Saturday, June 24, 2006

A weekend Fucked

First off...

I went to the mall on friday with Joe, Yosh and yosh's new playmate. Shes ok. no biggie. So we were walking through the mall, and im not dressed my best, a pair of capris, black tanks, studded belt, sneakers, and scarf around my unruly hair. so what happens? We walk past a model search and two of the plastic queens stop me. they are all like. "WOW you have such an edgy look, and i bet with a little make up and some extentions you could be really hot."

Now, i dont know who taught them that sales pitch, but its seriously lacking. I used to be a model, and could still be if i enjoyed getting up as the ass crack of dawn to smile pretty for the camera and live a vapid existance. I mean that was the most underhanded doublesided cut i have ever heard. Um newsflash... not to toot my own horm here but im 27 and dont look it. When im in my 30's ill look in my 20's and they cant say the same with the pound of make up they have on thats killing their skin.

Well needless to say i detached the model leeches and told them to get bend. Compliment my ass..

So to cheer me up Joe let me shop.... on him. so i have some cute stuff im thinking of saving till august to wear for th signing. Yum, i am very cute i swear.

So on to saturday. I spent almost all day with joes family at a grad party and didnt drink a thing. See hes not 21 yet (i know im a cradle robber but if you look as young as i do youd get away with it too... and relax, hell be 21 in two weeks) So i dont drink around them, heaven forbid i look like a bad influence... right like the tattoos and the piercing and writing smutt for a living isnt adding to the bad influence image.

So i got my ass chewed up outside by Skeeters and not get drunk. not to mention i was informed if i brought senior lappy with me i would get it tossed in the river. Le sigh. so i ate and brough a notebook, and tried my damnedest to get along with them. I guess its going ok, but i have to go there for a BBQ tomorrow.

Oh and did i mention i ahve gotten NOTHING done writing wise in two days, soon to be three?yeah marsh is talking about having my beating heart on a plate, and right now i dont blame him. Not to mention i have the Blessings edits i need to get through....

ugh. this weekend blows ass.


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Diana Castilleja said...

You're right Stella. That did suck! Sorry... :)