Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Work Resumes

We are at about 58k with book two for the eververse series, and i think its going to end up at about 62k, which is more then ok with me. Im just hoping to get it finished soon. We might make our July 21st deadline still.

Marsh and Janey still needs another pass through, but its around 37k right know which is great, we are thinking it will wed up in the 40's and that is satisfactory as well.

With all the preparation for RWA, my bedroom is promo central. Its insane, but hopefully it will all pay off. For those of you going to RWA, find me, ill have tons of goodies to give out, not just from us but from some other authors as well. im really turning into the promo queen.

and i think the edits that were sent to us from MGP are now done, which is one less thing i have to worry about. yay. Well im back to finishing bookmarks...


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