Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fallon... and why I adore him.

So if you cant guess, Mr. Johnny Depp is our muse for Fallon. Why? WHY NOT! hes gritty, sexy, dirty, the kinda guy you want to meet in a smokey bar with an accent that could... and i get ahead of myself. Fallon is a perfect tragic soul, a man devistatingly attractive with a past he wants to forget... not to mention hes a demon. So hes a character yes, hes vivid, and way complex. And that voice... good lord... needless to say youll see in time if you havent already, but honestly, he could very well be a perfect man.

Not to mention he is rather gifted at torture. And looking like that, he can torture me anytime.

Back to drooling and working.


1 comment:

Diana Castilleja said...

Totally wicked new look to the blog! And, um, where did you get that dish in the pic? Or just the dish himself... hehehe...Damn, he can get all studly and sultry like that anytime of day for me!

Keep up the great work, girls!