Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We are sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled Fallon...

So we have been busy. I started bulking the Blessing of the Storm tosay. I personally got it from 13,500 to 15,500 and Noras part hasnt been bulked. So im really looking foward to finishing this one.

Marsh and Janey are back on the balot in the morning, though Nina from Lady Luck is still asking to get back to her story. Arcady is thankfully quiet, knowing that hes got a good time frame till we even get to publishing that story. though it is very cool. I think the worls is going to like snow.

So today i went to the store and got a set of the metallic gell pents for 1.50$ and im hella happy. some of them will go for gifts in the giveaways with the journals we got.

And im happy to say we are slowly building a fanbase. that makes me happy. I sent out some review requests today, im praying for some good reviews. and we have a hour chat at Pink Posse to promo Bargain by Starlight on thursday, and it seems TRS is going to be hosting our contest for the release so that should be fun. And with Beyond the Vision of Dreams release later this month im excited for that. Renee told us we should have our edits for it this week, so im psyched for that.

Well. off to bed... and hope you liked your Fallon fix today....

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day craziness...

So we did a lot today, though i still have to update the website. Sadly it has lost its appeal, and im thinking we need another layout, and that means either learning how to do it, or finding someone to do what needs doing. Sigh. Yet again money i dont have to spend.

Speaking of money i shouldnt spend, I ordered the last of our stuff for RWA. so thats done. im waiting for early july to order more of the anthology for RWA and NJRWA. but the gifty bags for the confrence are super cool. im looking foward to it.

and we finished fleshing out the second Marsh book today. its comming along nicely but hes commited to telling it in its entirety, though im not too sure im going to come out unscathed. he really is a lunatic when it comes to Janey....


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sugar and Sin has a Cover!

New cover for Sugar and Sin! We got the cover and its finally real to us! we sold it yeah, and it wasnt until now that i have really let myself believe that i was going to see it beook out to the masses. Im so dazzled. its such a dark cover... beyond fantastic. M.L. Benton has done it again!


Friday, May 26, 2006

X men, Marsh, work.....

Fallon. Great way to start the morning. Ask Astrid, she starts every morning with him.

Well im up at the fucking ass crack of dawn to to to work for 4 hours. thats right 4 HOURS! eh its not so bad, i do get to see X men this afternoon, so that is top choice. then after that, its play with Marsh, Janey and Taylor (aka Cash) for a little while. And maybe, if im lucky, figure out what is missing from our ifrit story. We are thinking of subbing it out soon so to really round the edges would be stellar.

I gotta order the rest of our promo materials for RWA too. I keep putting it off and its not really due to procrastination, its due to me not being able to make up my mind as to what to get. *sigh* im sure it will all make sense after i have had a cup of VERY strong tea and dealt with every backward-ass fuck on the planet. ugh working is not my cup of tea.

I am slacking on getting the prize stuff done for the Bargain by Starlight release though. hopefully ill just get enough time to get it all done, but im not making any promises to myself. its just not worth it, though the charms i got for the book thongs are very cute, and top shelf so maybe ill get to it this weekend, after everything else i have to do gets done.

No rest for the wicked.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chat and Ranting...

So Marsh is ranting about a televangelist.... i dont really wanna know, but hes telling me the whole sorrid tale. I seriously think hes just doing this to break me.... But at least i know he will be raring to go tonite for the chat.

So dont forget to come by and let him rant at you... you can come and play here

So my sanity for the day? As usual... FALLON. ummm yummy.... ooh and today is Astrids birthday. Fallon and Her are off for the weekend, where i have no clue, but i did get a lookie at the bracelet he got her, pretty blue topaz bauble... shes happy. So yeah dont forget to attend the chat... who knows... you might get to see Sean Taylor, AKA Cassiel tonite...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

We got Nominated!

We were just told that our Cover for Beyond the Vision of Dreams was nominated for cover of the month at Erin Aslinn! you can view the Gallery at Moonglad Designs here We are so excited! M.L.Benton is our cover artist and shes will be doing all our covers for our snake series and our Eververse Series.... i LOVE that we have our own cover artist that completely undersands our work! So voting dosent begin till Sept. 3-30 (around the time the first Eververse book is comming out) and we will remind everyone about it... this is So cool!


Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Monday

So today has been a big deal. 2.5k done on book two, some characterization on a few others, Setting up for the Marsh and janey Chat, and we got a review! 4 wands from Enchanted Ramblings!!!! im so excited! Not too bad for our first posted review! Im happy.

And we were talking with ML about our new cover, thats one im freaking out about. If we get it by wensday, it will be the best birthday present ever. Everything is going well So well in fact im actually smiling. this week is starting out pretty damn good.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dark fantasy...

So after reading an awsome article... on Pretty Scary... I feel i have to comment on it here. And give you what they think on Dark fantasy. So heres what Heidi, wild woman extrodinare had to say on the subject of DF:

First, what makes a Dark Fantasy?

1) The happy ending is always overshadowed by the bad events that have taken place

2) Horror elements such as gore, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and demons are always present.

3) Often set in a high-fantasy world. (Dragons, princesses, castles)

4) Main lessons include: a) there is a little bad in everything good, and a little good in everything bad, b) Vengeance is empty and hollow, but you should let it run your life, and c) True Love can SOMETIMES overcome evil, but not always.

And, the Dark Fantasy hero/heroine is usually differently than in regular horror films or in fantasy film. In horror, the protagonist is usually running for their lives, and in classic fantasy the hero is a youth who is pure of heart and who matures and fulfills his/her destiny by the end of the story. In Dark Heroism, the primary motivation is to overcome the evil inside oneselfoften vengeance, violence are motivatorsnot a heroic sense of duty or desire to do good.

Revenge is a deep motivator for Dark Fantasy films. It is sometimes the only thing that separates them from regular fantasy and that gives them an affinity with horror. Really, what is more horrifying than revenge? When revenge as a motive is absent, it is often the concept of duality is the main plot line. The ideas of Good and Evil having to co-exist in order to exist at all allows for dark and horrific things to populate even the most romantic fantasy world.

Well that does say it dosent it? Its one of the reasons why we consider ourselves Dark Fantasy. And i think theres a soild readership out there for this kinda work, and obviously its movies. Movies like Legend, Labryinth, The Crow, The Dark Crystal, Edward Sissorhands.... Its all the movies we have come to love and adore, and see the overly sexual meaning in most.

These movies have shaped my life, and inadvertantly drove me to write. All of them are directly respondsible for both of us going to school for special effects, and i wouldnt be the person i am today or had the experiences i have had. We owe a lot to the Dark Fantasy Genre.

So how it relates to Eververse? Well for starters, lets look at what makes a Dark Fantasy.
Our happy endings are always forshadowed by the evil and the crap that happened to get to that singular perfect moment for the characters. And no matter what, after that moment is over, its always going to be there and its going to mold what the characters are.

Horror elements present? Um HELLO! we write demons...

Often set in a high fantasy world? Well we are set in a fantasy version of the world as we know it... so ill give us that...

Main lessons include: a) there is a little bad in everything good, and a little good in everything bad, b) Vengeance is empty and hollow, but you should let it run your life, and c) True Love can SOMETIMES overcome evil, but not always.

I think we hit ALL those points. I mean Look at our subject matter? Hookers, pimps, hitmen, arms dealers, theves and killers, Assassins and masochists.... and they really are good people...

So do you guys get it now? I mean get it a little better then you did before? I just really want people to know what they are getting into with us.

Now books we can be compared to, Genre wise? The Anita Black and Merry Gentry series, The Vamprie Huntress legends Series (minus all the urban slang), the Hollows series.... and more recently, the Mia snow books by Gena Showalter. Not to mention the ever incomproable, Poppy Z Brite... I swear one day well be on the same plane as Lost Souls.

So thats me... and thats what i think of what we write. What do you think?

PS: ooh i didnt forget... some more fallon to drool over...
Ummm... Yummy....

Friday, May 19, 2006

Stella's no good Rotten Very bad Day... With a twist

So Audra and I went from a 44k ms to a 49,560k novel in three hours. OOh I love when we write like this. Makes things so much easier when we are on point. So thats a good thing.

