Friday, November 28, 2008

Letter to the ARe Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good girl this year. What do I want for the holidays? An iPhone/iTouch so that I can use Stanza to read all the romance I need from all the publishers I love that I buy at All Romance eBooks. You see, Santa, I deserve the iPhone/iTouch because...

I I really need to join the 21st century. My cell phone is horrible, and I drop calls, and the phone calls places like South America... and last week it was HONG KONG. I know no one there. See, I should be doing something like this for my mum, or my boyfriend, or grandpa... but really I want it for me. I never ask for anything expensive like this, because money every year is tight and I cant justify spending the kinda money they cost when the cost of living is so high. Im usually a sock and pajama kinda girl. When you have the choice of paying a bill or buying something that you would like to have, the need outweights the want, especially if you dont wanna freeze or read by candlelight. It would be cool to have something current, especially when I normally get something a year after, if not later.

I would like to be more green, and this is a great way to be green, and help to get the E book word out there... When Im at the bookstore and see someone and we talk e books, it would be great to be able to show them (and show off ARE, lol) and get more people into e books, helping to keep the world green.

Thanks Santa, Please pick me!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We Sold!

So we have sold three books to Total E bound! The Knossos West Weresnakes novella series is going to be back in the published mainstream come next year, and whats more, it will have a third story featuring the nest country club kid, Andy Derelle.

So Audra and I are super excited about this, TEB is fantastic, our editor is the COOLEST, and we have a great opportunity with TEB. I cant wait to become part of their family! I'm looking forward to getting the covers, and seeing the books out again. So those of you who are looking for the Snakes, soon guys... soon!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Im baking up a storm while Audra and I are outlining the third snake book. Its going to be awesome I think, and you will get to see a different side of snake life... a more regimented and austere kinda society. Book three doesnt take place at Knossos West, but in the wilds of the Mojave Desert... Are you intrigued yet? LOL I thought you would be!

Back to it all. Have a great thanksgiving everyone, And enjoy the food and family! Oh and dont get too drunk!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Awesome promotion!

So in my hunny's infinite wisdom, he thought up a cool little promotion.

From today to December 20th, Anyone who orders will get a holiday card with a dollar denomination in it for money off for 2009! 5, 10, 15 and 20$ cards have already been written out, though its all random who gets what! Take a chance! pop over and see what we got and surprise someone with a one of a kind gifty!

Stella by Starlight

Friday, November 21, 2008

MY letter to the ARe santa...

Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy or girl this year. What do I want for the holidays? An iPhone or iTouch so that I can use Stanza to read all the romance I need from all the publishers I love that I buy at All Romance eBooks. You see, Santa, I deserve the iPhone or iTouch because...

I really want one. I don't make anywhere near the kinda bank it takes to buy one, and Should probably enter the technological mainstream. Hell I'm still using a craptastic phone that unlocks on its own, calls places like Argentina and Japan without my knowledge, and runs up my bills. Honestly who do i know in South America? NO ONE. Also, As I have recently started reading E books, It would help in that as well. I only buy my e books off ARe and now that ARe is on Stanza... it would make it one hell of a merry christmas this year.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We were interviewed!

Audra and I were interviewed on Women On Writing about our collaborative efforts... Come see

It looks like a magazine page. Im tickled!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Marsh has taken over.

Well the new book is on hold right now. Marsh showed back up and is demanding that the short we are adding for the print book of London for the Holidays (out this December in E book) needs to be finished so he can go on "vacation". I didn't think fictional characters went on vacation (Well mine don't, they all kinda hangout while I'm not writing them drinking up all my tea and eating all the good snacks) so this is news to me. Hopefully Audra and I will get this done and done by wed as Syrus is seriously pissed off and wants to get to his rooftop nookie.

We are still waiting on the snake submission for the novella's. Im so keyed up about it I'm almost to the point of paranoia. With everything going on so crappy this year, I feel like we need a win somewhere. I was hoping this was going to be it, and we would have the Novella's back on our release list with a damn good publisher to annouce this year, but it doesnt look like thats going to happen at this point.

2008 has been a wasted year for writing for us. With the wedding, and now Audra geting back in the swing so slowly... Im frustrated and trying to figure out ways to get shit back on track. Its not that easy. I still have hopes though, that the remainder of the year will turn around.

