Friday, December 31, 2010

Coming January 17th!

Isnt it great? Very excited that it will be available to start the new year out! You guys know we love our Satyrs, and this print collection will have Of Crimson and Collars and To Collar and Keep in it. Very excited!

Now what do we have in store for the series for 2011? We are hoping to get Sebastian's book (for those that don't know, that's Arabella's brother, and new member of Clan Tempest) and a short about Anya and her Lion shifter Rob from the Knossos West Weresnake series.

Happy New year to all our readers and fans, we have a lot in store for 2011, and I cant wait to tell you all the awesome news coming!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stella's top 10 hotties of 2010 (contest!)

Ok well Lemme start by saying this was a good year for hotties. Second let me say that I have a very skewed vision on hotness. So Imma give you guys my top ten for hot, because Oh la la, I feel like tellin everyone.

10. Norman Reedus: Ok he was in Boondock Saints: All Saints Day as Murphy and he did an awesome cameo in The Walking dead as the redneck Darryl. LOVE HIM!

9. Bradley Cooper: Yummy in the A team. the only reason why I watched that flick.

8. Jensen Ackles: Supernatural goodness. Yes, I am totally Team Dean!

7. Tom Felton: DRACO! DRACO! DRACO! LOL. love me some bad guy, and Tom Felton rocks my favorite this year.

6. Garrett Hedlund: Yummy Sam Flynn from TRON: LEGACY. The movie rocked and there was nothing wrong with seeing him in his skin tight outfit the entire time. Made it 100% better.

5. Adrien Brody: ok 2010 was his year for hot. Splice and Predators made me drool over his oddness, but WOW did he become hot.

4. Ian Sommerhalder: Oh poor misunderstood Damon. My favorite vamp of the year, hes the reason I tune in every week. Yummo

3.James Purefoy: slipping from his top slot this year, only because Im still sour that I havent seen Solomon Kane. I will though, and the man makes me weak in the knees.

(And ladies will you LOOK at that package? Woof)

2. Doc Hammer: OMG. YUMMY. Epitome of my geek girl crush. Wow oh wow. For those of you who dont know, Doc does the Venture Brothers Cartoon that i LOVE LOVE LOVE

1. Sasha Roiz: I dont think anything needs to be said about this one, look at his fine ass LOL. Completely yummy, he made me drool over gay gangster Sam Adama on Caprica. And THIS is #2 reason why Im sour Syfy canceled Caprica (#1 being that it was the BEST damn show on TV.)

Well there you have it... Comments? Questions? Well list your favorites here, Ill pick one person at random and they will get a cool christmas present of choice of our backlist in e book! So, go forth and drool my lovies...


Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Sneak Peek: Leather and Moonshine

Ok so Im posting an un-edited excerpt from Leather and Moonshine, the long awaited 5th Evererse book, about everyone's favorite bad boy demon, Drake. This scene is pretty self explanatory... So Ill let you decide...

Enid Balfour was on the prowl for a very specific prey.

She watched her prey walk out from the back room of Tithe and her body clenched in all the right places. He looked delicious, his jeans molded to his body, his white button up shirt half open, the sleeves rolled up his forearms, his jacket slung over his shoulder.

The man was physical perfection, his short dark hair done in a messy style, his brown eyes penetrating everything he looked at. She knew they were intense, and longed to have them trained on her.

The club was heavy with the scents of pipe smoke, tobacco, hashish and forgotten inhibitions. Enid sat in an inconspicuous corner, watching what passed for the singles scene. So many people, just settling for what looked good through a pair of alcohol rimmed eyes, only to wake up and regret the night before. She had been through it herself, for many, many years, and satisfaction was ever elusive. So she had taken to watching the singles scene, and not being a part of it, that is until recently, when her interest in the chase was sparked once more.

Sipping her drink, she took it all in. The bar itself was crowded, women wearing less than they should pressed up close to men who wouldn't remember their names come an hour from now, all in hopes of finding prince charming. It rarely happened, she saw the same women in here night after night, sometimes happy, most still searching. She watched the men, all looking for one thing, and it’s not the girl to take home to mom. She recalled what a French witch once told her.

"Enid, the guys at the meat markets aren't looking for a girl to take home to mommy, they are looking for the ever eager woman to take home for the night and forget in the morning. They know damn well they can find the marrying kind at church, or at the library."

She had laughed, and agreed, thinking that her friend was right, that she’d never find what she was looking for at some place as public as a nightclub. That was until she noticed the demon.

He was swarthy, and arrogant, and sexy, and she heard stories in the ladies room from a number of women that had fallen for his charms that he was exactly what she was looking for. Pretty and possibly deadly, the demon was in the club frequently, as if only on the prowl. She had been coming since she noticed him and had been waiting for the right time to approach him. That time was tonight.

She watched him walk into the club proper and beeline to the bar to order his drink. The bartender, the epitome of Goth girl, gave him a beer and pushed her cleavage up and out a little more, probably trying to either entice him into an indiscretion, or get a bigger tip. Odds are it was the former.

Well, E, time to make your move.

She got up from the table and snapped her fingers, changing her outfit to a slinky black wrap dress and black stiletto ballerina tie heels and walked over to where he was standing, taking in the scene and not looking directly at anyone.

It took him a second or two to notice her but once her did his eyes never left her. Her body that was, although he eyed up every inch of her most thoroughly he didn't even spare a glance at her face.