So now for the horrors of my day. I swear today was NOT my lucky day. Working at 6am, I was barely awake today for the first two hours, but thats not whats to blame for my GARMONBOZIA. (And for all of you in into Twin Peaks, that means pain and suffering.) I dont know what bad luck fairy decided to mess with me today but after 5 hours at work, i ended up with second degree burns on my right hand, and a bone deep cut on my index finger that requires stitches. How you ask? Well I work right now at a coffee and bagel place and im the early morning coffee girl. its a monkeys jub but tips are great and i dont have to handel anyones food, so yay me. But i was getting some Yahoo his tea and he tapped me on the shoulder, and i flinched, the cat went rolling and about half a medium starbucks coffee cup full of boiling water ended up on my hand. i look like a freaking lobster. So needless to say i cursed a bluestreak, and i think i made up some new words so colorful i hardly remember them now. Well that was the good stuff.
Then... im told to open up a boz of coffee bags to fill filters for tomorrow.. No biggie i do it every time i work. Someone must have given me the "bad luck boxcutter" cuz one minute im cutting a box open, then next im running the blade through the meat of my LEFT index finger. I FELT it nick bone. It was not fun. So once again, I spew out a string of colorful phrases about someones mother, a cat, a jar of peanut butter and H. R. Puff n stuff (the creepiest tv icon ever imagined!) and tell the box cutter im sending it back to hell where my boss found it.
Well my boss freaks, sends me to energeny and i get 4 stiches, and cat type worth a damn with my left hand. Not to mention the right one isnt doing so well either, as it burns and stings like a muther..
So then i think my day is over right? NOPE! Went to Joes house (for those of you wont dont know, Joe is my very supprotive and very caring boyfriend) and trip walking up the stairs to the bedroom. I hit my shin on the stair... and have a bruise that vaguely resembles Tennessee. Maybe its a sign to get the hell outta Dodge. We were thinking about Tennessee to move to. Anywhere is better then NY.

So enough about my horrible and rotten day. There is an upside. Since Bargain by Starlight is comming out in June i have started to gather all my crafting expertise and am getting the prizes together for that contest. the book thongs given out for that one are going to have little star charms and the journal is going to have a custom cover done by me in material, with stars on it as well, not to mention the Grand prize Jewelry is Beyond Star Fantasitc. I think we have outdone ourselves.

OOh and i ordered our goodies for RWA... im so excited.... its going to be a good time no doubt.
So enjoy the sexy picture of fallon above.... I know i did. Man makes me drool.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I hate days like today. Days when everything gets in the way of getting shit done. Ugh. Audra and I were on a roll yesterday, well have to see if it picks up again tomorrow.

On a side note, a couple of us have made an authors group called Romance and the Written Word and we have a website. its just a prelim site but its going to do its job, hopefully. you can check it out here and well be having chats there in the future.

So i have had a shit storm of a day, so im just going to leave you with a sexy tidbit i like to call Fallon... yeah he gets me through the day... Just so damn sexy he brightens any minute in my life.... though it is news to me that he can play the bass... heh... and yes, im drooling here. he is the perfect end to a wretched day...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lots of work.

So we did our thing... 4k today and boy did it fly. Im so excited to be working again on the characters we love so much. it went so quickly... getting it out on the compy was a relief and we have our outline set... ooh its so exciting... Audra is tickled.

So im off to edit what we did today... and i shall leave you with a pretty pickture of our Muse for Arcady... Stella.

lots more work, and lots more fallon...

Well Audra is in top form today, having done two posts at shadow heights before i even woke up. Fine with me, anything to get her writing... Today is a bit of Booke two if we are lucky, and maybe getting some of the short stories outlined. I love busy days.

So lets see... ooh how about some more fallon???? Umm yummy.. it gets me throught the day.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Book two update.

Well looking at what we already have for book two, im feeling in a good place. We are about 300 words over 40k, whick is about 10k over what i thought we had. And its comming along nicely. Im happy with it, and looking foward to working on it in the next couple of weeks/months.

Book one is great, and finished, so we are just waiting on edits for it. Hopefully they will come soon... but we still do have the first Snake story to get at with edits, but thats not too icky so im not worried.

So today is hopefully working on the second book, as long as Audra gets here in a timely fashion. and we did a Interview with May Reviews yesterday, im looking foward to seeing the interview... and im wondering if they have Wishes for Review... Ill have to find out.

