Saturday, June 03, 2006

progress is my favorite word

Yesterday we sent out a submission to the new pubby Mardigras Publishing. We will shee how we do. I think its a pretty good story, so either way someone will take it.

And we got a little over 7500 on Marsh and Janey. its not too bad, considering it is just barebones of the story. its going to need bulking and another run through later on to really give the reader a feel of what has happened since Wishes but i think it will be ok. Im looking foward to finishing it. And Marsh is not going to let us start anything else until its done. Im happy he let us finish the submission.

So today after work is Marsh and Janey day. lots of work hopefully... and i got my PSP X back working on the lappy, so im looking forward to making some new graphics for pins and tshirts at Cafe press. heh. lots of fun.

two weeks. Two weeks till Bargain by starlight comes out, but more importantly, two weeks till i get to see NINE INCH NAILS again. hell yeah. great way to start the summer... and the list of WIP we have is fantastic. we are going to be writing all summer and i cant wait.

and if you cant guess... i traded Fallon out for Drake today. i just felt the sick fuck needed a cameo. enjoy.

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