Monday, June 12, 2006

Opening Day!

So i just looked on the MGP site and we are opening day authors!!! i cant believe it! this is so cool. we are the first release for the French Quater Romance line too! Woot Woot! So we spoke with our cover aritst yesterday and shes got some great ideas, and well be seeing it soon i think, so as soon as we do, well be posting here.

And talking with the bosslady today, we got some stuff looked at, and gave her some ideas. MGP are going to be with us at the All Souls Faire this october... damn if im not excited for that. Things are working out well, and im just findng it refreshing that we are working with companies that dont fall on pretenses. these ladies are real, and very commited, and dont play any favorites, which rocks. I love knowing we are part of these companies, and that they belive in our work. its so awsome!


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Diana Castilleja said...

It's taken time, but I finally managed to get here.

Still love the cover! Rock on!