Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Work Resumes

We are at about 58k with book two for the eververse series, and i think its going to end up at about 62k, which is more then ok with me. Im just hoping to get it finished soon. We might make our July 21st deadline still.

Marsh and Janey still needs another pass through, but its around 37k right know which is great, we are thinking it will wed up in the 40's and that is satisfactory as well.

With all the preparation for RWA, my bedroom is promo central. Its insane, but hopefully it will all pay off. For those of you going to RWA, find me, ill have tons of goodies to give out, not just from us but from some other authors as well. im really turning into the promo queen.

and i think the edits that were sent to us from MGP are now done, which is one less thing i have to worry about. yay. Well im back to finishing bookmarks...


Saturday, June 24, 2006

A weekend Fucked

First off...

I went to the mall on friday with Joe, Yosh and yosh's new playmate. Shes ok. no biggie. So we were walking through the mall, and im not dressed my best, a pair of capris, black tanks, studded belt, sneakers, and scarf around my unruly hair. so what happens? We walk past a model search and two of the plastic queens stop me. they are all like. "WOW you have such an edgy look, and i bet with a little make up and some extentions you could be really hot."

Now, i dont know who taught them that sales pitch, but its seriously lacking. I used to be a model, and could still be if i enjoyed getting up as the ass crack of dawn to smile pretty for the camera and live a vapid existance. I mean that was the most underhanded doublesided cut i have ever heard. Um newsflash... not to toot my own horm here but im 27 and dont look it. When im in my 30's ill look in my 20's and they cant say the same with the pound of make up they have on thats killing their skin.

Well needless to say i detached the model leeches and told them to get bend. Compliment my ass..

So to cheer me up Joe let me shop.... on him. so i have some cute stuff im thinking of saving till august to wear for th signing. Yum, i am very cute i swear.

So on to saturday. I spent almost all day with joes family at a grad party and didnt drink a thing. See hes not 21 yet (i know im a cradle robber but if you look as young as i do youd get away with it too... and relax, hell be 21 in two weeks) So i dont drink around them, heaven forbid i look like a bad influence... right like the tattoos and the piercing and writing smutt for a living isnt adding to the bad influence image.

So i got my ass chewed up outside by Skeeters and not get drunk. not to mention i was informed if i brought senior lappy with me i would get it tossed in the river. Le sigh. so i ate and brough a notebook, and tried my damnedest to get along with them. I guess its going ok, but i have to go there for a BBQ tomorrow.

Oh and did i mention i ahve gotten NOTHING done writing wise in two days, soon to be three?yeah marsh is talking about having my beating heart on a plate, and right now i dont blame him. Not to mention i have the Blessings edits i need to get through....

ugh. this weekend blows ass.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

first pass done


we got the first pass of marsh and janesy book two finished. Now comes the bulking. Its ar 37k and im hoping for 42-45k when we are done. Its sa lot of bulking i know, but it does need it. Im looking foward to getting this one done and sent to phaze, though it dosent have a name yet and i need something snappy.

We are supposed to know this week about who won the sambas. Im not sure if we will make it, But at least i know we have somewhere to send it should we not get it. So im not worried, but im really hoping we get it. i love Phaze and they really rock, but on the other hand, the sotry for the samba can easily be turned into a full series... and that might be good elsewhere.

So tomorrow is working on edits for MGP, starting the bulking on book 2 for marsh and janey, and hopefully gettng some promo done.

Im beat.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First Review for Bargain by Starlight

Well the readers, or at least a reviewer, has spoken. Our first review for a story a some of people didnt think would review well got 4 wands at Enchated Ramblings! See i was really worried in the begining, when we were told that odds are the story wouldnt review well. Well i think the reading world is ready for our brand of storytelling, and i think at least half of our reviews will reflect that. So what that we dont write fluffy! We write real! and i think readers are ready for that.

so heres an excerpt of the review...

Written in a direct, uncompromising style, this story grabbed me from the first page despite its harsh subject matter. The Price sisters have done a great job on Alli's character, making her tough but never mawkish. I wish this had been longer for more plot development, as I felt that the ending was a little rushed, but overall I enjoyed this story and look forwards to reading the further adventures of Dimitri and Snow in the Eververse Demons series.

