Monday, June 05, 2006

We got our Photographer!!!!

So we got the photographer we wanted to do our pictures for our webby and our author head shots, David Apuzzo. Hes an extremely talented and a good friend that got to squeeze us in, so when Audra is here, we are going to drive to CT and have a shoot and hangout with a friend and his lady. Im so excited!!! David is the only [person thats ever taken pictures of me and made me look halfway decent... So i guess i better have some primo hair going on.... and some new clothes.

*grin* ooh its all good. We ordered buttons for RWA that say "I do it demonstyle" and the conglacio concubine graphic. Well see how many we give away at RWA. Seeing people wearing them is going to be a trip. hehe. And these pictures are going to be so great!!! Im so excited! Aud and i are going to have such a great time!

Excited. and WHAT WHAT!

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