Thursday, May 11, 2006

The samba is done!

Well after a restart, a back track and a lot of bitching, our SAMBA submission is put to bed, and we are happy with it. Its a beginning story, and we hope well be able to do a few more with these two characters, apparetly they wanted a longer book, but settled for a short as long as we promised to write some more about them.

So we will see if they take it for the samba. *fingers Crossed!*

Now the real fun begins! Audra and i can finally start working on the main series, the exact reason why we started submitting to publishers in the first place. These books are our babies and are a far cry from the shorts we have already released and soon to be released. these stories are our passion, and granted it took a while for them to get contracted, i think they are in the right place with Forbidden. Rene will give them the consideration and the leeway they need, and not screw with the books vision, which is a god send for these. Its too much to ask that they remain purely what they are, but i have all faith that they will end up as close to the original manuscript as possible.

This is beyond exciting, seeing those sexy and wild characters of our soon to be out in the world for everyone to adore is really exciting. I just cant wait to see them dont, and in print... not to mention we are both DYING for the cover for Sugar and Sin from ML... i cant wait for that.....


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