You can read the full review here.

Go Stella! its your birthday! Go Audra! its your birthday! Yeah... the demons are whats going to make the world fall, im saying it now. Cash was right... hehe...

So you can buy Bargain by Starlight here....

And i hope you do. Work like ours is a lot different then what your used too, so give it a chance...


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Wishes Review!

Heres our review from Sensual Reads

Nicodemus “Nick” Marsh is a powerful Djinn who is sent to break the
one woman who controls the demon assassins. It should be easy enough.
With his magic, charm, and looks, he had brought many of ladies to
their knees. But what he found in his newest assignment was more than
he had hoped for.

Janey Duvall is a human woman that stands her ground. Refusing the
demon prince was more for the thrill of being able to do so. What
could he do to her? She was dying anyway. When Nick appears in her
life, offering her three wishes in return for one hundred years of
sexual slavery, her first two were easy enough. But with each touch,
she comes to realize she wants something more.

Nick is falling for the human, and finds himself holding his breath,
waiting for her last wish. When it comes, it is more than he himself
could have hoped for.

“Wishes” is a fast paced, heated love affair that will leave you
breathless. The heat between these two is scorching. Not only for what
they bring out in one another, but what they bring too one another. If
you like a hot read that will have you cranking up the air, look no
more. “Wishes” is hot, entertaining, and one hell of a fantasy ride.
Kudos to Stella and Audra. I enjoyed this short story immensely.

Reviewed By Shay

Pretty damn fine if you ask me!

Monday, June 19, 2006

busy busy busy!

Well we have gotten some more work done on Marsh and Janey's book two, a project we have still yet to title. Its going well and is right now around 32k. We are hoping that with bulking and the rest of the story its going to be 45-50k. at least thats the plan.

And we have set our Summer goals as of today. Im hoping we hit them, the main once being we finish the dragons and submit them to EC. heres hoping.

And we have our edits in and done for Beyond the Vision of Dreams, and the release is next friday, June 30th. thats going to be a good release party, YAY for WERESNAKES!


Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Such a sexy cover for our first Mardi Gras release... Audra and i are just tickled. Im really looking foward to working with them more... they are just great to work with and we are so happy to be part of the family.

So today we got 1300 words added to Marsh and Janey. Mal and Miranda, our supporting characters, have finished their naughty scene, and ill tell you, for a vamp Mal is fantastically sexy. Tomorrow its back to Marsh and Janey and their next little adventure in the book, a auction... heheh...

And it seems Dimitri and Remy now have Myspaces. Dimitri's short story comes out on friday and we are looking foward to having yet another release out. and we are going to be playing around at Bianca D'Arc's cyber party with excerpts and other goodies. So it should be fun.

time for night night. Long day ahead tomorrow.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Opening Day!

So i just looked on the MGP site and we are opening day authors!!! i cant believe it! this is so cool. we are the first release for the French Quater Romance line too! Woot Woot! So we spoke with our cover aritst yesterday and shes got some great ideas, and well be seeing it soon i think, so as soon as we do, well be posting here.

And talking with the bosslady today, we got some stuff looked at, and gave her some ideas. MGP are going to be with us at the All Souls Faire this october... damn if im not excited for that. Things are working out well, and im just findng it refreshing that we are working with companies that dont fall on pretenses. these ladies are real, and very commited, and dont play any favorites, which rocks. I love knowing we are part of these companies, and that they belive in our work. its so awsome!


Friday, June 09, 2006

Today is an odd day

So its Johnny Depp's Birthday. Woo hoo. The hottie is 43 and damn if that dosent bother me one bit. Im not one for the older guy but i do have a list...
Johnny Depp
James Purefoy
Sean Bean
Gerard Butler
Colin Farell (ok so hes only 3 years older then me... but that still counts!)

Yeah i know i got issues... but damn if they arent yummy and museworthy. Yummy Yummy... i love me somma that.

So back to real life... We have been stalled the last few days due to mAudra scrambling to get some work done on her college crap. Im just glad we are almost done with it. that means lots of work this summer.. and it also means my goal i set is attainable. that is good news on this end.that makes me happy.

So for the next few days its getting new stories prepped to go and hopefully our edits for the Snakes. im itching to get to the main series...