So ill leave you with a little goodness... Fallon... baby.... Lord is he Yummy.... Asty is a lucky lucky girl.... Im just hoping you will enjoy their story as much as we have enjoyed writing it down.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Marsh and Janey chat Next Thursday

May 25th, thats next thursday, We will be chatting with Marsh and Janey at the Eververse Chat Room at Http://eververse.bravehost.com at 8pm EST. Marsh and Janey are eager to chat with you all so i hope you will show up and say hi...Weh know you have questions... and Marsh and Janey have answers.

Hope to see some of you there!

Stella and Audra

Havent read Wishes yet? pick it up at Phaze.com

More Fallon...

Mmmmm. Fallon. not much to report today, just wanted to put some more Muse candy up...


Sunday, May 14, 2006

More playing with Fallon today, and his lovely lady Astrid. Youll meet her some time soon i imagine. So its all about getting back into these books now, and Fallon and Feyd are pushing at us with both barrels,... well trust me, its not a hardship *snicker Snicker* heh i cant wait till you guys really meet them.

fallon and feyd are in the anthology, and i know your damn curious... so go and get to already!


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fallon... and why I adore him.

So if you cant guess, Mr. Johnny Depp is our muse for Fallon. Why? WHY NOT! hes gritty, sexy, dirty, the kinda guy you want to meet in a smokey bar with an accent that could... and i get ahead of myself. Fallon is a perfect tragic soul, a man devistatingly attractive with a past he wants to forget... not to mention hes a demon. So hes a character yes, hes vivid, and way complex. And that voice... good lord... needless to say youll see in time if you havent already, but honestly, he could very well be a perfect man.

Not to mention he is rather gifted at torture. And looking like that, he can torture me anytime.

Back to drooling and working.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

The samba is done!

Well after a restart, a back track and a lot of bitching, our SAMBA submission is put to bed, and we are happy with it. Its a beginning story, and we hope well be able to do a few more with these two characters, apparetly they wanted a longer book, but settled for a short as long as we promised to write some more about them.

So we will see if they take it for the samba. *fingers Crossed!*

Now the real fun begins! Audra and i can finally start working on the main series, the exact reason why we started submitting to publishers in the first place. These books are our babies and are a far cry from the shorts we have already released and soon to be released. these stories are our passion, and granted it took a while for them to get contracted, i think they are in the right place with Forbidden. Rene will give them the consideration and the leeway they need, and not screw with the books vision, which is a god send for these. Its too much to ask that they remain purely what they are, but i have all faith that they will end up as close to the original manuscript as possible.

This is beyond exciting, seeing those sexy and wild characters of our soon to be out in the world for everyone to adore is really exciting. I just cant wait to see them dont, and in print... not to mention we are both DYING for the cover for Sugar and Sin from ML... i cant wait for that.....


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

our first review!

Rating: 4 Kisses
Reviewer: Jodie Boulter

Wishes begins with sex that is not only hot, but dirty as well. If you like rough talk and equally rough sex scenes, then this one is for you. With a tough as nails heroine and an alpha male that is more alpha then you can believe, you are in for a wild ride.

Well im surprised. Its no secret that we dont write anything the masses like, cuz lets face it, real life isnt all sweetness and light. it takes a very open minded person to enjoy what we write, and apparelty Jodie is one of them. So we love her and she rocks for taking the chance and reading our new release.

This Just In.....

Our anthology, Enjoy the Afterverse, is now available for purchase at Luluin PRINT! now its a "self Publish" because we wanted it out in print, before the main books come out as they are prequel stories. So you know your curious about then main books, why not buy the anthology and see what its all about?

Also, if you do buy the book and bring it to any of the signings Audra and I are at, we will hook it up. well be at RWA, a signing with Phaze in August(more on that as it comes to us) and Dragon Con...(Well ill be at Dragon...)

these wont be around forever, so get them while you can!

(And if Blogger wasnt being so dumb today, we sould have the fantastic cover on here for your viewing pleasure... alas... just go to the link as see for yourself!)


And So it will begin.

So now that the main books are contracted, we have a plan of attack, just as soon as we finish the damn samba, which should be by the ened of the week. Seemswe had to bactrack, the characters didnt like hwere it was going, but now we are on the right track, and things should progress nicely.

