Monday, February 27, 2006

So it seems I'm First..

Hello all you lucky people!

I never thought any one of my stories would be published first, but here it is at Pretty/Scary, The Sleeping. *surpresses a giggle* Sorry but Remembering that night always makes me giggle. Drake, ooh lord what can i say about him that night? He was in in demonic twenties, and i was a bit older than him, and i think personally had that Mrs. Robinson complex going on, lord knows The Freshman wasnt even a thought in its creators mind when this went on.

So, Im Alabaster, second Princess of the Succubus house. people tell me i look like Penelope Cruz, but i say she looks like me. I mean, im much much older than she ever will be. How old you ask? Dont bother, a lady dosent reveal her age, especially when she looks like shes in her thirties.

So im sure you all have questions for me or the rest of the guys, and youll get to,
I should say thought that that was the only encounter Drake and i had, soon after i met Sallos, and well, i never looked back. So I'm sure youll hear more from me in the future, im just super psyched that i got to be the first to start posting here. Im not sure if Drake will be posting here, if ever, but, you can always leave a comment and let him know you wanna see what he has to say, i know the lunatic reads this, especially if he thinks theres going to be something said on himself.

So thanks for reading mine and Drakes story, your going to love each of our respective books... Hot hot hot... just like my Sallos....


The Sleeping.. and a change of gears...

So we have been asked to join with Pretty/Scary in their Fiction endevor, and came up with the story called The Sleeping. Its about Drake and Alabaster, and sicne its tecnically our first published work, we decided that we were going to do something a little different. From now on this blog will be inhabited by everyone in the eververse, and if you want info on the series and Eververse in general, please visit out Live journal (

So from today on... enjoy the people of the Eververse.

So long.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

how cool?

So yesterday we got told that Eververse, got some press on the Pretty/Scary website.

For those of you who dont know, Pretty Scary is a horror website made by women about women. They have a horror and paranormal romance area and they do reviews and what not.

Well they are super cool, and we love the site, and they did a blurb about us on it. Im SO excited about this, the books arent even out yet and we have some really positive press. Its super amazing. Now all we need is the book series to get picked up... and my fingers are still crossed...

So i hope you all enjoy the blurb...


Thursday, February 02, 2006

apparently some people just dont get it. We are the bad guys. we are just slightly less bad then others.

So I have a gripe about a rejection we got yesterday. We were told that our "Heros" werent really heros but Badguys. Duh. Now im sorry but im seriously tired of reading about the "Good" guy thats all sweetness and light, who never had a parking ticket in their life, let alone persued a career in B and E.

Our heros are the Anit hero. They are the guys that are good, and mean well, but circumstance has dealt them a shitty hand. They are the guys that dont put themselves off as the good guy to the world. They are taboo, forbidden, the kinda guy you fantasize about taking you and ravishing you just because they want to. They Love their women, and family, and do whats right for them, but that dosent mean they are upstanding citizens. We have Thieves, hitmen, pimps, Spell dealers, a Fence or two, enforcers, Kings, Princes... and lest we all forget, they are Demons... Since when are demons all sweetness and light?

I think that its unfair to judge them on the fact that they arent the perverbial heros, that they have questionable morals and even more questionable jobs. Youll see further down the line, our resident pimp, well hes not what he seems. Yes, hes in the flesh trade, but hes very good to his girls. and, ever thing its not something he really wants to do?

So thats my gripe about our characters. Im still stewing about it... and apparently, they really just didnt get it, and enough people have gotten it... and like the refreshing change of pace. We are diffrent, and our books are diffrent. I dont think anyone has really attemped this before, fom what i have seen, but im hoping we get the chance.

Curious yet?


Wednesday, February 01, 2006

So the next contest is again, another set of lyrics. It pertains to a
couple that has been written about.The song is When one 8 Becomes two
Zeros by Glass jaw.

I'm glad that you're near
And I'm sad when you're here
This is what it's like to be me
I'm glad that you're here
And I'm sad that you're near
This is what it's like to die alone.

This all hurts me so much
That I honestly belive
You're the one this is hard for
Iv'e barterd tact for wit
And Iv'e already made up
A billion stories about you.

Knee deep in static
I hear you breaking up
I'm breaking up
I guess we're breaking up
You're not the other woman
You're just another(woman)
Another hobby for a guy like me.

You've given me a heart like a gun
And I'm so shocked that I made it through
These billion days.
I didn't think I could tough it out for those days
A billion.

Knee deep in static
I hear you breaking up
I'm breaking up
I guess we're breaking up
You're not the other woman
You're just another(woman)
Another hobby for a guy like me.

So we're growing?
I'm sure
There's no other I can turn to
Theres no other I can turn to
If not you, heart
Who else can I belive???

Knee deep in static
I hear you breaking up
I'm breaking up
I guess we're breaking up
You're not the other woman
You're just another(woman)
Another hobby for a guy like me.

I hope you enjoy dying alone

Now the contest is....

1. Name who the song represents
2. the song is the thoughts of the certian individual, who are they
thinking about
3. Bonus: A song partial, called Hotel of the White Locust.

Now I kiss up to God my fists
and I pray to keep my head
though I like your pretty eyes better blackened
and my fists all fucking red.
Through sickness and health,
I've kissed up to God two years, I have focused..
On the cameos made by the tiger in the valley of the fucking locust.

Who could ever..
Who the fuck could ever..
Take the place of me?
Who could ever..
Who the fuck could ever..
No one can the place of me?

Wipe off your mouth.
Get up off your knees and make me your god.
Who could ever,
Who the fuck could ever?
It's sexual debauchery you fucking cunt, you fucking whore,
You cost what you're worth.

Followed by a boy like this,
Reignited by all your visits.
As long as your mouth is shut you'll still be fuckin beautiful.

Pack your shit and leave, and take my memories of her with you.
(I don't need to know)
...And take her fucking with you

WHo is the character in question talking about here?

Winner of this super contest will wind a aromatherapy prize. the prize
includes cented oil, a lightbulb defuser, incense, an incense holder,
candles, bath salts and some other goodies... Good luck to all!