Friday, June 09, 2006

Today is an odd day

So its Johnny Depp's Birthday. Woo hoo. The hottie is 43 and damn if that dosent bother me one bit. Im not one for the older guy but i do have a list...
Johnny Depp
James Purefoy
Sean Bean
Gerard Butler
Colin Farell (ok so hes only 3 years older then me... but that still counts!)

Yeah i know i got issues... but damn if they arent yummy and museworthy. Yummy Yummy... i love me somma that.

So back to real life... We have been stalled the last few days due to mAudra scrambling to get some work done on her college crap. Im just glad we are almost done with it. that means lots of work this summer.. and it also means my goal i set is attainable. that is good news on this end.that makes me happy.

So for the next few days its getting new stories prepped to go and hopefully our edits for the Snakes. im itching to get to the main series...


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