Dont forget, we are taking part in the Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt with some of the best names in E book! (Why we are involved is anyones guess) and you can check it out HERE. Lots of great prizes, enter and win!

Im back to working on Marsh before Audra gets on. Hopefully I'll bang out another 500 words.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jewelry, Squirrles and Submissions...

Lots going on this week. Mostly to keep my mind off the submissions we still have pending. Im a wreck because of it, so I have been trying to channel my energies into other pursuits. Jewelry has become one of them, and so has writing, obviously. I finished a solo short, and its going into the editor this weekend, after i give it the once over, and Audra and I are slowly adding to the new book but at least its getting done.
Im hopeful we will get this finished to send to our beta for Christmas holidays, as I want this ready to go for RT so I can pitch. I dont think its a hard thing to do. Im scared, because I have never pitched before, but I think it will be good for me, though im going to have to work on said pitch with our Beta. Thank god shes more grounded then me, shes already helped me greatly on that end.
In personal news, Audra's sugar gliders are pregnant. Shes eager to see the babies, but is freaked out by all the singing the female does to the pouch, and all the barking the male (batfink) does when people go near the cage. Squirrles are not suppoed to bark. Period. So this holiday should be an interesting one for her to say the least.
Me? Well nothing good to report, nothing bad either. Im hoping we will have contract news soon but I'm honestly not holding my breath. But, with the jewelry, I have started a Etsy store, and Im so excited. Im designing steampunk jewelry, and accessories, and Im working into a few other things. Looking forward to opening on the 15th. If you are reading this, and stop by Stella by Starlight, and find something you JUST have to have, convo me on etsy, and I will cut out the shipping, and you will have it in your grubby mitts before christmas. Everything comes giftboxed and with a special Stella by Starlight tag.
Well thats me. Im off to get some writing done before the supplies for the rest of the jewelry come. Audra and I are averaging between 2-8k a day. Im saying it a good thing.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Romance and Chocolate Event next Feb.

Feb 7th 2009 at the Farmington CT Borders 13 authors will be on hand for a fun and romantic event called the Romance and chocolate event. Authors of different kinds of romance will be on hand selling and signing books, and attendees will be treated to refreshments, snacks, goodies and lots of free stuff and will also have the opportunity to win one of 6 romance inspired gift baskets. What authors? Lemme tell you:

Stella Price
Tilly Greene
Jessica Andersen
Cat Johnson
Allie Boniface
Isabelle Santiago
Toni Andrews
Marie Force
Kristan Higgins
Denise Egan
Emily Bryan
Kathryn Smith
Annette Blair

Hope to see you there!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Work is never done

Yep. It seems it keeps piling up. But I keep putting stuff off to write. I feel thats the true face of an author, the fact that everything else can sit and scratch when the muse is upon you. I have missed our muse for a while now, but we are so involved in this new series, and these new books that everything is falling into place.

Though we are still waiting on submissions, and I admit I truly hate waiting. Im anxious to get these books placed you know? Though i know things are hard all over, so I shall try to be patient, and hope for the best.

I'm working on some new jewelry and Happy about how its turning out. If you wanna see, check out my store Stella By Starlight on Ooh and if you mention this blog post you'll get free shipping. Just convo me before you buy the piece so I can relist the piece. All pieces come gift boxed, with a holigram box, ribbon and a Stella by Starlight tag. And maybe some cool goodies as well.. Heh

So Im very excited about our new president as well. Audra and I had been chatting about me moving to Scotland if McCain won... So I guess it all worked out, LOL.

Back to writing. We are kicking major ass with this one. Im looking forward to finishing it though, because we have 5 more books in the same world brewing and percolating. LOL.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Art of the cover info

Art of the Cover is a new cover artist resource for both Artists and publishers to find new artists to work with, as well as artists help each other with publisher issues, payments, non payments, and information on relationships with publishers.

Also, the forums section they are going to be offering classes and contests so that you can grow as an artists and make your portfolio grow as well.

I'm going to be running a class in January I think, that's if they accept it. Apparently there is a group of professionals that decided by a criteria if you are a registered professional, but i think we should all get an account there and work with them to make our jobs easier.