Monday, May 08, 2006

Eververse SOLD!

Thats right!

We sold the 9 book seires to Forbidden Publications! it was the right decision for the work and Audra and I couldnt be happier. Now its more a question of letting it sink in and absorbing everything. We are going to be so damn busy for the next year with writing, and edits and conventions....

thank god audras wedding is pushed back... lol.

So anyways, with that done, now we can get the anthology set up for the printer... and get it all ready for release. its going to be a couple get to know you stories for the series, and is limited to 150, so get them when they come out. and oh... did i mention the main books, ALL 9, will be in print as well as e book???? god this is such a dream come true for us.


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