Friday, June 29, 2007

new website

Well I have done it. I redid the website and the blog and Myspace will follow soon. And I added a contact form and a chat room, which should be fun.

So now im trying to get my Press kit done, my videos and and my promo for the next 4 books that are coming out in print.

Im a mess, and its going to be a wild weekend. I still have to burn 50 copies of my free story for the signing coming up, and the only thing thats keeping me going is the knowledge that I get to see Transformers on the 3rd. WOO HOO.

Back to work.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

13 hotties Stella and Audra Use

*Stella and Audra's Muses*

1.Ryan Reynolds: Arcady Morrison, Incubus

2. Christian Bale: Cassiel: Conglacio (Ice demon) crown Prince

3. Dominic Purcell: Char : Fire Dragon

4. James Purefoy : Dante Barratt: Ardesco (mid level fire demon) *And I would have the mans bastard childern.*

5. Stephen Dorff: Dimitri: Conglacio prince

6. Colin Farrell: Drake: Conglacio enforcer *and Dear lord this is NOT the picture i wanted to post, but i figured i would keep it PG... Yummy!*

7.Clive Owen: Alec Evans: Psychic Cop

8. Johnny Depp: Fallon Ipwhisk: Escensio (Teleport demon)

9. David Wenham: Karsten Morris: Unicorn

10.Ed Norton: Feyd Nightly: Aspectus (Vision Demon)

11.Chris Evans: Grady Hamilton: Incubus

12. Sean Bean: Leviathan : Conglacio King

13. and last but not least, Goran Visjnic : Nicodemus Marsh: Djinn *Again, not the piccy i wanted to post for his hotness, but its second best, lol.*

So those are some of our Heroes and Muses. A lot of people ask, so there you go.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Work Work Work

Yep Up to my elbows in it. Between covers, writing and trying to deal with life, Im busy as usual. But its a good busy. And Im getting ready for the signings and the events coming up, So thats taking a lot outta me as well. I need to Finishi doing a bunch of promo stuff too and thats always time consuming.

So im just checking in... I dont have time to scratch my ass these days let alone blog her and there... Ill be posting a TT this week though.. LOL, it should be a good time.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Candle!

Isnt it amazing? Well it will look better when lit, theres a blue center, and it will glow through the "Ice" outter layer. The fantastic and wonderful JFay has designed this for us for our soon to be released Silk and Steel. Aud and I are completey insanely excited and im just tickled we now have two candles in the series. LOL now i just have to get the Dragon series candles started and all will be well.

Will i be doing a candle for the Djinn? you bet your arse. Wishbound and Gifts will each have their own 3x8 if im not mistaken, but they will only be out when the print books come out. So youll have to wait. But damn im so excited. she really captured what we wanted YET AGAIN!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New reference books.

yeah so the best thing about my mom working at a highschool is that I get the refrence books the throw in the Discard pile at the end of the year. So what did i get this year? a damn fine haul:
  • a history of suicide
  • A visual encyclopedia of unconventional medicine
  • a visual encyclopedia of insects
  • a dictionary of geology
  • the handbook of astronomical anomalies
what the hell my old highschool was doing with a history of suicide is completely beyond me, but its mine now and i KNOW it will come in handy with research. So its a highlighter and page sticky time.. yay... fun fun fun.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thirteen Places...

*Places I need to visit before I Die.*

1.The Nazca Plateau, Peru
Yeah i wanna see the drawings only visible from the air.
2. The Great Serpent Mound, Ohio
Earthen mounds are a big deal in the US, but this one is the most famous.
3.Ayre's Rock, Australia
Apparently the earth energies coming from that spot is the most acute in the world.
4.The Uffington Horse, Sussex, England
A giant horse carved into the chalky English countryside. Gotta see that.
5.The Bride Stones, England
Again. A giant monolith circle. primitive man was indeed strange
6.The Cave of the Swallows, Mexico
a large chasm kind of cave, it is a thing of beauty and wonder and I would love to see it.
7.Swineside Circle,Northern England
Apparently the legend is the devil used to visit the stone circle nightly, causing the stones to sink into the earth. Gotta see that.
8.Mary Queen's Close, Scotland
the old city that Edinburgh, Scotland is built on. Parts of it are open for tours, but i would LOVE to really explore whats hidden down there.
9.Chanctonbury Ring, England
A man levitated there once in the 70's and there as been odd energy disturbances there for centuries.
10.Boleskin House , Loch Ness, Scotland
Alestair Crowley, The great Beast of the occult, started a demon ritual there back in the day. He never finished it and to this day theres disturbances at the house, which is a bed and breakfast.
11.The Myrtles, Lousiana
One of the Country's oldest haunted homes. I would LOVE to visit.
12.The Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
Gian Ocean liner thats supposedly haunted by several entities. Sign me up!
13.Renne-le-Chateau, France
the Sauniere, the real one, not the Dan Brown fictional character, was a preist in France and when renovating an old church, he found something that caused him to doubt his faith. He put a devil in the entryway with the words "this place is terrible" and sunk quickly into the occult and died mysteriously, unable to recieve confession and his last rites.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Print Cover!

