Sunday, December 31, 2006

Glamour is Live!

Thats right... end your year... or start your new year.. RIGHT! Bring home a Djinn for your naughty Pleasure!

Book 2 of the Djinn/ Duvall series
By Stella and Audra Price
Published by Phaze
Out Dec. 31st 2006

Janey Duvall, newly bound consort to the Djinn Marsh, is having a few minor problems with the delivery of a contract, namely, the assassin is refusing to finish the job. There’s no reason why the Mark should still be alive, not with one of her best on the job. Knowing this is not normal behavior, she decides that going to Beijing, the city the hit is supposed to take place, is the best course of action. Convincing her consort however might prove to be a tad more tedious then she first anticipated.

Marsh is intrigued by the idea, having a few of his own that involve Janey, a corset and an auction, and agrees to go, even calling in his marker from his most recent job of taming the fiery woman that became his consort to help with the investigation.

After hearing of the situation from Marsh, Sean Taylor, exiled prince and the demon solely responsible for getting the Djinn and the assassin together, sends in Malcom Frost, his second in command, to help or hinder the investigation, whichever is more profitable.

The Second book in the Djinn/Duvall series, Glamour uses wild Locales and even wilder situations to get one very important thing across… Love doesn’t always have to be sweet.


There are a lot of lewd overtones to keep the sexual tension throughout the book. The story is well-written and satisfactory in its pacing. All in all, it’s a different and interesting narrative.
4 stars,Ginny Kon, JERR

The Price sisters once again prove that a good story does not have to have all “good” people in them in order to be enjoyed. Their stories give our inner badness a temporary fix so that for once we can rejoice because the “bad” guys took no names yet kicked serious butt!
Recommended Read, Suzette, RoRR Reviews

Stella and Audra Price here again demonstrate their ineffable talent for twisting disparate elements of the paranormal into all-new shapes and then creating a fascinating new bouquet with them. If the Djinn vs. vampire vs. assassin consort vs. Royal demon vs. suspenseful plot doesn't catch you {as it surely will}, then the erotic romance between Djinn Marsh and the lovely but willful assassin leader Janey, whose dying wish made her his consort, will enflame you and keep you reading into the night. Glamour is another top-notch entry from the prolific pens of Stella and Audra Price, which will keep any reader racing back for more.
5 lips, Frost, Two Lips Reviews


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tagged: Five things about Me...

So ms. Bianca D'Arc has tagged me for thid fun little 5 things about me... So here it goes:

1. I spent 5 years in the Music Industry as a tour manager. Make no mistake people, i wasnt a Groupie, i actually worked for a living, and one of my duties was actually GETTING groupies to the bands.. well atleast all mine with of legal age.

2. I went to college for Industrial Design, but had a double major in Special Effects and English, minor in Puppetry. I wanted to work for Henson's creature shop.

3. I have a insane memory for useless knowledge. I know just about all there is to know from Time life books, Starwars, LOTR and can quote obscure movie quotes.

4. Im from a very musical family. My grandpa is some big deal singer in the Latin community, the voice of big latin bands like the Joe Cuba Band, the Tito Puente Band (50-56) and others. Hes been showcased in about 4 books and was recently honored at MSG.

5. I won tix to woodstock 94 on a radio station here in NY. I was 16...

OK so im pretty boring... but Im sure Skylar Sinclair and Jacquelyn Frank will be more intresting....

Monday, December 18, 2006

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New Review for Sugar and Sin

Sheryl from E-Cata reviews Gave Sugar and Sin 4.5 stars! heres what she had to say:

As authors Stella and Audra Price have written a fabulous beginning to their Eververse series. Their characters tempt, tease and enthrall, and if that doesn’t work they’ll just kidnap you and take you along for the ride anyway. I can’t wait for to read what else will happen in the rest of this series because you know it will only get better and better.

You can read the rest of her extremely fantastic review HERE

Audra and I are so excited that she actually got our book! Such a great and insiteful review! its just wonderful!


Even with Audra's computers going to shit we have managed to still put another 4k on Gifts. Im attribiuting it to Marsh and Janeys Stubbornness, When they start a book, they need to finish it. Its one of their finer quailties. So thats a good thing.

We also subbed out a partial recently, im sitting here fingers crossed that we get it, as well as another sub we have out. Always subbing is us.

On the homefront, my hunny just bought a new car. Its the Honda Fit and he got it in white. Im sooo Excited cuz it means i can drive a new car. tee hee... heh and apparently a lamacan fit in the thing. messed up right?

So happy christmas to him. lol.

We have one more day of holiday shopping coming. and then we are DONE! And Audra and I are hoping to get some morework done this week. Oh and i became partners with a good friend in a business venture. More on that as it develops.

Monday, December 04, 2006

A double shot of Coffee Time Romance

First up.... We got reviewed for Blood on the Harvest Moon:

4 CUPS by Cherokee:

Blood on the Harvest is ingeniously written and hooks the reader from the first page. The character of Danica, not to mention the mystery behind the oak tree, intrigued me. Ethan’s alluring persona comes off with such magnitude; it glues the reader to the story. Stella and Audra Price kept this reader guessing until the end with the outcome of Danica and her man of mystery. I enjoyed the atmosphere that the story offered and felt almost bewitched by the setting in this tantalizing read.

Read the full review HERE

Second... for Sugar and Sin:

3 CUPS by Maura:

There is an awful lot going on in this book and it took me a little while to sort it all out. I really began to enjoy the story after that. Astrid is a great character, but a little too tolerant of Fallon’s extracurricular activities for my taste. Ashlynn is likable, if a little simple. Watching Feyd fall for her was fun. The other demons and supernatural creatures, like Morrison and Alcyone, were also well developed. The story does not end here and I will definitely be reading the next one.

Read the full review HERE

Thanks for reviewing us ladies!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Reviews, awards and a movie to top them all

I just got some cool info today. Audra was named Fallen Angel Reviews' AUTHOR OF THE MONTH!

Needless to say we are both sooo excited! i mean its a win for the team you know? that makes two awards this month, One from Love Romances and More as their rising stars, and one from FAR.. WOO HOO!

And we also found out that Blood on the Harvest Moon got another review... 4 ANGELS!!! heres what Tracy has to say about it:

Stella and Audra Price deliver an intriguing short story with a surprise ending. Blood on the Harvest Moon is sure to make you ponder what you would do in Danica’s situation. I felt for the character and wonder how she’s doing. The Prices gave me the heebie jeebies and in my opinion that’s a sign of great writing.

You can read the rest of the Review here

Ooh so today has been good for me... and for aud. ooh and di i tell you all we started a new Satyr book? its hopping i tell you... those Satyrs... evil nasty sexy things.. lol... So ill keep you updated on that. The name of the book is Of Crimson and Collars and it takes place at the Belevedere Castle in NYC's central park. Ill be posting more as we get on with it.

So ill leave you with Stella's pick for top romance Movie of all time: Fall.

Two people from completely different worlds meet by chance, thrown together as if by fate. Their attraction is immediately obvious and overwhelming. He is attracted to her beauty (she is a supermodel) and good humor; she is seduced by his charisma and honesty. With his gifts of poetry and tenderness, he opens her heart to the possibility of true love. But it takes a lot of courage to make a commitment. Is she truly in love with him? And even if she is, will she able to leave the cosmopolitan, superficial lifestyle to be with him?

Why this movie? O-M-G. first off, the guy, Michael is a writer by trade but would rather enjoy driving a cab (and you find out why later in the movie) and he falls in love with this woman, Sarah, who is a rather sought after super model. they start an affair while her husband (who happends to be hottie Rudolph Martin)is away in Europe.Trashy right? WRONG. its a beautiful story, and with Michael Sarah can just be a person, not a name or a gimick. Shes normal and they do normal things. But what gets me is the letters the "Fax Fairy" sends her. Michael faxes her love letters after certain encounters. they are beautiful and soulful and i swaer to you if a man ever wrote like that to me i would be his. and the end? OMG i cried... and i still cry every time i see it.
Ooh, and the sex scenes in it are pretty hot too.... You NEED to buy this movie. I SHIT YOU NOT!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Woo HOOO! Sugar and Sin releases today!

Just Released!
Sugar and Sin
A tale of the Eververse
By Stella and Audra Price
Released: Nov 25th 2006
Print Release: February 2007
Voo Doo Moon line
Mardi Gras Publishing

What would you give for a second chance? Astrid, a witch, has often wondered what would happen if her lover, Fallon, a teleport demon, came back to her. After a year apart it seems fate will bring them together once more, and their relationship is going to be tested with a new threat to their lives and the lives of their friends. A reckoning is coming, and its time to choose sides. When the exiled demon prince Cassiel gives Astrid an offer she can’t refuse, will her relationship with Fallon pay the price?

