Friday, October 31, 2008

Joyus Samhain to all!

So Audra and I havent done much of anything writing wise this week, and i guess we needed the break. I did design some new jewelry though so im excited. Tonite is movie night, and maybe stopping by a friends place thats having a party. though I wont be dressing up, sad I know.

So nothing else on this end. I have the signing tomorrow, looking forward to that. I hope people show up.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fun at and a contest

So we have all our work at and we have been having a really fun time with it. What is Its a website where you can cast your choices for actors and actresses for characters of your favorite books. I love it, and have been playing with it constantly.

So with all our books on there, we figured we would do a cool contest. Join and cast our books. For ever book cast you have the opportunity to win a free print book of choice, as well as some other fantastic goodies. Its a fun new community, and we know you will enjoy yourself with it. See if your picks match ours! Keep checking back after you do, you may have won your choice of print books from us!

Friday, October 24, 2008

updates and all that jazz.

Audra and I are about 61k into the new book and its full steam ahead. I do really love this book, and the characters are becoming more real to me every day. I think its good to have a world outside the Eververse, so that we can escape when the monotony starts to set in.

I'm ill again, no surprise given the time of year, but I'm doing much better. We have a signing next Saturday, last of the year, in Middletown NY. I'm hopeful we get a much better turnout this time. I still need to send out the Info on myspace and such. *shrug*

And I have stared doing steampunk jewelry. Im opening a Etsy shop soon, once i get enough stuff to add to the shop that is. Still deciding on a name for it though. Any insights will be welcome.

Audra and I are still waiting on submissions... and as usual, we are antsy panty about it. We recently got a rejection that made NO SENSE considering they told us the book WASNT romance, then told us that the book would be much better suited for Category rather then single title. Yeah, oh and we were 1.2k shy of their work cap. Yeah, I know. We are baffled as well. *Sigh* I think I would have appreciated it more if they just said "Snakes scare me and Im comfortable publishing anything having to do with them." *sigh*

So im back to writing. See you guys soon

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A breakthrough

Yes! We hit the 50k mark for this new book last night and today we have been outlining the next part of the book. I'm excited. We still need to go back in and do the bad guy parts, but all in all it wont take that much bulking in the details and descriptions area. That makes me a happy bunny.

So i thought I would drop in for a few and give you guys an update. Still waiting on the submission for the snake novella's and the novel.. but I'm hopeful. The stories are good and you awesome readers keep asking for them... So here's hoping that they get placed soon.

So its back to work for me. I have to get through another 500 words before Audra and I keep going on things together. I'm so excited about this book...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fucked weekend

Needless to say I'm still here at AlbaCON. Not a happy weekend to say the least. Some of the people I have met, were awesome. LOVED them. A lot of the people I met, SUCKED hardcore. Like the asshole that moved us into an unused hallway for the signing time? Yeah, bastards, and they weren't very nice about it either.

So this con is off my list for next year. I wont be coming back and being treated like shit. But the panels were ok, Amusing people on them to say the least. Oh and I was molested by a dragon puppet. Yeah. I know.

On the upswing, I got an octopus stuffed animal, and named him Archibald Witwicki. Yep. I know.

So Im off to walk about Albany, and maybe get some pictures and such. Heres hoping anyway. We have one panel left, at 2pm, and then Im going HOME. Its been a fucked weekend. But... It was an experience.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

The right kinda working...

We have been blowing through this book and learning so much about the characters that its scary. Audra and I haven't been this excited about writing a book in ages, and I'm seriously excited that its going so well.

We should probably hit between 45-50k by the end of the week. I'm saying that pretty damn good for a week's worth of intensive soul searching in a new book. Now we have to decide names and Im slowly outlining the next three books in the 6 book series. The guys are... well they are stunning really.

And tomorrow I'm getting ready to leave for the convention, I don't know how insane its going to be to leave the Inferi world but I have to for the good of our career LOL. So its back to work today. Wish us luck.


Monday, October 06, 2008

I love working on books

yes, Audra and I have been pretty prolific these past few days. We are eagerly working on a book that's blossoming so well, but we will have to go back through and ass a lot of discription and emotion. I'm really excited its going to well though.

This past weekend was Collingswood, the book festival. We did pretty darn good, and had a damn good time. Sold some books, met some awesome people, and gave away a bunch of books to a few libraries. It was a damn fine thing to say the least.

So this week is a lot more writing. Audra and I are hoping to cap another 20k by friday. If we do, we will be in pretty good shape for a first draft of this book. By November 1st im looking to have this first draft done and we are rolling into bulking it up, and edits. Not a hard thing considering how hard we are hitting this one.

This weekend Im going to be in Albany for the AlbaCON convention. Im going to be on several panels including Sex in Fantasy, Urban Fantasy 101 and my personal favorite, BRittish SFF shows and why america is in love with them. WOOO. So excited. Im also on a New Author Mentoring panel, and I have a signing on Saturday at noon. It should be a lot of fun, but damn if i dont need to actually go shopping for clothes that dont scream "punk rock." No im not changing my appearance, Im just toning it down a notch, gotta be professional you know. LOL.

After this weekend we have one more signing, Nov. 1st, and then I am done till January. Though to be honest Come Nov. 5th Ill be back to setting up the signings for the next year all over again. Damn vicious cycle.

On the upswing, Im doing new hobbies. Im making steampunk jewelry. Joe's dad is a big watch colector , and hes got tons of old broken moving parts and cogs and the like. I figured it should be pretty good to have a ready supply of parts so why not use them. So be on the lookout for my new jewelry... Im still thinking of if i should create a company around it.

So thats it from our end. Im off to write some more, and get some mail ready to go to the post office. its going to be a wild week ahead. Oh and October 10th... Ill be blogging at AAD and giving away some goodies... stop by.

Friday, October 03, 2008

We are up for an award!

So The Soft Edge of Midnight is up for a N.O.R award! Wooo! We didnt even know, thanks Selena!

So if you could, please pop by and cast your vote for us, this is a totally amazing thing for us as we didnt even know we were up for it! So please pop by HERE and vote for us in the first poll, we are towards the bottom!

Thursday, October 02, 2008


We finished London for the Holidays. It was a long hard road but its done and we couldn't be happier with it. So its off to the editor and hopefully you guys will see it in early december.

Now for some ok news. Audra and I have decide to put the Eververse on hold for a few months. We need to step back from the characters and let them relax a bit, so we can find the love of them again. That said, we arent stopping writing, but we are working on another series in another universe. its set here and now, and is a new urban fantasy. Im hoping to have the first book finished by christmas, so that we can sub out for agents in late january.

We will be getting back to the Eververse after the first in this series is written, so YES, you will have Masquerade by RT and Leather and Moonshine by fall. The dragons, Well Spiria's book might have to wait another year... Botany is damn hard to research.

We have other work we have to work on and will between slow parts of this new book, but im seriously excited about this and Im praying that we do this one justice. its a big idea, and a lot to talk on, starting a full new world that has nothing to do with the Eververse, but I think we are up to the task. Wish us luck.