Im looking foward to seeing if this one is picked up, especially because its one story we can stretch out to other Heat Sheets. So we will see.

The Anthology is pretty finished, just some formatting is involved, and then it will be avaiable in print through Lulu. So we will keep you abreast of that situation. Im looking foward to getting it out, and Audra is beside herself with it all.

And i cant waitto get the first cover for Eververse... ML is fantastic, so i ahve aall faith in her....

Back to formatting and the samba.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Eververse SOLD!

Thats right!

We sold the 9 book seires to Forbidden Publications! it was the right decision for the work and Audra and I couldnt be happier. Now its more a question of letting it sink in and absorbing everything. We are going to be so damn busy for the next year with writing, and edits and conventions....

thank god audras wedding is pushed back... lol.

So anyways, with that done, now we can get the anthology set up for the printer... and get it all ready for release. its going to be a couple get to know you stories for the series, and is limited to 150, so get them when they come out. and oh... did i mention the main books, ALL 9, will be in print as well as e book???? god this is such a dream come true for us.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bamboozle and no work done.

Today my hunny and friends are dragging me away from the compy to go to the second day of the bamboozle festival, and i gotta say im not all too thrilled. But its just as well, Audra is going out with her hunny to do something sinister... so i guess we need the day off.

the Samba is going well, slow really but we still got at least a week before i go completely mental and start threatening bodily harm on my sister. So well see how it goes. heh.

I have the feeling somethings that are good are going to happen today, and wouldnt know know it, its when im not going to be glued to the screen all day. Its just as well, its like they say, life happens while your busy making plans. Well shit. I guess thats me in a nutshell. ofcourse it could be because its 730 am and i have been up since 530 getting ready for this clusterfuck of a concert. Im not looking forard to seeing old flames, and i know i will, cuz they are on the bill. So its more me hiding from people then anything. what do you say to your ex that you ahvent seen in ages besides "Wow you got real ugly. what the fuck was i thinking?" Well if anyone knows, let me know, though it wont reach me till tomorrow. Bloody all day festival. At least ill have my celli so i wont be completely diconnected from our reality. heh.

So thats me, heading out the door to Mushies place to pick his sorry ass up. I hope Audra has a better day then i do... lord knows anything is better that 30 thousand screaming wannabe punk and emo kids harshing my mello.

tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bribery and Some comfort

So i can be bribed. There i said it. I CAN BE BRIBED. Bribed by what you ask? Well its not chocolate, and its not trips to exotic places... no its Ugly dolls. thats right i said it. UGLYDOLLS. those wonderful little toys above. thats what i can be bribed with. Ok i know it, im truly insane but toys, especially unique toys are what makes my world go round. So now you know.

On a comfort note, im feeling comfortable with a few things going on recently, and a bit more at ease. Our snakes are in the process of being set up for edits, and the past two weeks we have engaged in conversation with the editorial staff, just idle chit chat while they were online. Its really refreshing that they were intrested in getting to know us before they started editing our work. Now granted i dont know who is going to be our editor, but i can safely say i feel comfortable with all of them and we both feel our "voice" and our writing will be in the best possible hands. The fact that they took the time to get to know us and our work, asking questions and the like and not going in there cold was fantastic.

Im a firm beliver of getting to know the people you work with and this situation is no different. In fact, i think it needs it even more because of the intimacy of the work your doing. I mean this is another persons words thatyou are playing with,its only fair to know the person if your going to play with what they write. I feel really good about the edits comming up now and about our future submissions.

another awsome thing that happened was an editor we have setting up a Yahoo group to keep in touch with the people they edit for. thats freakin service. and it cuts out a lot of emails, as long as the editor stays on top of it, but i know they will. I think more editors should do that, especially if they KNOW there is a possibility of working with the person again. I know we dont know much about the "industry" but if things keep like this, we will stay happy.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Beyond the Vision of Dreams New Cover!!!!!

Isnt it fantastic? We got our cover this morning from our cover artist for Forbidden Publications. Im beside myself. the cover is beyond what i ever though we could have for the snakes first book, and I hope shes going to do the rest of the series too. Im sooo excited, its such a fantastic cover!