The first book in the Eververse series, Sugar and Sin introduces you to a decadent world close to our own where supernatural races coexist with humanity and quietly influence the world around them. Eververse is a world rich with demons, witches, fey, vampires, assassins, and magic.
Eververse is where fantasies come true, good doesn’t always triumph over evil, battles for supremacy are won and lost, and almost anything is possible.

"The pairing of Stella and Audra Price is an Author team whose dual voice is powerfully dark -
and heatedly delicious!"

-Jannalee Ruschhaupt

“Eververse. My kind of heroes, my kind of demons, my kind of steam. The Price sisters have created my kind of fantasy.”
-Luna Carrol-Erotic Author

Join us today, Nov. 25th, from 12-3 est on the Eververse Crypt group for fun and prizes as we celebrate the release! Please note: This is going to be an active chat and Lurkers will not be eligible for prizes.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Two amazing reviews and updates!

We got some fantastic reviews today from the wonderful ladies at Kwips and Kritiques!

Blood on the harvest moon

And this is what Anne has to say about it:

Stella and Audra Price have outdone themselves with this phenomenal tale! BLOOD ON THE HARVEST MOON hearkens back to the traditional horror and dark fantasy tales that were built on suspense and the careful crafting of atmosphere to build up to a shocking climax. The first person perspective enhances the ominous atmosphere while building up to the startling but ever-so-appropriate ending. BLOOD ON A HARVEST MOON is easily recommended for fans of dark fantasy!

You can read the rest of the review HERE

And we got another! For Surrender in Moonlight: 4.5 klovers!
Review by Anne:
Stella and Audra continue to push the boundaries with each new book they write and this book is no exception. However, readers looking for an edgy but sexy book will enjoy Surrender In Moonlight. Kudos to Stella and Audra Price for their daring approach to the shape shifter genre!

OOh we are SOOOO excited! What a great way to start a otherwise dreary wensday.

So what have we been up to? We havent been blogging? Well We are slowly getting ready for the Sugar and Sin bash this saturday. we are both estatic, and cant wait for this. The excerpts we have been putting out have gotten some great responses too so im hopeing people will pick it up, its really some of our best work.

What else? I have been getting promo together for days now, as well as press releases and setting up the Rites of Romance Reviews site with Ash Arceneaux for the launch this friday. I know we are SOOO busy right?

Not to mention the writing. We have gotten another 2k on Lady luck, and did 5.5k in three hours last night on the second dragon book, Deep Water. Im so LOVING this book its insane.

So anyway, off to promo and write, this book is like the first Fallen book, its just flowing....

Monday, November 13, 2006

Whats been going on with us...

Well... in less then 2 weeks... Sugar and Sin will be out. Audra and i have a huge celebration planned for fans and people who are going to become fans. Prizes, excerpts and Lots of goodies are abound the full day and I cant wait for it. I mean its FINALLY coming out... its such a good feeling.

So If you wanna win, you gotta come and hangout with us. Well have excerpts from Sugar and Sin, as well as Silk and Steel, and be giving out some privlidged information. its going to be an Active day so if your interested be prepared!


OOh and it seems Astrid, Heroine of Sugar and Sin, is hanging out at the Immortal Castle Blog. Shes in pretty good company with A vampire, a Dreamlord and a few other surprises... and she seems to be having a good time. Go and say hi, and read up on everything going on at the castle...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Rising Stars!

Audra and I have been named Love Romances and More's Rising Star's for November! Needless to say we are quite honored and we are excited to be the second authors to win such a prestigious title. LR&M is one of the fairest and best revie sites out there, and we are happy to be part of their family... if just for a little while.

Friday, November 10, 2006


Well congrats to Ladyvampire2u! She won this fun little contest! She will be recieveing a cool pewter bookmark, a notepad, pen, and some other goodies so congrats!

Email me at

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Surender in Moonlight... its about that time... Contest? why sure!

So with the impending release of Surender in Moonlight, Audra and I are giving away a pewter snake bookmark. its one of those that hook and hanf into your book, and I love it.

So what do you have to do to win it(along with some other goodies)? Simple....

Post here in a comment. Just answer a question, opinion of course, and your entered. Simple eh? So you want the question dont you? Easy enough....

How do you feel about the Shifter world being given an overhaul? I mean, with all the new types of weres coming out, do you feel they all work, or do you feel that its writers trying to hard to do something different? are you intrigued enough to buy the new shifters and if and when you do, do you find that they are done well? How do you feel about Reptile shifters in general? Theres a sliht buzz around that its the next big thing (Lizards,cold blooded creatures and of course,snakes) do you think the reading world is ready for that?

Well thats it. Well pick a winner at random November 10th to get a free download of Surender and the goodies! Thanks so much for entering!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Ho Hum... hanging out in the doldrums...

So i got some new promo materials today, and i can say im not that happy about it. Eh. same old same old at this point. though i dont know why i bother with all the goodies, i wont be doing a contest for a very long time as it is. eh. Well see.

So we are supposed to start work on Bitter Kiss again today... something to take my mind off the monotony is exactly what i need. Maybe im just Bitter today. I did finish the cover for Silk and Steel and for Beyond Moonlight... so that puts a spark of a smile on my face. but not much of one.

and its a blustery day today as well. but at least its not freezing out. ugh. And im just over a lot of things right now... really... sometimes you shouldnt get out of bed in the morning...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Beyond the Vision of Dreams gets 4 angels!

So we got our review from FAR for Beyond. Lisa gave us 4 ANGELS!

Beyond the Visions of Dreams is an interesting story about a unique couple. Stella and Audra Price’s invention of the were-snakes, used in this story, gives an otherwise regular love story a magical and interesting edge. Beyond the Visions of Dreams not only has very hot sex scenes and emotions but also is well written and quite easy to read. I enjoyed following Remy and Chrissy as they build their relationship and lives together. I found Beyond the Visions of Dreams to be a wonderful short story that kept me entertained from beginning to end.

You can read the rest of the review here


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sugar edits...

Done... well the first round. Im very happy with what our editor has suggested, and even more grateful she did her job and actually EDITED. some people out there just dont even bother.

And Bitter Kiss is going well too. We are in the high 20's with it and going strong. Its not going as fast as the other fallen book, but its still trucking and i am happy to say no pitfalls yet.

And i set up a new webby. Yep Stella finally learned how to do a website. While its very elementary, im hoping out subdomains work out better to help any fans we have of our series.. So fingers crossed. lol.

So its back to work on some Fallen, and im developing a new authors series or two for some of my publishers, so it should be a very good time once i get all the kinks worked out. Looking forward to seeing some In houses at a few of them. Not to mention the crazy series Skylar and I are working on... we just need one more author to make the list complete and then....


Thursday, October 19, 2006


So as you can see i have uploaded a new template for the bloggy. I like it. I love it actually. I have uploaded a new webby and myspace too to match. Yeah I'm excited. October is going well.

So we have about 25k on the second fallen book, currently titled A Bitter Kiss of Chaos, and i am enjoying it. Heres to hoping the series pans out. Im enjoying it, and it seems our beta's have been enjoying the first book too. that makes me happy. Like we did something right.

OOh and im excited cuz we are on the website for the RT convention as attending authors. thats just cool you know? I mean seeing our names for the first time somwhere so cool. Im so looking forward to RT this coming year. With Audra in the states for two weeks im actually going to get to hangout with my sister for a while, along with hanging out at RT with her. And i get to meet my soon to be Brother in law Finally. April is going to be a lot of fun, and im looking forward to it more then the holidays.

So back to work. Im sure ill have more fun things to say soon...

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Stella and Audra at the Demons and Beasites day at LRC, OCt. 16th

Hey Everyone!

We will be at the LOVE ROMANCES CAFE tomorrow all day for the Creatures of the Night Demons and other Beasties day!

We will be posting about our soon to be released books Surrender in
Moonlight (November 3rd), Sugar and Sin (November 25th) and Glamour
(December 31st)  as well as giving away a copy of our Halloween
Story Blood o the Harvest Moon with Mardi Gras Publishing!

So come and join up for some fun and frolic, as well as other authors
that writes about the true things that go bump and make you moan in the
night! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mythology... what If...

Mythology is a subjective thing i think. I mean with this new series we are using snippets of tons of mythologies, Sumerian, Catholic, Jewish, Druidic, celtic... and its seems to work so far. Not to mention we have the real sci fi fantasy mythologies of the elder gods and the prophecies of Crowley and Nuit... this is truly eclectic. I mean its contemporary in setting, though its gott so much old world wrath of god shit in it im not sure if it could be considered sacrilege. Not that it would matter to me one way or another,its just fiction, but you have to wonder about those writers that work with the devine.

