Friday, May 19, 2006

Stella's no good Rotten Very bad Day... With a twist

So Audra and I went from a 44k ms to a 49,560k novel in three hours. OOh I love when we write like this. Makes things so much easier when we are on point. So thats a good thing.

So now for the horrors of my day. I swear today was NOT my lucky day. Working at 6am, I was barely awake today for the first two hours, but thats not whats to blame for my GARMONBOZIA. (And for all of you in into Twin Peaks, that means pain and suffering.) I dont know what bad luck fairy decided to mess with me today but after 5 hours at work, i ended up with second degree burns on my right hand, and a bone deep cut on my index finger that requires stitches. How you ask? Well I work right now at a coffee and bagel place and im the early morning coffee girl. its a monkeys jub but tips are great and i dont have to handel anyones food, so yay me. But i was getting some Yahoo his tea and he tapped me on the shoulder, and i flinched, the cat went rolling and about half a medium starbucks coffee cup full of boiling water ended up on my hand. i look like a freaking lobster. So needless to say i cursed a bluestreak, and i think i made up some new words so colorful i hardly remember them now. Well that was the good stuff.
Then... im told to open up a boz of coffee bags to fill filters for tomorrow.. No biggie i do it every time i work. Someone must have given me the "bad luck boxcutter" cuz one minute im cutting a box open, then next im running the blade through the meat of my LEFT index finger. I FELT it nick bone. It was not fun. So once again, I spew out a string of colorful phrases about someones mother, a cat, a jar of peanut butter and H. R. Puff n stuff (the creepiest tv icon ever imagined!) and tell the box cutter im sending it back to hell where my boss found it.
Well my boss freaks, sends me to energeny and i get 4 stiches, and cat type worth a damn with my left hand. Not to mention the right one isnt doing so well either, as it burns and stings like a muther..
So then i think my day is over right? NOPE! Went to Joes house (for those of you wont dont know, Joe is my very supprotive and very caring boyfriend) and trip walking up the stairs to the bedroom. I hit my shin on the stair... and have a bruise that vaguely resembles Tennessee. Maybe its a sign to get the hell outta Dodge. We were thinking about Tennessee to move to. Anywhere is better then NY.

So enough about my horrible and rotten day. There is an upside. Since Bargain by Starlight is comming out in June i have started to gather all my crafting expertise and am getting the prizes together for that contest. the book thongs given out for that one are going to have little star charms and the journal is going to have a custom cover done by me in material, with stars on it as well, not to mention the Grand prize Jewelry is Beyond Star Fantasitc. I think we have outdone ourselves.

OOh and i ordered our goodies for RWA... im so excited.... its going to be a good time no doubt.
So enjoy the sexy picture of fallon above.... I know i did. Man makes me drool.


Anonymous said...

Damn blogger, damn it to hell. I posted a comment and it ate it.

The jist of it was I hope tomorrow is a better day and woot on the good writing :)

Cross your fingers this one goes through.

Brenda (aka: Canice Brown-Porter) said...

Whew! You did have a rough one! Hope you are feeling/doing better.

Oh, baby! Those pics of Johnny Depp made my day! They are hot!

Anyway...just wanted to wish you well. Take care of you.

Dayna_Hart said...

Hrm. Wait to cross your fingers until the left one is better. CC or Shanda would know what colour candle to light to make your luck change. All I can suggest is to get someone ELSE to light the candle :)

Susan Greene said...

Poor Stella...Sorry you had such a rough one, hon. Look at it this way - tomorrow has to be a better day!

And at least you have a release date...I still don't. :o)


Caffey said...

Stella, a real bad day for you at work and all. Now you really have to spoil yourself tomorrow and all. Hugs.


Sabrina Luna said...

What a freakin' day, Stella! Sorry to hear about the sh*ty mojo! :( Hugs, S )O(