Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Wishes Review!

Heres our review from Sensual Reads

Nicodemus “Nick” Marsh is a powerful Djinn who is sent to break the
one woman who controls the demon assassins. It should be easy enough.
With his magic, charm, and looks, he had brought many of ladies to
their knees. But what he found in his newest assignment was more than
he had hoped for.

Janey Duvall is a human woman that stands her ground. Refusing the
demon prince was more for the thrill of being able to do so. What
could he do to her? She was dying anyway. When Nick appears in her
life, offering her three wishes in return for one hundred years of
sexual slavery, her first two were easy enough. But with each touch,
she comes to realize she wants something more.

Nick is falling for the human, and finds himself holding his breath,
waiting for her last wish. When it comes, it is more than he himself
could have hoped for.

“Wishes” is a fast paced, heated love affair that will leave you
breathless. The heat between these two is scorching. Not only for what
they bring out in one another, but what they bring too one another. If
you like a hot read that will have you cranking up the air, look no
more. “Wishes” is hot, entertaining, and one hell of a fantasy ride.
Kudos to Stella and Audra. I enjoyed this short story immensely.

Reviewed By Shay

Pretty damn fine if you ask me!

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