Isnt it beautiful! its the print cover for our first print book with Phaze, a collection of the first two Djinn (Duvall Inc) stories Wishes and Glamour. I have been told it will be print this fall and OMG in so excited!

So be on the lookout for it this fall!

Monday, June 11, 2007

The signing in scranton: the aftermath

We had a blast. Rene and I really need to be separated sometimes. But it was omg fun!

All the ladies that showed up, Kore, Amy(s), I moan, Woo Woo, Renee, Laura, Book whore and everyone else i met. I loved meeting everyone. We sold books, met some fun people and hand a just damn good time.

Im nervous though, Kore is reading Sugar and im SOO nervous shes going to hate it. I'm just hoping everyone that bought the book is going to enjoy it and that we don't disappoint.

AND... the borders wants us to come back too! It was just SO much fun to hangout with B and Jacki and Rene... i cant wait to do it again.

lol Im just glad im not in a lot of pictures... heh

Friday, June 08, 2007

Signing Tomorrow!

Im lucky enough to have some awesome friends, and those friends and I are having a signing at Borders in Scranton PA tomorrow from 2-6. Yep. we have tons of books to sign and goodies to give away! So If your close enough to the area, come and hang out with us at the Borders at the Viewmont Mall... I know you'll have a swinging time!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gifts is in!

Yep. Gifts is finished... and OMG we are SOOOO happy with it! its at 90,270 word and im just so happy its finally done. its a gateway book for the continuation of the series, and the teaser to the Keepers of Twilight Series, which will be out with Siren starting this October. So shall i give you a blurb for Gifts?

The holidays are a time for giving, so when Marsh decides to give Jane a real Christmas, complete with family and friends, he never expected everything to go haywire. Meeting his family is only part of the problem. His parents, the reigning royalty of his race, are going to be a surprise to Jane, but no more so then his station as crown prince, a fact he had kept hidden from her till now.

Throw in a conniving princess that contracts his death, an engagement ring and his quirky and outlandish parents, and Marsh has his hands full, just presenting Jane as his consort.

Two days before Christmas, Trent Duvall, Janey’s Silent partner in the assassin syndicate shows in Austria and informs them of the fact that a special member of the Duvall inner circle has gone AWOL, and its up to Jane and Marsh to help him get him back. With the help of Malcolm Frost and a few choice friends, Trent and Marsh leave Jane in Austria and go to Africa to retrieve their family member, and usurp the position of a murderous and insane Fallen Angel.

And you thought your holidays were stressful.

Yeah It does sound good doesnt it? LOL Im sooo happy its done, and the cover, obviously, was done my lil old me.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Long live the ugly worm!

Yep... Suzette, because she loves me above all else, got me an Ugly worm for my birthday! I new have 5 ugly dolls... and must collect them all! And i think i set off a chain reaction, because poor suzettes kids and Rene's little girl want them now... Sorry parents... but they are a rocking toy. So much better then the teddy bear! its this age's teddy bear! and i have 5 MUAHAHAHAHAH...

The signing went well, a few of us sold books, but it turned into a real networking thing, and Im thinking of setting another one of those up in the future so the lot of us can setup an event of immense proportions! Its good to know who is close to you and in the same industry, I LOVE setting up stuff where people can come and meet the authors, and to hangout with others you know?

So now i have the idea in my head to get a group together for signings and shit, and damn it, as if i have ANY time to do ANYTHING else with my life... LOL. but its good. Networking is good...

So today is hangout with Val day. We are going to the Winery, and to the craft town Sugar Loaf to probably get some soaps from the infamous ROSENERS... heh it is going to prove to be a sound and fun day.


I get to come home and do LOTS of work. LOL. Its never done.