Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday better be better then saturday. It rained, and i got wet a lot, and Audra wasnt about and we got no work done. Poo. where we are with the Djinn, its her turn (and i notice it tends to leave off like that a lot) so im stuck you see, and i cant write much else. Maybe after i get back from work this morning ill be greeted by some goodies, and my sister staring back at me ready to work. Well that would be good. Otherwise its all about graphics again today, and maybe getting those damn bookmarks finished. Either way, its really not such a bad thing. I do have to make a new Bookmark design though. Le sigh.

I did find yesterday a place to get the mini buttons done for RWA. for 30$ i can split an order, get 50 of two different designs. So well have two Eververse style pins at RWA and for give aways i think. these wont be in the goodie bags, they will have to be asked for. hehe. im looking forward to this more and more each day.

And we have a go from FP for our Promo plan for the Eververse series, so that is a big plus as well. Honestly, it just feel great being able to talk to your publisher in such a freindly way. I dont feel like its all business even though it is. it really feels like a family at FP and i think the new authors there are lucky.

So the Samba is slatted to end tonite. I KNOW they got some fantastic entries for this one and heres hoping ours is one of the ones being picked. We will find out in two weeks. Ah yet another waiting game. heh..

So im off to work in a few... Just wanted to pop in and give you this purely sexy picture of Fallon... Damn i swear, the man just flat out does it for me. PURRRRRRR.
If that picture dosent scream "I AM FALLON" i dont know what one does. good lord. thats the epitome of Fal right there. ok im sweating, and drooling... I gotta go...

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