“Ah ah, Eyes up here sexy.” She purred. “Though watching them bug outta your head is encouraging. I think it’s about time you and I had an introduction.”

"I bet you do sweetheart." His eyes moved up to her with a seductive glare. "Though I’ll tell you I don't really need to know your name. I’ll just forget it by tomorrow." He leaned back against the table tilting the beer to his lips his eyes defying her to be offended.

At least he was honest. “Suit yourself then,” she smiled and motioned to the bartender for a drink. “Shame though. Its contingent on so many things.”

"Things?" He asked curiously.

“Mmm.” She turned and leaned her back against the bar and stretched, her breasts pushing up and out of her dress seductively. “Yes, especially things like you making good on those hard fuck promises in your eyes.” She turned her head and licked her lips. “Though if I’m misreading the ‘come hither and fuck me’ look I’m getting from you please say so.”

"No misreading going on peaches. If you’re after a deep hard fuck then your well on your way."

“I should hope so, otherwise this dress would have been wasted on tonight. So?” she grabbed her tequila shot and downed it in one, no lime or salt.

"So let's find somewhere we can go and get naked, quickly." He took her hand pressing it to his erection. "And I’ll give you what you need."

“Of course you will, Drake. And you’ll do it all night wont you?” she smiled and squeezed his groin. “My place isn’t far, Should we take my car?" she produced a set of keys from thin air, "Or port there?”

"I’ll do it till I'm well and truly satisfied...” he frowned. “Port?"

She smirked. “Umm well then…” she looked him up and down and rolled her fingers on his groin again. “Though we aren’t going anywhere till you ask me my name. Don’t you want to know what you’ll be growling most of the night?” Enid slipped her tongue out, running the tip of it across her top lip. She cocked her head. “So the car, or a quick port… as in teleporting. Though I’m sure your kind calls it blinking through the lines. What’s it going to be?”

"We'll port." He said studying her again his nostrils flaring ever so slightly. "You can do the honors pet. If you want to tell me your name I won't stop you."

“See that’s not the same as asking Drake… but since you kept the sneer out of your voice, I’ll tell you. My name is Enid.” She smiled. “And I think we should move off to a dark corner, I don’t flaunt my powers.”

"Oh I don't mind you can flaunt anything you want peaches."

“Ummm true, but I don’t feel like getting stalked later for a little some from unwanted people.” She pulled her hand away from his groin and then hooked her fingers into the band of his pants and tugged, turning her body as she stalked seductively towards the darker side of the club, towards the doors that lead to the private rooms.

"You know," he grinned following her. "We could always take a back room without getting too personal."

She shook her head. “What I have in mind needs some specifics, and they don’t have them here.” She grinned. “Nervous?”

"Of what?" He asked puzzled.

She grinned and moved closer and nipped his bottom lip. “Hold on tight baby.” She closed her eyes and ported them from the bar to a rather swank living room, complete with leather couches, a flat screen liquid crystal television and a monochromatic color scheme. The walls were white, the couches were black and all the throw pillows and carpet were gray.

He looked around gathering his bearings. "Nice." He said sounding genuinely impressed.

“Thanks. Make yourself at home Demon.” She grinned.

"Oh I plan to." He grinned taking a seat, his feet on the table. "And just what exactly are you darling?"

“Now lover, you’re a smart Demon I’m sure you can figure it out. How many races do you know of that teleport?” she grinned. “Can I get you something to drink?”

"I know a lot of races. Pour me a scotch."

Enid walked over to him and grinned, then snapped her fingers and produced a rocks glass of scotch that she held out to him. “Need more hints?”

He stared dumbly at her. "Ummm…?”

Enid laughed and lightly pushed the hand with the scotch to the side and slid into his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Well I’m not a demon. This lavender and light blue in my hair? Is real, not a dye job. And I was already old when you started kicking around the earth…” she grinned. “Need more?”

"A name would be good. Sweetheart I could name six different races I know that could do that... I try not to be presumptuous."

“Wise.” She said and moved in, ghosting her lips over his. “I think I’ll let you figure it out then.” She nipped at his bottom lip and wiggled on his lap.

"That suits me." He kissed her back pressing his mouth to hers.

He felt like heaven underneath her, all power and possession just raging under the surface. She knew that what she was doing, being so bold with him, was getting under his skin. I'm sure he likes to be in charge and this, I’m probably setting his teeth on edge.

“So I am looking for a good time Drake, a very specific good time. Think you can give it to me?” she ground into him and slipped her hands under the collar of his shirt. His skin was cold, deliciously so, and her nipples hardened as it transferred to her. Bone cold, the kind that seeps into you and holds on, Drake threw it off in sensual waves. Humans wouldn’t really pick up on it, but Enid was already attuned to his biorhythms, and wanted to find out just how far he would go. If the rumors were true, then she was going to be in for one hell of a night.

"Specific?" He took her wrists in one hand crushing them almost to the point of pain. "Your all about specifics aren't you peaches?"

She moaned and shivered. “Ummm I am. Why don’t I show you what I’m talking about?” she let her eyes slip closed and shuddered.

He chuckled, the sound vibrating through her. "Why don't you?"

Enid opened her eyes and slipped back off his lap and crooked her finger at him. He got up and followed her, growling as she accentuated her sway of her hips as she walked to a black door. She moved to the side and presented the knob to him. “Open.”

