k when we are done. Its sa lot of bulking i know, but it does need it. Im looking foward to getting this one done and sent to phaze, though it dosent have a name yet and i need something snappy.

We are supposed to know this week about who won the sambas. Im not sure if we will make it, But at least i know we have somewhere to send it should we not get it. So im not worried, but im really hoping we get it. i love Phaze and they really rock, but on the other hand, the sotry for the samba can easily be turned into a full series... and that might be good elsewhere.

So tomorrow is working on edits for MGP, starting the bulking on book 2 for marsh and janey, and hopefully gettng some promo done.

Im beat.


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