Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This Just In.....

Our anthology, Enjoy the Afterverse, is now available for purchase at Luluin PRINT! now its a "self Publish" because we wanted it out in print, before the main books come out as they are prequel stories. So you know your curious about then main books, why not buy the anthology and see what its all about?

Also, if you do buy the book and bring it to any of the signings Audra and I are at, we will hook it up. well be at RWA, a signing with Phaze in August(more on that as it comes to us) and Dragon Con...(Well ill be at Dragon...)

these wont be around forever, so get them while you can!

(And if Blogger wasnt being so dumb today, we sould have the fantastic cover on here for your viewing pleasure... alas... just go to the link as see for yourself!)


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