Friday, May 26, 2006

X men, Marsh, work.....

Fallon. Great way to start the morning. Ask Astrid, she starts every morning with him.

Well im up at the fucking ass crack of dawn to to to work for 4 hours. thats right 4 HOURS! eh its not so bad, i do get to see X men this afternoon, so that is top choice. then after that, its play with Marsh, Janey and Taylor (aka Cash) for a little while. And maybe, if im lucky, figure out what is missing from our ifrit story. We are thinking of subbing it out soon so to really round the edges would be stellar.

I gotta order the rest of our promo materials for RWA too. I keep putting it off and its not really due to procrastination, its due to me not being able to make up my mind as to what to get. *sigh* im sure it will all make sense after i have had a cup of VERY strong tea and dealt with every backward-ass fuck on the planet. ugh working is not my cup of tea.

I am slacking on getting the prize stuff done for the Bargain by Starlight release though. hopefully ill just get enough time to get it all done, but im not making any promises to myself. its just not worth it, though the charms i got for the book thongs are very cute, and top shelf so maybe ill get to it this weekend, after everything else i have to do gets done.

No rest for the wicked.


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Diana Castilleja said...

Quit slacking woman!!! LOL

Have a great weekend.