As one of those, i have to say i never thought it was possible. In the first book we tackle some tough themes and ideas about why the Fallen really fell, not just what was taught us in Sunday school. Now wrap your head around this...

So many stories deal with the balance. The balance between good and evil and light and dark. Fallen Angels maybe didnt fall because they were evil, maybe they had a difference of opinion with the High and Mighty. Maybe when they fell they were twisted slightly so that evil would come more natural to them and the other Angels would have a reason to snub them. Maybe they were just people who couldnt take being so above it all. At least thats how we write them. But what if Lucifer wasnt wrong, merely had a different way of looking at things. What if the stories are right, and hes been here since the beginning of the reign of the Pantheon, while those on High just have better PR? This is shit we are dealing with in this book series, and my sister being Catholic and myself raised Pagan, it forms a lot of questions to both of us.

This book, the second in the series has to deal with the Christianity pantheon and the fact that the darker forces in that pantheon have to save the world because those on High wont be sullied. What if that was true? i mean what if when it came down to it, we had the darker forces to thank for the nixing of armeggedon? could the world really deal with that? I mean this pantheon has been ruling the majority of the world (And in our books it means the three major religions... Christianity, Judaism and Islam)for longer then the rest (the greek pantheon, the celtic, the Norse.. ect...) and they have to do this themselves? What if you were on the wrong side? when the chips fell, what if?

Ok now i know im going to get some hate mail for this one... but... i guess so be it..

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

and the writing has begun... again...

Well we thought that we would hvae a plan. get through the edits for the books we have waiting for release, promo for the releases and start in November back on the fallen series.


Nope. we started back on the fallen yesterday and already have a little over 10k and i gotta say it packs a punch so far. New characters showing up, a solid storyline and some very surly conversation.... i gotta say im loving this.

So we are still trying to make heads or tails of what we are going to do with this series, but i have high hopes. Its rather unique, and the characters... hell we though the Eververse characters where chatty, these guys are down right insane when it comes to getting their stories out. Im so loving this....

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sugar's New Cover...

Isnt it beautiful? Well With some help from the wonderful Skylar Sinclair, i have fashioned this all on my own. Isnt that something? Im very happy with it and it will be gracing the ebook and PRINT cover.. OMG ill be a published Author and artist... WOW.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Finished... well sort of..

Soft Edge is now "Finished". At 96,315 and still needing about 5-7k in bulking this is going to be our longest book ever to date. Im happy with what we have, but i know it can be better, which is why our awesome beta readers have been inlisted to help us figure it out. i would hate to get it to over kill you know?

Book two is already in the works, can you believe it? Sam, our perfect Anti-hero is back in this one, and i think hell be in all of them, or at least to book three. Im so excited about this... Still we dont know where to send it. Kensington is a possibility, as is Samhain(i know right?), EC and New Concepts. All of them will do the book and the series right i think.

honestly to have three novel series out will be a dream come true. Im dying right now, even getting this chance at all. Its such a wild time.

So friday is fun day in jersey, and saturday too. Lots of awesome authors will be at the signing on saturday so im looking forward to expanding my signed book collection. But Friday is going to be a lot of fun i think, so looking forward to it...

Monday, October 02, 2006

CURSIVE and Ideas..

So i went with Joe and Andy, the Cheat and his two little friends to see CURSIVE last night in NYC. Needless to say it was a wonderful and powerful show... And Ooh i got to see Men Women and Childern too... LOVE THEM.

Anyways we walked around the city a while and i got tired (DUH) but i alwso got a slew of ideas for new short stories... hehe... And damn if they werent powerful ideas.

So for those of you interested, our second snake book has been pushed back.. which sucks but since we havent gotten edits yet i suppose thats ok. Still my nerves are wracked. And Friday is the NJRWA hangout with Miss Bianca.. so that should be fun.. i need a night out away from the boys. Im looking forward to it. Ooh not to mention i got TONS of goodies for the signing day... All you awesome authors who send me stuff to fill the bags... thanks so much. they are full to brimming and i got extras of a lot of things. RWA wont know what hit them. LOL.

As for an update with Soft Edge... Well we are at 85k and stopped. We had a bad week for writing and this weekend wasnt much better. And audra is Still MIA... poo. Im just hoping we get it finished by this friday, at least ill feel accomplished.

See i have issues leaving work unfinished and going out and doing stuff. Call it my work ethic maybe, or my insanity, but if a story is not done i cant rest till it is. I cant hangout till it is. Like all night last night i was having visions of things for the SECOND fallen book.. it was insanity. Once the book is done i can let the stress level go down a couple notches i think. Lord knows i need it.

So its back to work and hopefully Audra will pop her ass on here soon and we can get down to Casis.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sept. 30th there will be Blood on the Harvest Moon....

In the Deep South Danica Banks is teased by the guy in the large oak tree. Seeing him from an early age she is fascinated with him but heeds her gram’s advice about staying away from the tree. One night things change, and her mystery man leaves his perch on the tree… and that’s when things get interesting.

When her relationship with her mystery man takes a turn into the sinister realm and she makes a choice that could forever change her destiny and destroy her life, will she regret what she’s done in the name of what she thinks is love?

This is NOT a love Story.

The first in the sweetly sinister new short story series from Stella and Audra Price. Your couriosity is killing know isnt it? take a chance. its short, its sinister and it will leave you with that delicious errie feeling... like this could be happening somewhere... right now...

Monday, September 25, 2006

Stella and Audra's Release Schedule

So we have a tenative release schedule till January 2007:

September 30th:

Blood on the Harvest Moon

Mardi Gras Publishing


Surrender in Moonlight (Knossos West Weresnake Book 2)

Forbidden Publications


25th: Sugar and Sin (Eververse book 1)

Mardi Gras Publshing

27th: Glamour (Djinn Series Book 2)


And January will bring forth the Dragons i believe... which is SOOO
excited about! So thats the schedule... and i hope that helps the

Sunday, September 24, 2006

This damn book will not end....

So we are STILL working on Soft Edge. its already at 79k and we dont have an end in sight in 5k... maybe around 10-12k amd there im being generous. Then we have bulking to do... and belive me it really needs it. So Spetember and a 60k book for us is possible but it seems this one has plans of its own.

Its struggling right now, in territory we didnt think to go into in the begining, but im not really complaining. Its more that im so surprised how this book evolved. At first we were tinking it was only going to be 30k, and we were going to push it to double it. then it went to 35k in a week. then we doubled that and then some in the next 6 days... And now, even with the insane pitfalls (Sickness, time constraints and Audras compy bursting into flames) we have still managed to make it almost to 80k and its not even the 25th yet. So maybe the actual meat of the book will be done by october 1st. we will see.

Either way its one wild ride. I love these characters. they are almost as close to me as the Eververse characters... which is strange because i dont know any of them very well...

More as it develops...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Help Save Stargate!

So this time Im crusading against the dreaded ECW in favor of Stargate! Dont let them take Stargate off the air! Theres a petition going around

and they have a myspace as well with other things you can do to help save the Gate.

there is really so much you can do to help.... they took off FARSCAPE... dont let them distroy another amazing TV show in favor of ECW...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Cover

New cover for the second weresnake book... Surrender in Moonlight. heres the blurb:

Reece Evans is the nest bad boy and Anaconda and is NOT looking for a mate, but he is looking for a wild ride. When he goes to Dry Ice one night he meets Carmen, a viper and a rogue, and the attraction is beyond hot. When she steals his motorcycle from under his nose and then calls him to bail her out, Reece sees his opportunity for a very satisfying tryst still within his grasp. He agrees, on the condition that she stay with him a month, and be his sexy plaything. Little does he know he’s sealed his fate, Carmen is exactly the snake he never knew he couldn’t live without.

Out Oct. 6th with Forbidden Publications.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Soft Edge...

Yeah this book is really cooking! im so excited that its going so well, i mean this story is really rocking its way out. Last night we bangged out 7k in a few hours and are both itching to get some more work done.

So we have decided to pick 5 people to beta this story, since we consider this one of our best, its good to have some feedback on it. So we will pick those people soon enough i think. they way its going this book will be finished in a week or so. YAY! rah rah sis boom bah!

Back to work.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

words... words...

i write this now in the dark at 606am. why am i writing in the dark and up at the ass crack of dawn you ask? well because i have to go to work in an hour, and Nybras, our most recent bad guy, wont shut up. Poo on that. On the upscare we finished the week with 37,400 words and im very pleased. If we keep this up well have the book finished well before october. Maybe we should have done NaNo? heheh.

