Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bribery and Some comfort

So i can be bribed. There i said it. I CAN BE BRIBED. Bribed by what you ask? Well its not chocolate, and its not trips to exotic places... no its Ugly dolls. thats right i said it. UGLYDOLLS. those wonderful little toys above. thats what i can be bribed with. Ok i know it, im truly insane but toys, especially unique toys are what makes my world go round. So now you know.

On a comfort note, im feeling comfortable with a few things going on recently, and a bit more at ease. Our snakes are in the process of being set up for edits, and the past two weeks we have engaged in conversation with the editorial staff, just idle chit chat while they were online. Its really refreshing that they were intrested in getting to know us before they started editing our work. Now granted i dont know who is going to be our editor, but i can safely say i feel comfortable with all of them and we both feel our "voice" and our writing will be in the best possible hands. The fact that they took the time to get to know us and our work, asking questions and the like and not going in there cold was fantastic.

Im a firm beliver of getting to know the people you work with and this situation is no different. In fact, i think it needs it even more because of the intimacy of the work your doing. I mean this is another persons words thatyou are playing with,its only fair to know the person if your going to play with what they write. I feel really good about the edits comming up now and about our future submissions.

another awsome thing that happened was an editor we have setting up a Yahoo group to keep in touch with the people they edit for. thats freakin service. and it cuts out a lot of emails, as long as the editor stays on top of it, but i know they will. I think more editors should do that, especially if they KNOW there is a possibility of working with the person again. I know we dont know much about the "industry" but if things keep like this, we will stay happy.


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Suzette said...

I'm gonna have to remember that. For when I want to see my name in a book......LOL. Never heard of these dolls till you.