Monday, June 05, 2006

We got our Photographer!!!!

So we got the photographer we wanted to do our pictures for our webby and our author head shots, David Apuzzo. Hes an extremely talented and a good friend that got to squeeze us in, so when Audra is here, we are going to drive to CT and have a shoot and hangout with a friend and his lady. Im so excited!!! David is the only [person thats ever taken pictures of me and made me look halfway decent... So i guess i better have some primo hair going on.... and some new clothes.

*grin* ooh its all good. We ordered buttons for RWA that say "I do it demonstyle" and the conglacio concubine graphic. Well see how many we give away at RWA. Seeing people wearing them is going to be a trip. hehe. And these pictures are going to be so great!!! Im so excited! Aud and i are going to have such a great time!

Excited. and WHAT WHAT!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday better be better then saturday. It rained, and i got wet a lot, and Audra wasnt about and we got no work done. Poo. where we are with the Djinn, its her turn (and i notice it tends to leave off like that a lot) so im stuck you see, and i cant write much else. Maybe after i get back from work this morning ill be greeted by some goodies, and my sister staring back at me ready to work. Well that would be good. Otherwise its all about graphics again today, and maybe getting those damn bookmarks finished. Either way, its really not such a bad thing. I do have to make a new Bookmark design though. Le sigh.

I did find yesterday a place to get the mini buttons done for RWA. for 30$ i can split an order, get 50 of two different designs. So well have two Eververse style pins at RWA and for give aways i think. these wont be in the goodie bags, they will have to be asked for. hehe. im looking forward to this more and more each day.

And we have a go from FP for our Promo plan for the Eververse series, so that is a big plus as well. Honestly, it just feel great being able to talk to your publisher in such a freindly way. I dont feel like its all business even though it is. it really feels like a family at FP and i think the new authors there are lucky.

So the Samba is slatted to end tonite. I KNOW they got some fantastic entries for this one and heres hoping ours is one of the ones being picked. We will find out in two weeks. Ah yet another waiting game. heh..

So im off to work in a few... Just wanted to pop in and give you this purely sexy picture of Fallon... Damn i swear, the man just flat out does it for me. PURRRRRRR.
If that picture dosent scream "I AM FALLON" i dont know what one does. good lord. thats the epitome of Fal right there. ok im sweating, and drooling... I gotta go...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

progress is my favorite word

Yesterday we sent out a submission to the new pubby Mardigras Publishing. We will shee how we do. I think its a pretty good story, so either way someone will take it.

And we got a little over 7500 on Marsh and Janey. its not too bad, considering it is just barebones of the story. its going to need bulking and another run through later on to really give the reader a feel of what has happened since Wishes but i think it will be ok. Im looking foward to finishing it. And Marsh is not going to let us start anything else until its done. Im happy he let us finish the submission.

So today after work is Marsh and Janey day. lots of work hopefully... and i got my PSP X back working on the lappy, so im looking forward to making some new graphics for pins and tshirts at Cafe press. heh. lots of fun.

two weeks. Two weeks till Bargain by starlight comes out, but more importantly, two weeks till i get to see NINE INCH NAILS again. hell yeah. great way to start the summer... and the list of WIP we have is fantastic. we are going to be writing all summer and i cant wait.

and if you cant guess... i traded Fallon out for Drake today. i just felt the sick fuck needed a cameo. enjoy.

Friday, June 02, 2006


well to be honest thursday sucked royal and for only a few reasons. I'll be honest i didnt expect much outta yesterday, and i have a headache still from trying to figure out why my COREL pspX wont download to my compy.Little did i know i just had to enter my purchase code in my trial version. Wish they would ahve told me that. *Sigh* and we didnt ger anything done work wise yeaterday, poor Audra's eyes were killin her. that wasnt any fun. And i sent out 14 packages to fans and contest winners. yeah i know, but i am a promo whore. its good to get pressies in the mail though. So why am i posting at 5:33 am? cuz my ass has to be at work at 6. not fun and not fair. Im hoping today will be a more fruitful endeavor then yesterday, one with more positive results. and i think we might have found who we are sending the Ifrit story too... so fingers crossed there. Time to head out. Enjoy Fallon. Ill be back later.