So the next week is going to be rife with Unicorns and Fallen angles again, and hopefully the cover and edits to our snake book. Im wait with baited breath on that cover.

So its off to work for me, after Yahoo quits twisting my non existant balls.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Stories

Well Aud and I are hip deep in the new book, i swear in 3 days to do 20k in insanity, but its going really well. Its the Unicorn book, but it involves some of the Fallen, and i think this is going to be a wonderful gateway book for the Fallen Series. Also, Aud and i, to be authentic, have used all Devil names from the hiarachy of hell, so i guess if we get a late night visit from some random person we know who it will be. So this story showcases Lucifer (or Big S), Sammael, Azel(As a woman), Nybras and a made up dutchess of hell, Xainatell. then of course the Unicorns are Illori and Karsten. Its been a lot of fun so far and im really excited its going to quickly, though i am going to have to change the blurb for it, it is strying further into different territory, which neither of us mind so much, after all we are telling their story.

So its a good thing i think, though im not sure where this one is getting submitted to, lord knows we have options. Im hoping for at least 60k on this book, and hoping the characters agree, if we got anything more then 60 out of this one i will be tickled pink, cuz that makes it a novel, and the only other novel we have going aside from the Eververse seires is the Dragon series(which BTW, book one is finished and at the publisher. Im soooo excited!)

So its back off to to work on the fallen and the Unicorns, we are now trying for 5k a day at the least so we will see...

Sunday, September 03, 2006


So covers are on the way apparently. We have 4 more covers that need doing, Sugar and Sin, Fire in His Eyes, Glamour and Surrender in Moonlight.

We did get our cover for Blood on the Harvest Moon... and the concensus is that it kicks ass. I agree. Looking forward to gett the others... Actually im FIENDING for new covers... Myspace is looking pretty plain...


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Romantic Times Recognition

So we just heard that we are #20 on the list of 25 most unusual paranormal creatures list in Romantic Times' October 2006 issue!!! Im freaked out. I mean someone recognized our WERESNAKES! Now i had heard about this, and was looking forward to it, but i never thought we would be mentioned in an national magazine, let alone be in any place other then last. And no, thats not me trying to play our shit down, its me thinking that we have been around for a little over 8 months, and we placed higher then authors that are in print with NY houses. Well needless to say I'm damn graetful that we got placed, and even more happy that we were placed where we were.

So A toast to us!

Go pick up the ocotboer issue of RT and see for yourself... Im giddy as hell!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ok who is a candle Slut!?


OMG isnt it awsome! its exactly what we pictured! so Candle Artist JFay is a goddess... and we love her! these candles are going to be for sale through her webby and our own webby through paypal starting in September!

This is the first in a series of 9 books and 9 candles... and we are psyched!

Monday, August 07, 2006

We sold again...

So this time its a Short story to the MGP scaremare series... its called Bloog on the Harvest Moon.

In the Deep South Danica Banks is teased by the guy in the large oak tree. Seeing him from an early age she is fascinated with him but heeds her gram’s advice about staying away from the tree. One night things change, and her mystery man leaves his perch on the tree… and that’s when things get interesting.

When her relationship with her mystery man takes a turn into the sinister realm and she makes a choice that could forever change her destiny and destroy her life, will she regret what she’s done in the name of what she thinks is love?

its a very... unsettleing story, but then again what work of ours isnt?

so congrats are in order... heh...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Eververse: The Candle Series

heh sounds ominous dosent it? Well we have struck a deal with studio 3B to do some candels inspired by the eververse books and im tickled. I mean its a uniwque and fantasitc promo idea and im glad we are getting the chance to do it.

So the first Book, Sugar and Sin, which will be out September 22nd, will be featring the Astrid Candle. It will be a swirl of blue and white with the planetary symbol for earth in black, imbedded in the candle. For those who dont know, the books heroine, Astrid, wears the planetary symbol for earth as a pendant around her neck.

the scent? Apple spice, in straight accordance with how her hero, Fallon, thinks she smells when he inhales the scent from her hair. Each candle will be either 3x4 or 4x4 and will be onsale at the online shop once the books come out. And did i mention youll be able to WIN one for each book? thats right... they are damn awsome candles... and you should check out her other work as well....

So we are completely tickled... and i can wait to get mine...


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Blessing of the Storm is Now Available!

The Blessings of the Storm
Mardi Gras Publishing
Paranormal Romance

Blurb:When Nora inherits a drafty and cavernous Victorian on a bluff in Rhode Island that houses an out of the way curio shop, she had no idea what she's gotten herself into. After finding a rolled up Persian rug in the back store room, she thinks she's going crazy, especially when the rug unrolls and a very sexy, very naked, and very horny Ifrit is revealed, claiming he can make all her wishes come true... for a price.

WOOHOO! the book is now out! we are so excited! So if you have read it please let us know what you think!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Life without Audra

Well my awesome sister left last night. Im still bummed. She got home safe and all, and we had a great time but the visit wasnt nearly long enough. Im looking foward to April and RT cuz thats the next time ill be seeing her.

So ill have picutres soon enough to post on here, so be on the look out... But honestly we had such a great time. Oh, and RWA was good. Met a fellow Siren, Susan Greene, and she rocks. other then that it was ok, though we did get a lot of promo done. Lets hope it pays off!


Monday, July 24, 2006

New Review! 4 cups from CTR!

this is what Kathy had to say about Beyond the Vision of Dreams: 4 cups!!!!

Ms. Stella and Ms. Audra Price have written a steamy story of hot sex and fated love between fantasy shape shifters. Chrissy easily accepts Remy’s dominance, intuitively recognizing her one true love; while Remy, with his carefree attitude, instinctively marks Chrissy in hopes of wooing her. They both fall easily into a preordained pattern of partners for life, the shared camaraderie evidenced by their instant closeness. I loved their easy way with each other, and the conclusion tops off an engaging read. It is definitely worth keeping.

We are so happy!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Two New Reviews! 5 Clovers Each!

So we got two new reviews! one for The Blessings of the Storm (out August 1st,Mardi Gras Publishing) and one for Beyond the Vision of Dreams (out now with Forbidden Publications)

You can check them out HERE and HERE

Im damn excited.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

What Eververse Demon race are you?

Well to kick off our mont long celebration for Sugar and sin (albiet a little early but i cant wait!) we have started off with a Quiz... And you know your curious!

So if you blog it,or myspace it let us know (in comments)... we are going to give away a mini demon goodie basket...

Let the games begin!

Take the quiz HERE

Monday, July 17, 2006

Beyond gets its second real review

We got a review at Euro Reviews for Beyond the Vision of Dreams.

Well needless to say i just feel like we cant win with it.

Cant please everyone.


Ikea and the Beyond Effect.

Tomorrow i have agreed to go to the wonderful world of Ikea with Jojo. this i dread. Why? because its like a fucking time warp in there. what feels like 20 minutes is about 6 months of your life. it sucks your will to live, trys to playcate you with sweedish meatballs and sticky buns and cheap cool furniture, but really all its doing is stealing your life force. I swear.

Joe and i had went in for a Chair. 4 HOURS LATER we emerged, the sun was down and i was completely bewildered as to how i lost the afternoon. it was the dreaded IKEA monster. I tell you, i know how they can sell a snazzy couch for 150$. its made out of the souls of the unfortunates that never made it out. and they are seelling them at bargain price!

So help me. If you dont hear from me by 8pm on tuesday night, Send the millitia to the Paramus NJ IKEA and burn the place down. I might still be inside but id rather burn in a firey blaze then have my soul suched out and miss time. There are house i dont even remember... and ill never get that time back. So thats on the list now too...
Time ill never get back:
~the two hours from watchin house of 1000 corpses
~the 2 hours spent watching the forgotten
~the half hour(i swear that was all i could stand before my brain went numb and i started drooling) of Dumb and Dumber
~20 mins(that turned into 4 hours) in the Paramus Ikea

Im sure there are more, but damn it im almost missing a day already. where the fuck did the time go?


Summer Block Party!

This Friday, July 21st come and hangout with some of your favorite authors for fun, excerpts and a lot of great surprises!

When: July 21st 2006 ALL DAY (midnight to midnight)

Where: Http:// 

What: multiple author excerpts, q and a, giveaways and goodies galore

So come and hangout, get to know some new authors and fill up your summer reading list!

Authors! If you would like to participate, simply join the group. No RSVP needed!

We look foward to seeing each and every single one of you!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Back to work.. in so many ways...

