Thursday, August 28, 2008

I swear im the worst blogger ever.

Well I know I have some interesting things to say but honestly i don't have the energy to get all wild about the indignities and injustices that have been coming to light recently. I will one of these days, but not today. I just dont have the time or the inclination.

Why? Because I start our fall signing tour this weekend. Farmington CT is the first stop, then every weekend till the middle of October i have something. Im excited to be getting back out there and seeing readers and meeting new ones, I have hope this will be the best tour we have so far.

So its all packing and making sure i have everything I need. I still need to finish cutting out promo to bring but luckly i have tonite to do that. It never ends, the planning and the packing. Im just hoping that the amount of stuff im doing does pay off.

And this time through, I have two cons! ConTEXT in Ohio in September, and AlbaCON in Albany in October where Ill be on a bunch of panels! Wooo I cant wait! FINALLY! and this is going to do well for my Con resume, so that I can get on other panels as I go. I really cant wait for that. oh and Bianca and I are throwing a party there as well. HEH.

So wish me luck for this tour, I plan on having a freaking rad time.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I should blog more often

But really I'm a hellishly boring person. Nothing noteworthy has been going on with us. Still toiling away at writing, and I'm still designing and getting promo stuff cut out and ordered. I have a lot of signings coming up so i need to swag.

I do have one thing I'm super excited to talk bout, but I cant yet. and no, its not a contract or an agent. But its still wicked awesome and once I can talk about it, I know you are all going to be into it. Soon, I promise.

I do have some cool ideas that are panning out by way of promotional items. Im looking forward to getting it out there to see what the fans and the readers think.

Ooh. I do have something cool going on. this Thursday on my radio show i have SciFi Day! Its with Linnea Sinclair and Bianca D'Arc, so it should be a lot of fun. Check out the info HERE

Ok so I guess Im going to pop out and do some writing. I need to get something done this weekend. *sigh*