Thursday, May 18, 2006


I hate days like today. Days when everything gets in the way of getting shit done. Ugh. Audra and I were on a roll yesterday, well have to see if it picks up again tomorrow.

On a side note, a couple of us have made an authors group called Romance and the Written Word and we have a website. its just a prelim site but its going to do its job, hopefully. you can check it out here and well be having chats there in the future.

So i have had a shit storm of a day, so im just going to leave you with a sexy tidbit i like to call Fallon... yeah he gets me through the day... Just so damn sexy he brightens any minute in my life.... though it is news to me that he can play the bass... heh... and yes, im drooling here. he is the perfect end to a wretched day...

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Silma said...

Oh, I hear ya. I call them "blah! days." I hate them. Especially when in the back of my head I've got a long list of things to do. Don't worry though. It'll pass... *g*