Marsh and Janey have been sent to Phaze for consideration, and stupid me, i started yet another project. this time its a somewhat short story, and i got about 2k down in an hour last night it really flowed from me, but it needs bulking, what i have so far, and im hoping i wasnt under the influence too badly last night to right it off as drivle. We will have to see.

So Now, with audra coming for nationals on the 26th, we have just enough time to finish Arcady and Snow, which really only needs a fight scene and the epilogue, things that Audra already has partially finished. Marsh and janey ended up at 38, 391 words, and Arcady and Snow will probably be around 70k, seeing as right now its it 68... i think.

So the 26th-30th Audra will be here in the states, which rocks, and well be going to RWA nationals for ONE DAY ONLY. it sucks i know but we needed to get our asses there, and with family comitments, and audra's short stay, we are trying to fit it all in. Thank god we didnt register.

So when our fun time is finished (not couting the promo we have to do for Blessings with MGP) then its back to work full steam on current projects. What projects? Our dragons (that have apparently caught the intrested of the EIC at MGP), our Fallen Series (which is going to be mentally draining), our Ghosts (still trying to figure a direction on that Horror set up), Lady Luck (Jake and Nina need to get back in the saddle and get to being intresting again), and our Cursed objects submission. its going to be a very wild august.

I do have Dragons Book two, titled Deep water, about 1k, which is good cuz we had nothing, only the premise a short time ago. Book one, Fire in his Eyes, is going well, albiet slowly, but im hoping that changes after nationals...

And now we need to find another Siren. One of our own left for her own reasons, which sucks, though we wish her the best. So finding someone new we gel with is going to be a PITA.

off to work.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

First review for Beyond the Vision of Dreams

4 Stars!!!!

Reviewed by Michelle Ellis © 2006
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Shapeshifter
Heat Index: Erotic/Extreme
Book Length: Mid-Category
Publisher: Forbidden Publications
Price: $3.99

Beyond the Vision of Dreams has an excellent premise. People who are snakes! I found this amazingly intriguing. Stella and Audra Price do have some good plot ideas up their sleeves.

From the first word I thought this was going to be a sleazy porn story, as the first paragraph describes a dream, with rather colourful language/imagery. Giving the book a chance, as it does indicate ‘Extreme’ in the heat index, I read on.

Remi Crane belongs to a ‘nest’ of snakes. Sexually frustrated, he had many dreams of mating. With sex predominant in his mind, his thoughts on his dilemma, he bumps into a woman in the foyer of the nest. Said woman, Chrissy Stanford, has come to live at The Compound (nest) and Remy knows he will have to administer restraint when she is around.

Chrissy meets the nest leader, Elise, who shows her round The Compound. I found the idea of humans changing into snakes quite unusual, though I will admit to not reading this type of premise before. The snakes in this nest have a ‘changing room’ where they change into snakes before going out to hunt. The whole mental image from this scene made me light up inside. I thought, ‘Well, how cool!’ Really did enjoy this part.

Reece, another snake at The Compound, for the brief moment he appears in the story, is an utter pig! I wanted to slap him at the very least, and kick him where it hurt at most!

With the mention of a carnival ride called ‘The Zipper’ I was instantly transported back in time to my childhood. This ride was THE scariest thing on earth to me. I went on it once and lost all my money when it spun upside down…ahem, back to the review…

So, not giving any more of the actual story away, I will say I enjoyed this shapeshifter story. It didn’t grip me as some tales do, but held my interest. I wasn’t bored, which is the main thing! Not one for the traditional HEA, this tale didn’t smack of ‘Oh bloody hell these two are going to end up together’ as you get that idea from the start. It’s more of a ‘I’m glad they did get together’ story.

Best part? The premise itself. Brilliant idea.
Permission granted for the authors to use this review.

Friday, July 14, 2006

4.5 hearts at Love Romances!

We got our review from love romances today... 4.5 hearts. Not too damn bad. the reviewer obviously liked the story, which rocks.

So you can Check out the review here.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Im back to droolin over Fallon

Well i got some new sexy pics of everyones favorite pirate, but these are exactly how we see Fallon so You guys can get the full effect. So for a few days here im going to be posting Johnny Depp eye Candy... So... Onward!

Ok not a bad one to star off with... Quite yummy actually... Back to droolin and making goodiebags.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Contest Notification

So we have decided to do another contest... this one is for the eminet release of our paranormal romance, The Blessings of the Storm, on August 1st with the next big publisher... Mardi Gras Publishing. Its an easy one... and a thoughtful one.

You can check out the contest here


We are going to blog it up after the contest is done...


Countdown to Audra

So my sister will be here the 26th of July. Im freaking out. its going to be such fun to go to RWA with her and hangoiut with the few fans we have going, and some of our fellow Sirens. Im so tickled. So find us if your around, We will have goodies galore..

Marsh and Janey book two will be sent by friday, and we have a new series in the works to work on after the Dragons are sent to MGP. *giggles* i love it when a plan comes together.

Back to promo goodiebags prep.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Awsome review for Wishes

So Joyfully Reviewed sent Phaze their review of WISHES... and its damn good. You can read it here...

Damn nice to see that today... and its nice to know our work isnt being misenturpreted... did i spell that right?


PS: Juts Saw Pirates... And im more then ever convinced that JD would be the most Screen Fallon ever... Now to make that damn Screenplay....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

We have our main release date.

Sugar and Sin will be out (god willing theres no holdups) August 25th. Aud and i are freaking out, and it looks like the girls on the street teams are excited as well. Major step for us as this is the book that started us writing, and its finally going to be published.

This is going to be a pretty good summer. So, updates! We have narrowed it down for our author branding, there 5 slogans we like so, well keep you posted on that, still looking for the perfect icon though. Poo.Marsh and Janey will be done in a few days. I have it back in my possession, and Today, after work, MArsh is going to do it like it should be done. im hoping by tuesday well have our part finished and that Aud can look at it once more.
Our edits will be in in a week or so. It shouldnt be that bad grammar wize, we have two people look it in the past 7 months. OOh and the edits for Blessings, our straight mainstream paranormal is in. Im really surprised we actually pulled it off (though Cash is still threatening death and desertion if we try writing something that fluffy again... and hes right)
So now, with the book coming hoping the Anthology will do better. After all, people want backstory dont they? And you can pick this awsome little ditty up at, in either print or E book fashion. Its 9 stories from the Afterverse including The Sleeping, our short story with Pretty Scary. Youll meet some new characters in this book, and some that youll come to love soon enough. Interested? Pick it up HERE
the last but not least update is that Book two, Silk and Steel,(the tennitive name of course) will be to our Publisher by the projected date of July 21st. We are going to celebrate with a big excerpt party at Eververse, with a bunch of authors we know and love comming to give everyone a great time.(i hope... these things never work out for me so well see).
So on to todays musings...

Why the hell is HEA so damn important? Im sorry life isnt happily ever after and with so many cookie cutter books out there, whats the problem of being different? Well the problem is that it takes longer to get published. We have been guilty of changing things, mostly the end of a story, to fit the HEA mold. Well im happy to say we dont have to anymore. Granted some things might be depressing, but on the whole, i think our endings are pretty damn good. True some are going to have the HEA, cuz lets face it, some characters need it, but most arent, and the book isnt going to end on a down note, but a nutral one. its all a question of presentation i think, and i think that you can have a book that isnt HEA in the romance genre, and still do well with it, if its marketed correctly. For us, if a story is a HEA story, it will end with HEA. if its not, and its just a story, a damn good one, then its going to stay true to form.
So why the fuck is HEA so damn important as a reader? i dont like them much and think the cheese is inflated when i see them in a book that could have had a better ending if they werent forced into the mold of HEA. gimme something dark anyday...


Friday, July 07, 2006

Author Branding

Well it has come to our attention that we need to get branded. Which is very true, nothing like selling yourself as a comodity. The problem stems from audra and i just not being that damn creative. Using the old book idea is out, even though most of our books revolve around a spell dealer and grimorie seller. We need to decide on a genre, if thats even possible... and a logo. this is all becoming very confusing.

So i have no clue as to doing this. well thats not true. I have some clue, but christ if i can figure out the right thing for us. ugh. Any ideas?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The 4th

So its the 4th. we have a lot more written with Book two, which rocks, and i think it will end up at 70k, a bit more then we expected, but hey im not knocking it.

The sirens are starting a few contests for July, so well see what coolness ensues there.

The countdowns have started, Joes birthday, RWA...

So let it begin...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Work Resumes

We are at about 58k with book two for the eververse series, and i think its going to end up at about 62k, which is more then ok with me. Im just hoping to get it finished soon. We might make our July 21st deadline still.