He arched his eyebrow cockily at her then shrugged to himself before reaching for the doorknob and opening it. Enid stood to the side of the doorframe as Drake walked into her playroom. He appraised the manacles on the wall, the small rack she had against another wall, and the steel table taking up some of the expanse of the room. The far wall was covered in cupboards, the doors of them see through, her smaller toys, floggers and whips on display. He walked to the center of the room and stood above the drain and then looked at her.

“How is this for specifics?”

Ok what do you guys think? Leave a comment and you might win something cool.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Naughty Christmas Books!

I would like to offer up our naughty christmas offering, London for the Holidays!

Running from a disappointing situation in the states, Thisbe Winters, recent concubine of the king of the ice demons, is a woman learning what its like to be young and single again. She's determined to enjoy her new status and start the coming year with a completely clean slate.

As a dancer on the club circuit, her chances of meeting a quality guy are slim to none, that is, until loner vampire Malcolm Frost walks into her life.

Sent in as her bodyguard, Malcolm is told Thisbe is a look don't touch job, a fact he totally disregards after saving the raven-haired beauty from a life-altering situation. She is an indulgence he can ill afford, and a temptation he cannot deny.

Then word comes in of a serious threat to Thisbe from a wolf pack, and Malcolm has to spirit her out of London to his employer's mansion deep within the territory of a master vampire who has a price on his head. Malcolm was never good at playing nice with others of his own kind.

When Thisbe is taken by the vampires, its up to Malcolm to rescue her, set up a truce and take out an entire wolf pack, ensuring the woman that makes his body burn is his for all time.

In the season of giving, finding your hearts desire is a sure surprise indeed, especially when you have to take to attain it.

Warning: this book contains sex between a demon, vampire and fallen angel, Sex while driving, Sex in an alley and Sex in the shower. A whole mess of sex. It contains biting, blood letting, a mass of killing, A sexy stripper that clothes herself in ice crystals and a woman that has a face like a "bucket of smashed crabs".

Yep. You know you wanna read this, its one of our better ones, and has some nasty, naughty sex. get your holiday fire stoked... start the month with London for the Holidays... and If you do, And post a review with your holiday pics, Ill pick someone for a christmas present from Audra and I... something very cool.

You can get this book at All Romance E books, along with everything else we have written. Make my holiday Merry, send some Stella and Audra E books this year.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We got some great news today

the print version of our first volume of the American Satyrs series, both OF Crimson and Collars and To Collar and Keep will be in print for January 2011! Audra and I are extremely excited about this because it will be the first print release with Total E Bound, and we both just LOVE the quality of the print with them.

So the dualogy will have both Of Crimson and Collars (ben's book) and To Collar and Keep (harley's book). Both of them are very close to our hearts and we know the readers that have read them love them too. SO very excited about it.

Our next stories in this series will be (in no particular order) Alexander, Sebastian, Corbin and Iago, and a prequel story about Ben's parents, Inez and Nicolai. Who else is excited?

And I think Ill do a contest for a print version for a lucky reader in the new year!

Monday, November 22, 2010

We have news!

Audra and I have some awesome news!

We just signed with Louise Fury of the L.Perkins Agency. Thats right, we have an agent, and a damn awesome one too! Very excited to be working with her, and Audra almost shit herself when she found out. So excited on this side!

In other news, AAD is going swimmingly well! We have over 100 registrations already and some fantastic amazingly awesome authors attending as well. Ill be posting about it soon so stay tuned.

Right now, Im going to go and celebrate this amazing opportunity!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Steampunk Styles for AAD: AWESOME military Jacket

Looking for that military look for AAD's Steampunk Ball this year? Yeah I thought so. Well I found some awesome clothes, and Ill be sharing links with you guys much in the coming months. Today, I wanna talk about this STUNNING military jacket that is SURE to be the crowning piece to your costume.

The design of this jacket is amazing. Its got a great cut, sure to show off

either your corset, ruffled shirt or cami tank, and the Navy matches so much. The buttons are silver, and are well placed, and the entire jacket is lined with satin as to be soft on the skin. it is 100% cotton and can be machine washed. So why is is really awesome? Because its the PERFECT starter piece. Add wings, brooches, chain or epaulets to make it your own style. As you can see, the back is also done in the steampunk Military style and will support any back style design you might want. the jacket measures 24.5 inches and is $49.95. You can pick it up HERE.

So that's Choice number one here. I love it and I hope to see at least one of you guys wearing it this year.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Night After Lady Jane

Ooh wow did I have fun! Last night I was one of the authors featured at Lady Jane's Salon in NYC at Madame X's. I was nervous as hell because I had to READ and I'm not that good at it. So I drank. And drank. Then I was up. I was surprised that considering my buzz, I actually told a pretty good, coherent tale. What did I read? I read from You Burn Me, early on, the scene with Xxieda and Rhys when she found him in the bathtub, nekkid and passed out drunk. Apparently It was met with a bit of laughter, which was awesome.

Im excited as well because I got to wear my new costume to the event... Shall you like to see as well? Well here... Isnt it pretty? I designed and hand sewed the bustle, and designed the hat and the jewelry I wore, and was met with very positive comments. I love this skirt too, got it from ChisStar (duh) and Im considering the Black one too.

So yes, I had a good time, and Im looking forward to my next event, November 13th in Middletown NY, hometown signing, and the last of the year. Im hearing noises about a Salon before Anachronism but more on that once I know more.

