Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We are sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled Fallon...

So we have been busy. I started bulking the Blessing of the Storm tosay. I personally got it from 13,500 to 15,500 and Noras part hasnt been bulked. So im really looking foward to finishing this one.

Marsh and Janey are back on the balot in the morning, though Nina from Lady Luck is still asking to get back to her story. Arcady is thankfully quiet, knowing that hes got a good time frame till we even get to publishing that story. though it is very cool. I think the worls is going to like snow.

So today i went to the store and got a set of the metallic gell pents for 1.50$ and im hella happy. some of them will go for gifts in the giveaways with the journals we got.

And im happy to say we are slowly building a fanbase. that makes me happy. I sent out some review requests today, im praying for some good reviews. and we have a hour chat at Pink Posse to promo Bargain by Starlight on thursday, and it seems TRS is going to be hosting our contest for the release so that should be fun. And with Beyond the Vision of Dreams release later this month im excited for that. Renee told us we should have our edits for it this week, so im psyched for that.

Well. off to bed... and hope you liked your Fallon fix today....

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Suzette said...

I think you need help with that shirt Fallon. I'm volunteering!