Marsh and Janey still needs another pass through, but its around 37k right know which is great, we are thinking it will wed up in the 40's and that is satisfactory as well.

With all the preparation for RWA, my bedroom is promo central. Its insane, but hopefully it will all pay off. For those of you going to RWA, find me, ill have tons of goodies to give out, not just from us but from some other authors as well. im really turning into the promo queen.

and i think the edits that were sent to us from MGP are now done, which is one less thing i have to worry about. yay. Well im back to finishing bookmarks...


Saturday, June 24, 2006

A weekend Fucked

First off...

I went to the mall on friday with Joe, Yosh and yosh's new playmate. Shes ok. no biggie. So we were walking through the mall, and im not dressed my best, a pair of capris, black tanks, studded belt, sneakers, and scarf around my unruly hair. so what happens? We walk past a model search and two of the plastic queens stop me. they are all like. "WOW you have such an edgy look, and i bet with a little make up and some extentions you could be really hot."

Now, i dont know who taught them that sales pitch, but its seriously lacking. I used to be a model, and could still be if i enjoyed getting up as the ass crack of dawn to smile pretty for the camera and live a vapid existance. I mean that was the most underhanded doublesided cut i have ever heard. Um newsflash... not to toot my own horm here but im 27 and dont look it. When im in my 30's ill look in my 20's and they cant say the same with the pound of make up they have on thats killing their skin.

Well needless to say i detached the model leeches and told them to get bend. Compliment my ass..

So to cheer me up Joe let me shop.... on him. so i have some cute stuff im thinking of saving till august to wear for th signing. Yum, i am very cute i swear.

So on to saturday. I spent almost all day with joes family at a grad party and didnt drink a thing. See hes not 21 yet (i know im a cradle robber but if you look as young as i do youd get away with it too... and relax, hell be 21 in two weeks) So i dont drink around them, heaven forbid i look like a bad influence... right like the tattoos and the piercing and writing smutt for a living isnt adding to the bad influence image.

So i got my ass chewed up outside by Skeeters and not get drunk. not to mention i was informed if i brought senior lappy with me i would get it tossed in the river. Le sigh. so i ate and brough a notebook, and tried my damnedest to get along with them. I guess its going ok, but i have to go there for a BBQ tomorrow.

Oh and did i mention i ahve gotten NOTHING done writing wise in two days, soon to be three?yeah marsh is talking about having my beating heart on a plate, and right now i dont blame him. Not to mention i have the Blessings edits i need to get through....

ugh. this weekend blows ass.


Thursday, June 22, 2006

first pass done


we got the first pass of marsh and janesy book two finished. Now comes the bulking. Its ar 37k and im hoping for 42-45k when we are done. Its sa lot of bulking i know, but it does need it. Im looking foward to getting this one done and sent to phaze, though it dosent have a name yet and i need something snappy.

We are supposed to know this week about who won the sambas. Im not sure if we will make it, But at least i know we have somewhere to send it should we not get it. So im not worried, but im really hoping we get it. i love Phaze and they really rock, but on the other hand, the sotry for the samba can easily be turned into a full series... and that might be good elsewhere.

So tomorrow is working on edits for MGP, starting the bulking on book 2 for marsh and janey, and hopefully gettng some promo done.

Im beat.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First Review for Bargain by Starlight

Well the readers, or at least a reviewer, has spoken. Our first review for a story a some of people didnt think would review well got 4 wands at Enchated Ramblings! See i was really worried in the begining, when we were told that odds are the story wouldnt review well. Well i think the reading world is ready for our brand of storytelling, and i think at least half of our reviews will reflect that. So what that we dont write fluffy! We write real! and i think readers are ready for that.

so heres an excerpt of the review...

Written in a direct, uncompromising style, this story grabbed me from the first page despite its harsh subject matter. The Price sisters have done a great job on Alli's character, making her tough but never mawkish. I wish this had been longer for more plot development, as I felt that the ending was a little rushed, but overall I enjoyed this story and look forwards to reading the further adventures of Dimitri and Snow in the Eververse Demons series.

You can read the full review here.

Go Stella! its your birthday! Go Audra! its your birthday! Yeah... the demons are whats going to make the world fall, im saying it now. Cash was right... hehe...

So you can buy Bargain by Starlight here....

And i hope you do. Work like ours is a lot different then what your used too, so give it a chance...


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Wishes Review!

Heres our review from Sensual Reads

Nicodemus “Nick” Marsh is a powerful Djinn who is sent to break the
one woman who controls the demon assassins. It should be easy enough.
With his magic, charm, and looks, he had brought many of ladies to
their knees. But what he found in his newest assignment was more than
he had hoped for.

Janey Duvall is a human woman that stands her ground. Refusing the
demon prince was more for the thrill of being able to do so. What
could he do to her? She was dying anyway. When Nick appears in her
life, offering her three wishes in return for one hundred years of
sexual slavery, her first two were easy enough. But with each touch,
she comes to realize she wants something more.

Nick is falling for the human, and finds himself holding his breath,
waiting for her last wish. When it comes, it is more than he himself
could have hoped for.

“Wishes” is a fast paced, heated love affair that will leave you
breathless. The heat between these two is scorching. Not only for what
they bring out in one another, but what they bring too one another. If
you like a hot read that will have you cranking up the air, look no
more. “Wishes” is hot, entertaining, and one hell of a fantasy ride.
Kudos to Stella and Audra. I enjoyed this short story immensely.

Reviewed By Shay

Pretty damn fine if you ask me!

Monday, June 19, 2006

busy busy busy!

Well we have gotten some more work done on Marsh and Janey's book two, a project we have still yet to title. Its going well and is right now around 32k. We are hoping that with bulking and the rest of the story its going to be 45-50k. at least thats the plan.

And we have set our Summer goals as of today. Im hoping we hit them, the main once being we finish the dragons and submit them to EC. heres hoping.

And we have our edits in and done for Beyond the Vision of Dreams, and the release is next friday, June 30th. thats going to be a good release party, YAY for WERESNAKES!


Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Such a sexy cover for our first Mardi Gras release... Audra and i are just tickled. Im really looking foward to working with them more... they are just great to work with and we are so happy to be part of the family.

So today we got 1300 words added to Marsh and Janey. Mal and Miranda, our supporting characters, have finished their naughty scene, and ill tell you, for a vamp Mal is fantastically sexy. Tomorrow its back to Marsh and Janey and their next little adventure in the book, a auction... heheh...

And it seems Dimitri and Remy now have Myspaces. Dimitri's short story comes out on friday and we are looking foward to having yet another release out. and we are going to be playing around at Bianca D'Arc's cyber party with excerpts and other goodies. So it should be fun.

time for night night. Long day ahead tomorrow.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Opening Day!

So i just looked on the MGP site and we are opening day authors!!! i cant believe it! this is so cool. we are the first release for the French Quater Romance line too! Woot Woot! So we spoke with our cover aritst yesterday and shes got some great ideas, and well be seeing it soon i think, so as soon as we do, well be posting here.

And talking with the bosslady today, we got some stuff looked at, and gave her some ideas. MGP are going to be with us at the All Souls Faire this october... damn if im not excited for that. Things are working out well, and im just findng it refreshing that we are working with companies that dont fall on pretenses. these ladies are real, and very commited, and dont play any favorites, which rocks. I love knowing we are part of these companies, and that they belive in our work. its so awsome!


Friday, June 09, 2006

Today is an odd day

So its Johnny Depp's Birthday. Woo hoo. The hottie is 43 and damn if that dosent bother me one bit. Im not one for the older guy but i do have a list...
Johnny Depp
James Purefoy
Sean Bean
Gerard Butler
Colin Farell (ok so hes only 3 years older then me... but that still counts!)

Yeah i know i got issues... but damn if they arent yummy and museworthy. Yummy Yummy... i love me somma that.

So back to real life... We have been stalled the last few days due to mAudra scrambling to get some work done on her college crap. Im just glad we are almost done with it. that means lots of work this summer.. and it also means my goal i set is attainable. that is good news on this end.that makes me happy.

So for the next few days its getting new stories prepped to go and hopefully our edits for the Snakes. im itching to get to the main series...


Monday, June 05, 2006

We got our Photographer!!!!

So we got the photographer we wanted to do our pictures for our webby and our author head shots, David Apuzzo. Hes an extremely talented and a good friend that got to squeeze us in, so when Audra is here, we are going to drive to CT and have a shoot and hangout with a friend and his lady. Im so excited!!! David is the only [person thats ever taken pictures of me and made me look halfway decent... So i guess i better have some primo hair going on.... and some new clothes.