Monday, November 01, 2010


Ok... So heres my list...

Nightmare on Elm Street
Army of Darkness
Resident Evil
Hellraiser 3

Ok so because Kelly got 2 outta 5... she wins the free book! YAY! but Since Christine chose Hellrasier, and was the only one... she gets choice of an e book from our backlist! YAY. Christine, please email me at and Ill send your choice to you.

Thanks for playing everyone, and happy All Souls day!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Final Halloween Hottie: James Purefoy

DUH! Anyone who knows me knows I have an unholy obsession with anything this man does. Ooey gooey yummy this man is, and hes in the first of my favorite Horror properties eva: RESIDENT EVIL!

Dont know who he was in that? He was Spence, the hottie bad guy that was shagging Mila. Yes... I live for any of those scenes, lol.

But wait, theres more! His Royal Hotness has also been Solomon Kane and that suits me just fine! Sadly we cant SEE the movie yet in the states, something I thing is a great injustice. So drool ladies, because Im going to. All day.

OOh and Yes, James is the muse for Dante, our Surly sexy fire demon that has all those issues with Xxieda, the feisty witch from NYC. Haven't read their story yet? well... its Called, YOU BURN ME and One lucky commenter will get the print copy in the not available yet Forever Shadow NEXT WEEK in their mailbox! I know right? totally cool! these are ARC's as the book wont be out till July in print, so you get an early shot at it.

OK So to win, gimme your top 5 horror movies! If at least three of them coincide with my top 5 (which I will post on Monday) then you win the book, some goodies and something else cool.

So have at it, and Joyous Samhain!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hallowen Hotties: John Leguizamo

Yes yes... I picked a latin guy. Truth is hes yummy... and while most would pick Simon Green from Land of the Dead, You cant been the smarmy asshole that is Cholo in that flick... so, John Leguizamo is it.

Hes been in a bunch of horror flicks, incluing that POS The Happening, and the ever horrible Super Mario Bros. But nothing beats him as Cholo. So drool ladies. hes a bad ass.

Well Can you guess my #1 Eva? Well today is your last chance to... and I'll be announcing the winners of the halloween goodie bags tomorrow as well... so... get your ideas in, cuz it will be revealed tomorrow!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Hotties: Michael Biehn

I got mad love for the past, and while he isnt my cup of tea these days, back when I was younger I used to watch Aliens daily... no not because Ripley was a bad ass, but because Hicks was Ooh la la la la la la la la! The only "man in uniform" i have ever found yummy, I wanted my own hottie Colonial Marine... Not to mention he played Kyle Reece in the original Terminator, and for its time, that love scene was wow smoking. One of the original hotties of the horror genre...

So ladies, Enjoy the hotness that was (and is) Michael Biehn

OOh just yummy. This one is also for Elizabeth Darvill... who shares in the Biehn love with me.

So, have you figured out my favorite Halloween Hottie Yet? No? well you got 2 days... Winner gets CHOICE of a print (provided I have it here), some awesome goodies, and a special ornament for their tree (or bush as it were, lol)

So comment... and good luck!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Hotties: Johnny Depp

Day three is Depp. Hes played in so many awesome movies, and was in the first Nightmare on Elm street, and got his ass handed to him by freddie in his own bed. Blood everywhere! Fantastic.

So my choice? Well Im always going to choose him as Dean Corso, from The Ninth Gate cuz thats my ultimate favorite Depp, but also, because its halloween, Imma choose Sleepy Hollow Depp as well cuz he was awsome in that and whats better for halloween.

Drool ladies.

Ok and once again, if you can figure out who my number one is, Ill give you a print book... choice of print book from our back list. So... what do YOU think?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hallloween Hottie: Christian Bale

Ok so today's pick is none other then Christian Bale. But not just any Christian Bale, we are talking the definitive Christian Bale, as Patrick Bateman, in American Psycho. Drool with me ladies, wont you?

I mean there is just something extremely hot about a guy running after you nekkid after a marathon sex session covered in blood with a chainsaw. Anyone else wanna deny that?

I seriously suggest, if you havent watched this one yet, you make it part of your halloween watching. I mean lets throw aside the fact that its Bale, but hes nekkid, screwing and killing. three outta three there if you ask me, LOL.

Also, if you dont know, This Christian Bale is our muse for our demon character, Cassiel. Yummy yummy ooey gooey...

OK so once again, if you can figure out who #1 is on the list, youll get a print book for your trouble... So comment, and read some books!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Hotties: Sasha Roiz

Ok so I have decided to do a few posts on the hot men in some of my favorite horror movies... the first one is none other then Sasha Roiz. Sasha plays Sam in Caprica, by far the hottest gay gangster EVA. Yummy doesnt cover it. Now lets forget that Im all about Caprica, and it makes it better that Sasha is in it and I can drool like a fool over him...

But he was also Manolette in Dawn of the Dead! WOO! And yes, I wanted to do him then too... So join me ladies in drooling over Sasha and enjoy all that is his hotness...

Oh and for you ladies that know, This would be my Castor, provided that the tattoos were changed, I mean look at him good god hes Yummy.... tomorrow #4 on my halloween Hotties (and just so you know, Sasha is actually #2 on my top 5, but Caprica is on tonite... I couldn't resist...

