Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dont Forget...

A man of legend, a Fallen Angel and the devil. its tedious when everyone wants you... and your the Last unicorn on earth...

After a horrible ordeal and lengthy captivity, Illori Swain is resigned to
wither her life away in loneliness. Then she meets Karsten Morris,
a male unicorn she has been searching for, the other half of her

A man of worth and a stallion of breeding, Karsten Morris sees Illori
as his salvation, the love he’s searched for all his life. The luck and
light that rule their existence finally bring them together, but
everything worthwhile is tested, and fate isn’t against making the good

After escaping her captivity, free from the bonds of hell that held
her, Illori is now hunted by two of Hell’s minions.

One, Sammael, a fallen angel with one foot in Heaven, is set on the
scent by Lucifer himself. The other, Nybras, is a devil vying for
Sammael’s job. Nybras will stop at nothing to get what he thinks he

When the devil cheats to gain his prize, Sammael must join forces with Karsten to
save the mare Illori to make sure the balance of the verses are not compromised.

Winner of Love Romances Cafe's Reviewers Choice award, the RITES award for best urban fantasy/dark fantasy and nominee for Best Urban Fantasy and Over all Fantasy at the FANTASM AWARDS and Nominee at for several awards Ecata Sensual including Favorite Erotic Romance of 2007!


And coming to Print for all your book collectors very soon!
See what you have been missing today!
5 klovers from Kwips and Kritiques
Recommended read from Rites of Romance
4.5 stars from Ecata Sensual

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We need your VOTES!

Hey Everyone! We could REALLY use your votes at Sensual Ecata... So please take a minute and pop over and vote for us, it would mean the world. Cata is our favorite online community and we are really excited to be nominated, but WINNING is something we would love!


Stella and Audra

Monday, January 21, 2008

Awards all around

We just got some FABULOUS news!

The Soft Edge of Midnight won the Reviewers Choice award at Love Romances Cafe! Aud and I are beside ourselves with happiness, we were up against some stiff competition and heavy hitters so this is really an awesome award to win! thank you to those who nominated us and who voted for us! you guys mean the world to us!

And we just found out that WISHBOUND placed in the TOP TEN at the P&E poll! it placed #3 on the Artwork poll and #8 on the book art poll! Thanks Again to everyone who voted for us! it rocked to place!

And... We have another book out for print preorder! our Short story LADY LUCK is now available in print in the Fantasies 2 anthology! Heres a Blurb:
Behind every great man, there’s a woman. Men
that sit in seats of inscrutable power often have the women in their
lives to thank for the privilege, and these women are a force unto
themselves. As Jenai, a race of Female Genies, these women bring luck
and good fortune to the men in their lives. Once such Woman is Nina
Skye, a stripper. When she meets Jake, a sexy down on his luck grifter
and Opacus,a bargained shadow demon, the attractions fly. Jake is
beyond attracted to the sexy stripper, the exact woman he had been
going to see dance for a month straight. Little does he know this woman
is about to make all his wishes come true. She agrees to help him seek
his fortune. The Venue? The pit floor at the MGM grand. The game? the
international poker championship.

OOH and if you preorder a copy and send us the receipt at Stella@stellaandaudra.com Youll be entered to win a amazing pair of One of a Kind earrings, created JUST for the book in amber and Malachite and Silver!

Arent they Pretty? LOL. So Be sure to enter to win these awesome earrings!

Last but not least, We are nominated for several things at the Ecata Sensual awards this year and could really use your votes! Please pup by and vote for us! we would love you forever! thanks again!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

make the rules... then break um all cuz you are the best.

well Aud and I hit 40k this week with Masquerade. We had to revamp the 20 k we had, and chucked over 15k so it was a major overhaul. I'm happy t say though that it worked out for the better and the minuscule story lines are aren't going to be pursuing or that cropped up in the telling before the books got published have been cut and its better for it. So I'm hoping for another 40k this coming week... if we can do that then it will work out wonderfully. We need the book to be finished cuz the queue is piling up... Moongardens, Leather and Moonshine, A Bitter Kiss of Chaos, London for the Holidays, Tithe.... The list goes on and on. Needless to say we are up to the challenge.
I need sleep though, and i plan to get it now. Night.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to work.

In the past three days respectfully, Audra and I have put a nice dent in getting Masquerade finished. It getting back to our lunatic writing regime, and that means up till about 3am NY time and sleeping a bit later in order to work with that kinda time frame. I don't mind though, the later we are up the more creative we actually get.
So Oscar and Ri are going to be out in either June or July if this works out. I'm not sure about Frost and Flame, probably out for Feb 15th like we planned. This is all good and I LOVE getting work done.
And this weekend is the first EVER author party! Needless to say I'm excited about it. With the girls coming to hangout, and some new readers my mom knows, i think we are going to have a fabulous time, but more on that once the party is over and i can report fully.
Audra's wedding plans are all but made, and now its a 6 month count down for it. Im really excited for her, and for going to Scotland, especially because Aud and I are going to do some hands on research for three of the books we are writing. I need some pictures and some personal experience so this is going to be a lot of fun, and a working vacation.
Ok well Im back to writing, Oscar wont let me rest long, and I love when we work like this, so its not all bad.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Sexy Sexy Sexy!

OK was it any wonder that Clive Owen is like one of the hottest men alive? Not to me, but it was just reaffirmed with the movie Shoot Em Up. OMG. As if he could get hotter, but you know what? He does... I mean hes sexy, hes brittish and hes apparently got it all going on... and did i mention hes got a killer arse? Yep i shit you not. SO sexy.
So hes on my List... TOTALLY... And just so you guys know, hes our muse for our soon to be introduced psychic cop, Alec Evans, or Evans for short. A new resident of the Eververse and Shadow Heights, hes going to give Spinner a run for her money... Sexy, yummy and caustic, i think C.O. is the best representation we could ever find for him...

Ooey Gooey Yummy, Clive, your a top 5.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

So this year has been the oddest of all my 28 years.Why? Because I got stuck spending new years with the In laws. Yep. Now normally this isnt really a problem, it was the subject of the evening that has possibly put me in therapy.
Anyone ever see that ben stiller movie The Heartbreak Kid? you know the one with the Wild sex scenes, the clit piercing and nasty hairy muff, Jerry Stiller calling people pussy cocks left and right, and the donkey Show... that one? Yeah well guess who got stuck watching it with there future Mother and father in law? Yep. you guessed it. Moi. And this normally wouldnt be the biggest scaring situation of 07/08 but Joe's parents are not normal. they are rather uptight.. si this was really uncomfortable.
To top it all off, I was SOBER through it all, and STILL AM. nope, no partying for me this year... this year it was gathering fodder for my therapist.. the one that I have resolved to visit after this episode.
I hope Aud has a better new years, but word had it Neil was banned from their neighborhood pub for a brawl. Lord only knows whats going on with her. Ill have to wait and see. But seeing a Donkey Show with my future mother in law? NOT COOL.

So i hope you ALL had a great new years, and drank a couple with me in mind. I'm hoping that 2008 is fruitful for all my friends and us, cuz with all our hard work, we deserve it. So heres to fabulous contracts, fulfilled dreams, amazing sales and good good things the full year for everyone! Happy New Year!