*grin* ooh its all good. We ordered buttons for RWA that say "I do it demonstyle" and the conglacio concubine graphic. Well see how many we give away at RWA. Seeing people wearing them is going to be a trip. hehe. And these pictures are going to be so great!!! Im so excited! Aud and i are going to have such a great time!

Excited. and WHAT WHAT!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday better be better then saturday. It rained, and i got wet a lot, and Audra wasnt about and we got no work done. Poo. where we are with the Djinn, its her turn (and i notice it tends to leave off like that a lot) so im stuck you see, and i cant write much else. Maybe after i get back from work this morning ill be greeted by some goodies, and my sister staring back at me ready to work. Well that would be good. Otherwise its all about graphics again today, and maybe getting those damn bookmarks finished. Either way, its really not such a bad thing. I do have to make a new Bookmark design though. Le sigh.

I did find yesterday a place to get the mini buttons done for RWA. for 30$ i can split an order, get 50 of two different designs. So well have two Eververse style pins at RWA and for give aways i think. these wont be in the goodie bags, they will have to be asked for. hehe. im looking forward to this more and more each day.

And we have a go from FP for our Promo plan for the Eververse series, so that is a big plus as well. Honestly, it just feel great being able to talk to your publisher in such a freindly way. I dont feel like its all business even though it is. it really feels like a family at FP and i think the new authors there are lucky.

So the Samba is slatted to end tonite. I KNOW they got some fantastic entries for this one and heres hoping ours is one of the ones being picked. We will find out in two weeks. Ah yet another waiting game. heh..

So im off to work in a few... Just wanted to pop in and give you this purely sexy picture of Fallon... Damn i swear, the man just flat out does it for me. PURRRRRRR.
If that picture dosent scream "I AM FALLON" i dont know what one does. good lord. thats the epitome of Fal right there. ok im sweating, and drooling... I gotta go...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

progress is my favorite word

Yesterday we sent out a submission to the new pubby Mardigras Publishing. We will shee how we do. I think its a pretty good story, so either way someone will take it.

And we got a little over 7500 on Marsh and Janey. its not too bad, considering it is just barebones of the story. its going to need bulking and another run through later on to really give the reader a feel of what has happened since Wishes but i think it will be ok. Im looking foward to finishing it. And Marsh is not going to let us start anything else until its done. Im happy he let us finish the submission.

So today after work is Marsh and Janey day. lots of work hopefully... and i got my PSP X back working on the lappy, so im looking forward to making some new graphics for pins and tshirts at Cafe press. heh. lots of fun.

two weeks. Two weeks till Bargain by starlight comes out, but more importantly, two weeks till i get to see NINE INCH NAILS again. hell yeah. great way to start the summer... and the list of WIP we have is fantastic. we are going to be writing all summer and i cant wait.

and if you cant guess... i traded Fallon out for Drake today. i just felt the sick fuck needed a cameo. enjoy.

Friday, June 02, 2006


well to be honest thursday sucked royal and for only a few reasons. I'll be honest i didnt expect much outta yesterday, and i have a headache still from trying to figure out why my COREL pspX wont download to my compy.Little did i know i just had to enter my purchase code in my trial version. Wish they would ahve told me that. *Sigh* and we didnt ger anything done work wise yeaterday, poor Audra's eyes were killin her. that wasnt any fun. And i sent out 14 packages to fans and contest winners. yeah i know, but i am a promo whore. its good to get pressies in the mail though. So why am i posting at 5:33 am? cuz my ass has to be at work at 6. not fun and not fair. Im hoping today will be a more fruitful endeavor then yesterday, one with more positive results. and i think we might have found who we are sending the Ifrit story too... so fingers crossed there. Time to head out. Enjoy Fallon. Ill be back later.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We are sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled Fallon...

So we have been busy. I started bulking the Blessing of the Storm tosay. I personally got it from 13,500 to 15,500 and Noras part hasnt been bulked. So im really looking foward to finishing this one.

Marsh and Janey are back on the balot in the morning, though Nina from Lady Luck is still asking to get back to her story. Arcady is thankfully quiet, knowing that hes got a good time frame till we even get to publishing that story. though it is very cool. I think the worls is going to like snow.

So today i went to the store and got a set of the metallic gell pents for 1.50$ and im hella happy. some of them will go for gifts in the giveaways with the journals we got.

And im happy to say we are slowly building a fanbase. that makes me happy. I sent out some review requests today, im praying for some good reviews. and we have a hour chat at Pink Posse to promo Bargain by Starlight on thursday, and it seems TRS is going to be hosting our contest for the release so that should be fun. And with Beyond the Vision of Dreams release later this month im excited for that. Renee told us we should have our edits for it this week, so im psyched for that.

Well. off to bed... and hope you liked your Fallon fix today....

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day craziness...

So we did a lot today, though i still have to update the website. Sadly it has lost its appeal, and im thinking we need another layout, and that means either learning how to do it, or finding someone to do what needs doing. Sigh. Yet again money i dont have to spend.

Speaking of money i shouldnt spend, I ordered the last of our stuff for RWA. so thats done. im waiting for early july to order more of the anthology for RWA and NJRWA. but the gifty bags for the confrence are super cool. im looking foward to it.

and we finished fleshing out the second Marsh book today. its comming along nicely but hes commited to telling it in its entirety, though im not too sure im going to come out unscathed. he really is a lunatic when it comes to Janey....


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sugar and Sin has a Cover!

New cover for Sugar and Sin! We got the cover and its finally real to us! we sold it yeah, and it wasnt until now that i have really let myself believe that i was going to see it beook out to the masses. Im so dazzled. its such a dark cover... beyond fantastic. M.L. Benton has done it again!


Friday, May 26, 2006

X men, Marsh, work.....

Fallon. Great way to start the morning. Ask Astrid, she starts every morning with him.

Well im up at the fucking ass crack of dawn to to to work for 4 hours. thats right 4 HOURS! eh its not so bad, i do get to see X men this afternoon, so that is top choice. then after that, its play with Marsh, Janey and Taylor (aka Cash) for a little while. And maybe, if im lucky, figure out what is missing from our ifrit story. We are thinking of subbing it out soon so to really round the edges would be stellar.

I gotta order the rest of our promo materials for RWA too. I keep putting it off and its not really due to procrastination, its due to me not being able to make up my mind as to what to get. *sigh* im sure it will all make sense after i have had a cup of VERY strong tea and dealt with every backward-ass fuck on the planet. ugh working is not my cup of tea.

I am slacking on getting the prize stuff done for the Bargain by Starlight release though. hopefully ill just get enough time to get it all done, but im not making any promises to myself. its just not worth it, though the charms i got for the book thongs are very cute, and top shelf so maybe ill get to it this weekend, after everything else i have to do gets done.

No rest for the wicked.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Chat and Ranting...

So Marsh is ranting about a televangelist.... i dont really wanna know, but hes telling me the whole sorrid tale. I seriously think hes just doing this to break me.... But at least i know he will be raring to go tonite for the chat.

So dont forget to come by and let him rant at you... you can come and play here

So my sanity for the day? As usual... FALLON. ummm yummy.... ooh and today is Astrids birthday. Fallon and Her are off for the weekend, where i have no clue, but i did get a lookie at the bracelet he got her, pretty blue topaz bauble... shes happy. So yeah dont forget to attend the chat... who knows... you might get to see Sean Taylor, AKA Cassiel tonite...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

We got Nominated!

We were just told that our Cover for Beyond the Vision of Dreams was nominated for cover of the month at Erin Aslinn! you can view the Gallery at Moonglad Designs here We are so excited! M.L.Benton is our cover artist and shes will be doing all our covers for our snake series and our Eververse Series.... i LOVE that we have our own cover artist that completely undersands our work! So voting dosent begin till Sept. 3-30 (around the time the first Eververse book is comming out) and we will remind everyone about it... this is So cool!


Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Monday

So today has been a big deal. 2.5k done on book two, some characterization on a few others, Setting up for the Marsh and janey Chat, and we got a review! 4 wands from Enchanted Ramblings!!!! im so excited! Not too bad for our first posted review! Im happy.

And we were talking with ML about our new cover, thats one im freaking out about. If we get it by wensday, it will be the best birthday present ever. Everything is going well So well in fact im actually smiling. this week is starting out pretty damn good.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dark fantasy...

So after reading an awsome article... on Pretty Scary... I feel i have to comment on it here. And give you what they think on Dark fantasy. So heres what Heidi, wild woman extrodinare had to say on the subject of DF:

First, what makes a Dark Fantasy?

1) The happy ending is always overshadowed by the bad events that have taken place

2) Horror elements such as gore, ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and demons are always present.