Oh and if you can guess who my #1 is for halloween Hotties, I'll send you a print book...

Friday, October 01, 2010

MY con schedule for next year is already filling out...

Its insane. I'm trying to get my appearances set up for 2011, and with the moving in the midsts of the year, its proving to be one HELL of a task. So far I have:

Arisia, January 14-17
Scotland, Feb 2011
ShevaCon, March 4-6
Steampunks Worlds Faire, May 20-22
MarCon, May 27-29
(Moving to SC, June, July)
Authors After Dark, August 11-14th
ConText, August 26-29th
DragonCon, September 2-5
AlbaCon, Sept. 30-Oct 2

Still deciding on others, trying to figure it all out. But the truth is, I must be out there this year. And with AAD and all, I really wanna make sure I'm all over the place this year. Its going to be a good one, and It looks like Ill be sharing a bit of the cons with my bff Brooke, and since it will be her first con year, it should prove to be one wild time.

I'm excited to go to Scotland for the babies birthday as well. I might not be there for the birthday (with ShevaCon the week after) but I'm looking forward to spending some time with Aud and Matthew and the fam on the other side of the pond.

Not so sure I'm looking forward to moving, but it is inevitable. At least Aud and the baby can come and hangout by the beach with me. It will be nice to get a house together and all, but... I dont know I dont think I'm very excited about it. I'm more interested in getting the career off the ground right now.

Still its probably good if i just learn to let go. LOL but its hard... Still Im excited about the events Ill be attending for the first time. I have heard nothing but awesome things about Arisia and DC and ShevaCon. So this is what I'm excited about.

OOh and if your reading this... I'll have a new blog post up soon for special Halloween goodies... so stay tuned...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Back to normal!

I'm back to normal after the insanity of AAD. Very excited that its over, but I had a great time this year, and we are already working on next year. Super excited about that. We raised a lot of money for the charities, gave away a ton of books and goodies, and had a generally all around good time. Next year is going to kick this years ass, I guarantee it. And you better be there. (Registration opens in November!)

So on the personal front, I took our appointments, and I'm waiting to hear back on two of them. Here's hoping, total fingers crossed. I had a great time getting to know the agent that we pitched to, and regardless if she wants to rep us or not, shes one hell of a woman, and has my respect always, just for being a generally awesome person. She really went above and beyond to meet authors and be a part of the event. Super sweet.

The one thing that happens when i get back from a romance con, is I wanna write. I get the renewed push and the itch, and it all is wondrous again. And I have ideas about doing writers retreats for the coming years, but its just ideas at this point. It needs to simmer. or fester. take your pick.

Audra and I are working on a few different things right now, but are focusing on something that we had put aside for a while. After this event, it just seemed right to pick it up again, as we both got some great ideas about it. Here's hoping we can rock it in a short amount of time.

So I have a few more appearances before the end of the year as well. This weekend is Collingswood Book festival, and then the weekend after is AlbaCon. Very excited about both. AlbaCon is my end of the year con, and its one I always do well at. Ill be on a slew of panels as well, so come out, hangout, buy books and get drunk with us. its a good time, I swear it.

So I'm back to work... Enjoy your week all, I will.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Harley's takeover.

Morning Ladies.

Stella Let me take over the blog while shes getting breakfast together, which for her consists of a cup of tea and I think a poptart, *Shudder*. So I'm live, and ready for your reading pleasure, well, my story is anyway. Aren't you glad? I sure as hell am.

So Im Harlequin Donahue, crown prince of Rummer, and all around fantastic Satyr. Call me Harley, never Quinn. Im looking forward to seeing what you sexy bitches think of my story, and the fucked up insanity I had to go through. Its not easy when your world gets turned upside down for stupid shit. *shrug* but I think I handled it well, and so did Arabella.

So Who has a question for me? I'm sure some of you do. I talked Stella into a chat later this evening, but since I got the computer now, I'm going to open up questions here on the blog before hand, I mean its only logical. So you got a question, Odds are I have an answer for you. Nothing is taboo... So have at me ladies... I'm an open book.


YAY! Release Day!

Today, Harley is unleashed to the world. I dont know if the world is ready for his kinda Satyr, they were barely ready for Ben and Mina LOL.

Well, to celebrate I have some cool things going on! First, If you email me with the answer to the question "What is the name of Harley's soon to be Satyr in Law" at before the end of the month Ill send you a fun Satyr prize pack (signed cover flat and magnet)

Second, Im doing a review push! If you read the book, and review it at Total E Bound, I'll put you in the running for a special Satyr tshirt, a Satyr mug, and 25$ GC to All Romance E books OR To win, all you have to do is review it from tomorrow to October 14th and Ill pick a winner on the 15th!

Third, How would you like to ask Harley your very own questions? Well this afternoon I'll have a chat going (info on here and twitter) once we get the chat room set up!

So Enjoy the world of Satyr and the naughtiness that comes with it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Almost ready!

Well AAD is around the corner and I'm feeling a bit better about it because I have all my own stuff finished. Packing, my basket and all the goodies and candy and alcohol. Yes. Its good to have a lot off your plate.

Im still waiting on a few more boxes of books and some gift baskets, but on the whole I would like to say Im seriously ready for this. And not a day too soon! With the new book coming out on Monday, Im trying to get myself into promotional mode. I did send out a few copies for reviews, so that is good, and Im trying to get ready for the days promotional. Harley is talking about a chat on monday... so that might be in the cards.

