Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bamboozle and no work done.

Today my hunny and friends are dragging me away from the compy to go to the second day of the bamboozle festival, and i gotta say im not all too thrilled. But its just as well, Audra is going out with her hunny to do something sinister... so i guess we need the day off.

the Samba is going well, slow really but we still got at least a week before i go completely mental and start threatening bodily harm on my sister. So well see how it goes. heh.

I have the feeling somethings that are good are going to happen today, and wouldnt know know it, its when im not going to be glued to the screen all day. Its just as well, its like they say, life happens while your busy making plans. Well shit. I guess thats me in a nutshell. ofcourse it could be because its 730 am and i have been up since 530 getting ready for this clusterfuck of a concert. Im not looking forard to seeing old flames, and i know i will, cuz they are on the bill. So its more me hiding from people then anything. what do you say to your ex that you ahvent seen in ages besides "Wow you got real ugly. what the fuck was i thinking?" Well if anyone knows, let me know, though it wont reach me till tomorrow. Bloody all day festival. At least ill have my celli so i wont be completely diconnected from our reality. heh.

So thats me, heading out the door to Mushies place to pick his sorry ass up. I hope Audra has a better day then i do... lord knows anything is better that 30 thousand screaming wannabe punk and emo kids harshing my mello.

tomorrow is another day.

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