3) Often set in a high-fantasy world. (Dragons, princesses, castles)

4) Main lessons include: a) there is a little bad in everything good, and a little good in everything bad, b) Vengeance is empty and hollow, but you should let it run your life, and c) True Love can SOMETIMES overcome evil, but not always.

And, the Dark Fantasy hero/heroine is usually differently than in regular horror films or in fantasy film. In horror, the protagonist is usually running for their lives, and in classic fantasy the hero is a youth who is pure of heart and who matures and fulfills his/her destiny by the end of the story. In Dark Heroism, the primary motivation is to overcome the evil inside oneselfoften vengeance, violence are motivatorsnot a heroic sense of duty or desire to do good.

Revenge is a deep motivator for Dark Fantasy films. It is sometimes the only thing that separates them from regular fantasy and that gives them an affinity with horror. Really, what is more horrifying than revenge? When revenge as a motive is absent, it is often the concept of duality is the main plot line. The ideas of Good and Evil having to co-exist in order to exist at all allows for dark and horrific things to populate even the most romantic fantasy world.

Well that does say it dosent it? Its one of the reasons why we consider ourselves Dark Fantasy. And i think theres a soild readership out there for this kinda work, and obviously its movies. Movies like Legend, Labryinth, The Crow, The Dark Crystal, Edward Sissorhands.... Its all the movies we have come to love and adore, and see the overly sexual meaning in most.

These movies have shaped my life, and inadvertantly drove me to write. All of them are directly respondsible for both of us going to school for special effects, and i wouldnt be the person i am today or had the experiences i have had. We owe a lot to the Dark Fantasy Genre.

So how it relates to Eververse? Well for starters, lets look at what makes a Dark Fantasy.
Our happy endings are always forshadowed by the evil and the crap that happened to get to that singular perfect moment for the characters. And no matter what, after that moment is over, its always going to be there and its going to mold what the characters are.

Horror elements present? Um HELLO! we write demons...

Often set in a high fantasy world? Well we are set in a fantasy version of the world as we know it... so ill give us that...

Main lessons include: a) there is a little bad in everything good, and a little good in everything bad, b) Vengeance is empty and hollow, but you should let it run your life, and c) True Love can SOMETIMES overcome evil, but not always.

I think we hit ALL those points. I mean Look at our subject matter? Hookers, pimps, hitmen, arms dealers, theves and killers, Assassins and masochists.... and they really are good people...

So do you guys get it now? I mean get it a little better then you did before? I just really want people to know what they are getting into with us.

Now books we can be compared to, Genre wise? The Anita Black and Merry Gentry series, The Vamprie Huntress legends Series (minus all the urban slang), the Hollows series.... and more recently, the Mia snow books by Gena Showalter. Not to mention the ever incomproable, Poppy Z Brite... I swear one day well be on the same plane as Lost Souls.

So thats me... and thats what i think of what we write. What do you think?

PS: ooh i didnt forget... some more fallon to drool over...
Ummm... Yummy....

Friday, May 19, 2006

Stella's no good Rotten Very bad Day... With a twist

So Audra and I went from a 44k ms to a 49,560k novel in three hours. OOh I love when we write like this. Makes things so much easier when we are on point. So thats a good thing.

So now for the horrors of my day. I swear today was NOT my lucky day. Working at 6am, I was barely awake today for the first two hours, but thats not whats to blame for my GARMONBOZIA. (And for all of you in into Twin Peaks, that means pain and suffering.) I dont know what bad luck fairy decided to mess with me today but after 5 hours at work, i ended up with second degree burns on my right hand, and a bone deep cut on my index finger that requires stitches. How you ask? Well I work right now at a coffee and bagel place and im the early morning coffee girl. its a monkeys jub but tips are great and i dont have to handel anyones food, so yay me. But i was getting some Yahoo his tea and he tapped me on the shoulder, and i flinched, the cat went rolling and about half a medium starbucks coffee cup full of boiling water ended up on my hand. i look like a freaking lobster. So needless to say i cursed a bluestreak, and i think i made up some new words so colorful i hardly remember them now. Well that was the good stuff.
Then... im told to open up a boz of coffee bags to fill filters for tomorrow.. No biggie i do it every time i work. Someone must have given me the "bad luck boxcutter" cuz one minute im cutting a box open, then next im running the blade through the meat of my LEFT index finger. I FELT it nick bone. It was not fun. So once again, I spew out a string of colorful phrases about someones mother, a cat, a jar of peanut butter and H. R. Puff n stuff (the creepiest tv icon ever imagined!) and tell the box cutter im sending it back to hell where my boss found it.
Well my boss freaks, sends me to energeny and i get 4 stiches, and cat type worth a damn with my left hand. Not to mention the right one isnt doing so well either, as it burns and stings like a muther..
So then i think my day is over right? NOPE! Went to Joes house (for those of you wont dont know, Joe is my very supprotive and very caring boyfriend) and trip walking up the stairs to the bedroom. I hit my shin on the stair... and have a bruise that vaguely resembles Tennessee. Maybe its a sign to get the hell outta Dodge. We were thinking about Tennessee to move to. Anywhere is better then NY.

So enough about my horrible and rotten day. There is an upside. Since Bargain by Starlight is comming out in June i have started to gather all my crafting expertise and am getting the prizes together for that contest. the book thongs given out for that one are going to have little star charms and the journal is going to have a custom cover done by me in material, with stars on it as well, not to mention the Grand prize Jewelry is Beyond Star Fantasitc. I think we have outdone ourselves.

OOh and i ordered our goodies for RWA... im so excited.... its going to be a good time no doubt.
So enjoy the sexy picture of fallon above.... I know i did. Man makes me drool.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I hate days like today. Days when everything gets in the way of getting shit done. Ugh. Audra and I were on a roll yesterday, well have to see if it picks up again tomorrow.

On a side note, a couple of us have made an authors group called Romance and the Written Word and we have a website. its just a prelim site but its going to do its job, hopefully. you can check it out here and well be having chats there in the future.

So i have had a shit storm of a day, so im just going to leave you with a sexy tidbit i like to call Fallon... yeah he gets me through the day... Just so damn sexy he brightens any minute in my life.... though it is news to me that he can play the bass... heh... and yes, im drooling here. he is the perfect end to a wretched day...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lots of work.

So we did our thing... 4k today and boy did it fly. Im so excited to be working again on the characters we love so much. it went so quickly... getting it out on the compy was a relief and we have our outline set... ooh its so exciting... Audra is tickled.

So im off to edit what we did today... and i shall leave you with a pretty pickture of our Muse for Arcady... Stella.

lots more work, and lots more fallon...

Well Audra is in top form today, having done two posts at shadow heights before i even woke up. Fine with me, anything to get her writing... Today is a bit of Booke two if we are lucky, and maybe getting some of the short stories outlined. I love busy days.

So lets see... ooh how about some more fallon???? Umm yummy.. it gets me throught the day.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Book two update.

Well looking at what we already have for book two, im feeling in a good place. We are about 300 words over 40k, whick is about 10k over what i thought we had. And its comming along nicely. Im happy with it, and looking foward to working on it in the next couple of weeks/months.

Book one is great, and finished, so we are just waiting on edits for it. Hopefully they will come soon... but we still do have the first Snake story to get at with edits, but thats not too icky so im not worried.

So today is hopefully working on the second book, as long as Audra gets here in a timely fashion. and we did a Interview with May Reviews yesterday, im looking foward to seeing the interview... and im wondering if they have Wishes for Review... Ill have to find out.

So ill leave you with a little goodness... Fallon... baby.... Lord is he Yummy.... Asty is a lucky lucky girl.... Im just hoping you will enjoy their story as much as we have enjoyed writing it down.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Marsh and Janey chat Next Thursday

May 25th, thats next thursday, We will be chatting with Marsh and Janey at the Eververse Chat Room at Http:// at 8pm EST. Marsh and Janey are eager to chat with you all so i hope you will show up and say hi...Weh know you have questions... and Marsh and Janey have answers.

Hope to see some of you there!

Stella and Audra

Havent read Wishes yet? pick it up at

More Fallon...

Mmmmm. Fallon. not much to report today, just wanted to put some more Muse candy up...


Sunday, May 14, 2006

More playing with Fallon today, and his lovely lady Astrid. Youll meet her some time soon i imagine. So its all about getting back into these books now, and Fallon and Feyd are pushing at us with both barrels,... well trust me, its not a hardship *snicker Snicker* heh i cant wait till you guys really meet them.

fallon and feyd are in the anthology, and i know your damn curious... so go and get to already!