So whats on the agenda for today? Repacking to pair down the boxes, and tonite, Resident Evil Afterlife, and maybe even the Blue Martini in Newburgh with Larissa from Larissa's Life. That should be fun.
Excited? You should be there are some awesome authors and publishers and its not to be missed, especially if your in the area!

Ok, im back to work, and Im hoping to get stuff finished today and just have a lie in tomorrow before the real craziness of the week ahead happens...

I cant wait for AAD now. Im excited because its so close, and I cant wait to see everyone. Its going to be a seriously cool weekend, Lots of goodies and books and mayhem. I really cant wait though Im nervous that all my prep will go a little pear shaped and people wont have a good time. But thats the issues you deal with when your rocking a convention. Everyone had a good time last year, Im just hoping I can duplicate that.

So that said, for those of you in the area that want a day pass, they are 35$ at the door. they also include the night party. IF you want a party only ticket (for the Masquerade) then its 25$. And dont forget... the booksigning is free to the public and we would LOVE to see you there!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Context Photos

I thought I would post some of these...

First, this is my saturday outfit, Jacket by ChicStar. LOVE the jacket, and yes, Im just a tad hungover, can you tell...

So these are from the shroud party.. Love those guys and OMG everyone that comes to Context is just freaking awesome:

A week and counting!

Until Harley comes to call! YAY! We are very excited about this book finally coming out, and we hope the fans are too! I have been nervous about this one, it took a while to finished (what with Audra being preggers and then having little Matthew) so I'm just glad its finally getting out there.

No reviews as of yet, Hell I havent even gotten our copies yet, so I'm hoping they will be forthcoming. So anyway, I'm thinking about the cool promotional I'm going to do for this book. And truth is, I got nothing. Harley has been making noises about a chat on the 13th, which I will probably let him do, so aside from reviews, I'm a bit at a loss.

What we DID decide to do is give away some cool goodies, namely a signed book cover of the book. How do you win? well you have to answer the question: What is the name of Harley's soon to be father in law?" (Yes this means you have to buy the book. Sorry but nothing in this world is given away for free, and second, why would you want promo of a book your not interested in reading?)

So the first ten people to send the answer starting on the 13th to will get the goodies.

More on the chat as we figure it out!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Things I learned this weekend.

1. Aubergine (that's eggplant to the US folks) is apparently the devils vegetable.
2. Sheep have shitty arses and wretched wool
3. Apparently theres a White Castle Faerie, with cartons for wings and red eyes like the mothman.
4. Apparently Its Okay to be a Zombie

Tons of fun. Lots of craziness... And I have a FUCK TON of boxes to check in from the weekend. So I just thought I would give you an update.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Con season starts once again

Well I'm 4 days out from CONTEXT in ohio. This year is going to be awesome, I'll have not only my con staple of Ash with me, but Tilly, Jolynne and Elizabeth with me as well. This is my relax con, where I can just hangout, do my panels and drink a whole hell of a lot. Context is always fun, and this year I'm on several panels including Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy, and a few odd ones I cant quite remember. If your in the area, pop by Saturday, 1130am. It's the Mass signing and theres a TON of authors coming. Should be fun. Ooh and if your lucky, you can get some of our books at a insane discount.

On the 1st Im going into NYC for a book release event, Michele Lang's Lady Lazarus. WOO. what a beautiful cover and I cant wait to get my signed copy. I'll be reading it while away... more on that in a minute.

AAD is on the horizon as well. Quite excited about it, and happy to have everything working out, even if it has been a long hellish road. From staff not coming to hotels being a bunch of retards, this year has proved challenging. I just hope we live up to the awesome that was last year. And theres the open to the public book signing on September 18th from 2-4pm. Pop down, meet authors and get your books signed!

I have a book signing coming up on the 25th of September as well. Middletown NY, 2-4pm. Maybe. We will see.

October 2nd is the Collingswood Book festival. Very excited, as always, to do that event. Sadly Tilly and Cat wont be in attendance, but that's ok, we will try to make our own fun.

AlbaCon is the week after that, and I'm excited to go with Kay to hangout with all our friends. Ill be running a workshop called "Being your own publicist" and teaching authors how to set up signings and events, and cultivate relationships with booksellers and venues. and Im on a fuck ton of panels as well. It should be a good time, especially with the booksigning.

And then, on October 16th I leave for a week to go to South Carolina, or more specifically, Hilton Head Island. We are doing a week long vacation with Joe's parents, and also looking for houses! Thats right we are taking the plunge into real estate, and looking into buying our first home together. So wish us luck we find something the size we want. Then all yall can come visit. I'm a fabulous cook.

And then When i get home, I have one more event: Lady Jane Salon on November 1st! It will be my first reading event in AGES so if you wanna see me fumble through my words, please stop in. More as it comes.

Ok so thats it on my side. Audra and I are working on Book three of the dragon elementals, Moongardens. Im hopeful it will be out early 2011.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Updates! I swears I have them!

Well I have picked an assistant, Monica S. Shes going to be my non insane arm at the event, working on making sure the attendees are happy, and everything runs smoothly. Shes also a fantastic book blogger, so shes really ingrained in the romance community. I feel really good about my choice.

AAD stuff is almost done. We got the programs yesterday, and they look awesome! They were printed by and I swear Im going to use this company for everything from now on. They were one of those places that didnt give me problems, and with all the insanity this year, I needed hassle free.

