Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Book two update.

Well looking at what we already have for book two, im feeling in a good place. We are about 300 words over 40k, whick is about 10k over what i thought we had. And its comming along nicely. Im happy with it, and looking foward to working on it in the next couple of weeks/months.

Book one is great, and finished, so we are just waiting on edits for it. Hopefully they will come soon... but we still do have the first Snake story to get at with edits, but thats not too icky so im not worried.

So today is hopefully working on the second book, as long as Audra gets here in a timely fashion. and we did a Interview with May Reviews yesterday, im looking foward to seeing the interview... and im wondering if they have Wishes for Review... Ill have to find out.

So ill leave you with a little goodness... Fallon... baby.... Lord is he Yummy.... Asty is a lucky lucky girl.... Im just hoping you will enjoy their story as much as we have enjoyed writing it down.

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