Speaking of Hassle Free, This past weekend we went to Mohegan Sun with friends for a little R and R. It was fun. We had dinner at Tod English's Tuscany, went shopping at LUSH and did a little gambling. I do love Roulette, Ooh and I actually WON something on the penny slots.

And I got to dress up. I dont dress up a lot when going out but this time I was like, well, Might as well. The dress i got from and the corset from another vendor. Dress is OMG comfy. Pick it up if you can.

Im working on getting ready for CONTEXT in two weeks. Finishing some outfits, getting my books together, and scant promo and for the first time in a LONG time, getting my table decor together as well. So if your coming to CONTEXT stop into the Vendor rooms, Ill be there with a bunch of the girls...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lots going on...

Still interviewing assistants. AAD stuff is almost in the bag, and Im getting ready for a solid month of writing before AAD. I have other things to do in between, but anyone that knows me knows that writing takes up about 75% of my day when Im in a writing groove. I have things that need finishing to send out on submission, and Audra and I have to outline two more books.

Im excited to see her in Sept. It will be good to hangout with her, and to see my nephew. We will be celebrating two awesome things. One, the new release with Total E Bound, To Collar and Keep, and the convention only release of FOREVER SHADOW. These are for the cons only, and you can get them at ConTEXT, AAD, AlbaCon and Collingswood Book Festival. Ok... and Im going to give a few copies away here on the bloggy in August... Can you say.. Scavenger hunt? LOL

Time to get back to writing. I have tons to do.

Friday, July 16, 2010


So due to life getting in the way, I need a new executive assistant for AAD. This is such a last minute thing for me, and I am having enough problems going on with out of the blue issues that I dont have the time to really LOOK for one. So Im going to put the call out here.

WANTED: Executive Assistant to the Director, Authors After Dark

Organizational skills
ability to think on your feet
Self starter

Duties to include:
keeping the director (me) on task
Helping with the door prizes
Patrolling and watching the Charity baskets
seeing to the Panels and the needs of the moderators
Helping to decorate and set up for meals

Thursday Sept 16- Sunday 19th (to help set up and get books squared away)

Comped Registration and Free room. TONS of free books and goodies, Staff Tshirt...

Yes, I know I said we weren't comping the con for anyone, but because the Assistant is pretty much what boils down to the on site director (so I'm able to be there as an AUTHOR as well as staff)....

candidates need to really be organized and make me feel like I couldnt LIVE without you being there. You need to be motivated, truthworthy and a people person.

You think you can rock this? Email me at blueflamesabove AT yahoo[dot] com with your credentials and why you think I should pick you.

Go forth, and please forward this blog post to anyone you think might be able to do it.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Online AAD chat party July 15th!

Wanna win some AAD goodies and see what’s in store for this year? On the fence about attending Authors After Dark this year and want some more information? Well JULY 15th is the DAY!

July 15th 1pm est at our Blog Talk radio show and chat room, for 90 minutes it will be PURE CHAOS! Enjoy call ins from several of our attending authors including Jennifer Armintrout, Leanna Renee Hieber and Caridad Pineiro and maybe even WIN some goodies from AAD 2009, complete with books and a bag and swag! Yeppers that’s right!

We welcome CALL INS! Got a question for us? Or a comment? We wanna hear from YOU!

Registration closes on August 1st and we really want YOU to attend and hangout with us, not to mention get tons of free books and goodies! So come and listen on the 15th, see what we have in store for you, and get that registration in!

Here’s all the Info:

Date: July 15th

Time 1pm est


Call in: (347) 945-6309 AFTER 1:05 PM!

We will see you there and pass the word along!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A few Cali shots...

Ok these are from Madame T's in LA:

As you can see, it was awesome. I have others but these were my favorites. I also have some shots from Big Bear, and driving around Hell's half acre AKA the Morongo Valley Basin But they will have to wait till i get home to update them. So I leave you with a parting shot, Jonah, in all his fat beagle goodness sleeping on the floor of Cara's house..

Friday, July 02, 2010

We got our new cover!!!!!

Ok Im in Cali, and while Im having a freaking ball, Im really excited about this cover!

Isnt it just pretty? Its really good for a second book in the series, and I KNOW you guys will LOVE harley and arabella. OOh the only thing? Arabella doesnt wear that horrible shade of lipstick... Harley wont have something that belongs in 1987 surrounding the base of his cock, *Snicker*

So what do you think?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well Audra and I are through our To Collar and Keep edits and they have gone on to the proofer. I'm hoping we will get our new cover soon, I'm dying for it. like, FIENDING for this cover LOL.

We have been working on a new idea, and its going really well. Im excited about actually working on this one. Hopefully we will have info on this soon as well.

I'm leaving for vacay with Cara North at the end of the month to spend July 4th with her. It should be fun. More on that as I'm on vacay.

Ooh on the 6th of July my cohort in steam Elizabeth Darvill will be here to talk about her first EVER book release, Love in a Time of Steam (Which I did the cover for, LOL). So wait for that, its going to be... insightful.

So that's it from me this week! I'm busy busy busy! More soon!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ten reasons to go to AAD! Join us!

Authors After Dark is the premier FOR READERS BY AUTHORS event. Why? Why does it differ from other cons out there? Well here's a helpful list of WHY:

~AAD is the cheapest con out there that FEEDS YOU 5 MEALS. For the $140 registration, you get 5 meals(2 lunch, 2 dinner and 1 breakfast). NO other con is doing it for that price

~ AAD is the only con that offers a full vegetarian option for all meals. not just a veggie plate, you will have choices like veggie wraps, salads, pasta dishes...

~ AAD is the ONLY romance con that is doing a GLBT track and have GLBT publishers sponsoring and supporting. Readers will be treated to some of the best GLBT authors out there on panels, and doing parties, and over 200 GLBT books are being given away from MLR press! Other publishers involved include Dreamspinner Press, Phaze and Loose id.

~AAD is giving away over 2400 free books to attendees! Books from such amazing publishers as Kensington Books, Ballantine, Dorchester, Phaze, Tease Publishing, Changeling Press, Ink Spotters and MLR Press!

~AAD has some special book giveaways as well, opportunities you wont find anywhere else! Authors like Joey W Hill, Rosemary Laurey, Jacquelyn Frank, Susan Sizemore and tons of others! Attendees can expect Special signed books, tshirt's and ARC's galore!

~AAD is doing a fantastic charity basket raffle with over 50 baskets! Attendees can win such amazing baskets as Kate Douglas' back list, a fabulous book basket from Gena Showalter or Maggie Shayne, ARC's and special goodies from Cynthia Eden, a much coveted goodie basket from Joey W. Hill and many more! And this year you can enter to win a NOOK, itouch and maybe even an IPAD!!!!

~AAD is the ONLY romance con that treats Bloggers like royalty! Bloggers (like the booksellers at RT) will have their own welcome event Thursday night, including each receiving a special bag of books (ARC's, single signed books and special premium promo items) and some amazing opportunities to interview authors! The Blogger party will be populated by Authors, industry and staff, so you will be guests of honor!

~AAD is the only con that offers FREE ALCOHOL (Wine and mixed drinks) for the entire weekend! Also, AAD is the only Romance con that has a Con suite where attendees can visit all weekend, get snacks, goodies and enjoy author sponsored events!

~AAD's night parties are second to NONE! Our friday event has games and speed authoring, sure to give you the face time you want with the authors you love, special door prizes and a room full of fortune tellers, our fantastic Mystical Maven's event! And Saturday? A Masquerade party with a costume theme of Literary characters! And you could with an amazingly fab prize for winning the costume contest, so stay tuned for that.

That not enough reasons? Well how about out attending authors! they include: Jacquelyn Frank, Silvia Day, Susan Sizemore, Joey W Hill, Jennifer Armintrout, Judi Fennell, Rosemary Laurey, Bianca D'Arc, Leanna Renee Hieber, Caridad Pineiro, and some of the stars of the GLBT world Carol Lynne, Laura Baumbach, Kris Norris, Leigh Ellwood and many others!

Check out out website: and get registered today! You know you do not wanna miss this amazing con! We will see you there!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

AAD loves Bloggers!

I figured I would post about this here, as we have figured out what the bloggers are going to get. See Bloggers are the life's blood of the reviewing world because they dont do it for the job, they do it for the love of books. And because we love to write the books they LOVE to read, We wanna give back..

This year at AAD, Bloggers will be treated to some special goodies. Bloggers that attend will recieve a special welcome party with the authors Thursday night, a special blogger welcome back (in addition to the actual welcome bag) and it will have several ARC's, low number (meaning books we only have like 10 or less of) books, Special premium items, special goodies and the ability to set up one on one interviews for their blog, in person on video or transcribed. These ARC's wont be given to others on the whole and you can expect them from Cynthia Eden, Jacquelyn Frank, Kensington Books, Ballantine Books, and several other authors. To know the full list, you will have to attend as a blogger!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up HERE!

Friday, June 11, 2010

BTR show today about AAD! Tune in and sign up!

Today at 1pm EST We will be doing a Authors After Dark show on Blog Talk Radio. For those of you who attended the one in May, lots has happened since then and we have a lot to talk about. If your still on the fence about attending, please tune in, we have some amazing things to tell you guys that will push you over to the "I MUST BE THERE" category!

And as a special treat, Jacquelyn Frank will be calling in and talking about her hostess duties, and all the specialness she has planned for the event. And if your lucky, you'll get some of the other authors coming calling in to say hi!

So join Elizabeth Darvill and myself as we give you the skinny on the most affordable and innovative reader convention to date!

1pm today at (Chat room opens at 1230 est!) So bring yourself, your questions, and your comments! we are taking calls and questions in the chat room as well!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I love these pants

Yes I have said it before, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pants! They are black denim, and soft and just a little stretchy.Comfort doesn't even BEGIN to describe how great these are. I just like that you can wear them casual or have them dressed up in heels. And guess what? they were super cheap and you can get them at

Now that I have shown off my new clothes, Lemme tell you all about What Im doing. With AAD coming quicker then I realized, I'm getting Promo done, design work done, costumes ordered for both myself and Audra, helping Jacki figure hers out, and oh yeah dealing with edits for our book To Collar and Keep. The book is the second in our satyr series, and will be available the week of AAD so im trying to deal with everything con wise and gets edits done. Its busy busy busy!

Also, ConTEXT is coming, and I have to get all set up for that, to hangout with the girls and our friends we see each year. I cant wait for it. So I'm busy, and I'm back to my edits. have a good week everyone!